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Why You Should Give Boat Detailing a Chance

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Similar to car detailing, boat detailing is an important step in proper boat care and maintenance. Beyond the mere aesthetic benefit of having a clean and shiny boat, there are many benefits to seeking out boat detailing services regularly. If you’ve been wondering “Why should I detail my boat?” you don’t have to anymore! In this article, we’ll walk you through why you shouldn’t miss this important boat maintenance step.

why detail my boat

It Protects Your Investment and Resale Value

Have you noticed that those who choose to detail their boats before selling get more money for it? Boat detailing services can make your boat look newer and in better condition, raising its value. If you keep up with regular boat detailing, it’ll be easier to detail it when you plan to sell it and keep it in better condition for longer. Regularly detailing your boat will keep it in nice condition, thus protecting your investment and improving your resale value.

It Keeps Algae from Growing on Your Boat

Professional boat detailing services will ensure your boat is free from any algae or other types of fungi that may be growing on the side. This keeps said fungi from damaging the finish on your boat. The longer that fungi is left sitting on your boat, the harder it is to remove; so keeping up with regular boat detailing services can help prevent this from occurring, ridding your boat of any and all fungi before it gets stuck.

It Can Prolong the Life of Your Boat

This point is especially true if you store your boat at a dock. There are a lot of things in the water that can harm the finish on your boat as well as leaving it exposed to the elements. Regular boat detailing services can help prevent further damages from occurring and help protect your boat in the future. This can also help prevent or catch any potential damages early.

Frequently Asked Boat Detailing Questions

If you’re curious about boat detailing services, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions we’ve seen about boat detailing.

Where Should I Detail My Boat?

If you store your boat at a dock, it will probably be easier to use mobile boat detailing services that can come to your dock and not require you to move your boat. If you store your boat at your home or at a storage facility and have the ability to move it, you have the option of traditional or mobile detailing services. You should base that decision on what you’re comfortable with, the quality of service, the cost, and the convenience you require.

Can I Detail My Boat Myself?

It is possible to detail your boat yourself, but we don’t recommend it. Beyond the risk of causing damage to your boat, the difficulty and tediousness of the task may be far more than you’re equipt to handle. You can find tutorials online if that’s something you’re interested in, but we strongly caution you against it.


Where Can I Find Mobile Boat Detailing Services?

There are several mobile detailing businesses that offer boat detailing services. We advise you to look at several reviews across a variety of sources so you can trust you have the full picture before you commit to a company.

Mobile Detailing Pros offers convenient, reliable, and affordable boat detailing services for a wide service area. They also offer discounts if someone else in your neighborhood or office also schedules an appointment for the same day. You don’t have to take our word for it, though; there are tons of reviews available online that attest to our quality of service, convenience, and affordable pricing. Call us and make your appointment today.

Why Isn’t Simply Washing My Boat Enough?

Simply washing your boat is fine between professional boat detailing services, but it just doesn’t cut it on its own. The products, equipment, and skills professional boat detailers offer help to keep your boat in like-new condition.


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