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What is Ceramic Coating and Do I Need It?

If you’ve invested in a nice vehicle, you don’t just want it to run optimally, you also want it to look its absolute best and doing so helps to preserve your investment. If you’ve not been applying ceramic coating to your vehicle, you can try your best with regular detailing services waxing and washing your vehicle, but despite these efforts you may still get streaks, chips, marks, and stains overtime. Ceramic coating can help prevent these issues from developing and, what’s even better, it doesn’t take constant reapplication.

But, what is ceramic coating and how can it prevent these things? We’ll answer that and more in this article!

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating isn’t some magical, mysterious compound. It’s simply a liquid polymer that is applied by hand evenly to the surface of your vehicle. Ceramic coating is often used in place of wax as a premium upgrade, but don’t mistaken it for an alternative to a paint protection film, which is much stronger and offers a more comprehensive defense of the surface of your vehicle and its finish.

Ceramic coating bonds with your vehicle’s paint in a semi-permanent fashion, making it so you won’t need to reapply every few months as you have to with wax. You do, however, have to give your car regular comprehensive detailing services to reach the full potential of what ceramic coating has to offer and to keep it looking its best.

Why Do You Need Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating offers your vehicle an extra layer of protection, improving its resiliency, protecting its surface, and simplifying your cleaning process. When you add a layer of ceramic coating, you’re protecting your vehicle from oxidation, UV damage, chemical stains, and etching; you give it a glossier appearance and make it so simple to clean, as the debris just rolls right off. All of this will help to improve the resale value of your vehicle, protecting your investment.

It is important to note, however, that ceramic coating is not a magic cure-all. Many salesman will exaggerate the abilities of ceramic coating in an attempt to make a sale. Ceramic coating cannot protect your vehicle from all scratches, streaks, and dings. It can help to lessen the damage and make it more difficult for these things to appear in the first place, but it does not make it impossible. It also doesn’t rid you of the need for auto detailing. It will be easier to clean and easier to keep clean between detailing jobs, but in order to keep it reaching its full potential, you absolutely need to continue regular auto detailing services.

Ceramic coating, while an excellent invention that does a lot to protect your vehicle, is not a magical cure-all or a force-field to protect your vehicle. However, ceramic coating is a great option for added protection of your vehicle; it will help it keep its fresh-off-the-showroom look, protect it from UV damage and minimize water spots, and make it more difficult for your vehicle to accrue real damages from things like debris and grime (but not impossible). If you’d like to give ceramic coating a try at your next auto detailing service, call or visit the website for Mobile Detailing Pros to schedule your vehicle detailing services today!

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