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What Does Auto Detailing Cost?

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Professional auto detailing is much more effective than either washing your car yourself or going through a drive-through car wash. It provides a thorough cleaning both inside and out, and helps increase the value of your car.

If you haven’t had your car detailed before, it’s important to know what to expect, and the average cost of the service.

Detailing Basics

When it’s time for a wash, most car owners will opt for a drive-through car wash because the immediate cost is cheaper. While auto detailing companies undoubtedly provide a higher-quality service, many wish to avoid paying for such high-quality services.

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Though the initial cost of auto detailing may be higher than that of a drive-through car wash, a detailing job provides a better value for your hard-earned value by both cleaning and providing important maintenance for the body of the car. Detailing professionals also often offer various auto detailing packages, which range from the most basic to most comprehensive services, and are priced accordingly.

Even a basic detailing package, which usually includes an exterior wash and wax, interior dusting and vacuuming, window cleaning, and overall polish, is better quality and ultimately better value than a drive-through wash.

Work Typically Done on the Interior

Interior detailing usually includes dusting and vacuuming to rid the interior, upholstery, and mats of all dust and dirt. Upholstery and mats will also typically be shampooed, and the areas under the mats cleaned while the mats dry. Any special interiors, like leather, will be treated and conditioned accordingly.

A soft cloth with an environmentally-friendly cleaner will then be used to wipe down all parts of the interior that aren’t fabric. Any chrome components will be polished, and interior glass will be cleaned to a streak-free shine.

Work Typically Done to the Exterior

The entire exterior of the car is thoroughly washed with a soft cloth, including mirrors, windows, and wheels. Minor imperfections in the paint will usually be touched up, and the exterior will be polished.

Extra Services

It isn’t uncommon for the service provider to try to “upsell” additional services that aren’t already included in the package. While if these extra services are being offered at a discount it can be a great way to have extra work done on your car, it’s important to know what’s already included in each package so you don’t pay for what you don’t need.

For auto detailing services above and beyond the basics, you can opt for additional services such as engine bay washes, mold removal, minor paint touch-ups, undercoating on the wheel wells, and cleaning the air conditioning system. Pricing for these extra services will depend on the size of your vehicle and the amount of work needed to get it in pristine condition. Expect large vehicles, like trucks, SUVs, and vans, to cost a bit more.

Average Cost and Time

Auto detailing can cost between $150 and $185, with an average hovering somewhere around $170. 

A thorough detailing job can take between four and six hours, depending on the number of services you want performed. Because auto detailing can take so long, mobile detailing services are incredibly convenient. Rather than having to wait at the business for hours on end, a mobile detailing company has professionals that can come to you, whether you’re at work, watching the game at home, or having a shopping spree.

How You Can Save Money

Since the cost of auto detailing is to some extent dependent on how much work the auto detailer has to do to get your car looking its best, an easy way to reduce the cost of your auto detailing job is to make sure your car isn’t horribly filthy to start with. Briefly running a vacuum cleaner over the interior to clean up any pat hair, or spraying the exterior off to remove excessive mud and dirt, can go a long way in lowering the total cost of your detailing service.

Another way you can lower the cost of getting your car detailed is by choosing a mobile detailing service. Mobile detailing services are often already cheaper than freestanding companies because they don’t have to pay for facilities, which means they’re able to transfer their savings to their customers. Many mobile detailing companies also offer discounts on detailing multiple cars in one trip, so while you’re enjoying time with friends and family, you can all have your cars cared for, for only a fraction of the cost.

Do Some Research

Before committing your hard-earned money to any detailing service, make sure to do some research so you can ensure the best value. Check reviews from other customers to see what’s being said about potential service providers.

You should also check to be sure that all potential service providers are insured and employ trained detailers. While you’re talking to an auto detailing professional or exploring the company’s website, ask about what kinds of packages and discounts the company offers.

Auto detailing provides the best service value for your hard-earned cash, and mobile detailing can save you additional money. If you’re ready to try mobile auto detailing and experience your car like new again, we welcome you to try Mobile Detailing Pros!

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