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What Do Auto Detailing Technicians Do?

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Perhaps you’ve always thought of auto detailing as something you get done when an absolute disaster happens to your car’s paint or interior, or maybe you’re wondering if it’s something you want to take your vehicle in for. No matter the reason, we’re here to demystify the process of car detailing and let you know the benefits of mobile auto detailing, so you can know how this process benefits your car and helps it last longer and look great – before and after disasters happen!

General Washing

The first step will be very familiar to you; auto detailing starts with a regular car wash. While different detailers will have varying processes, you can think of this step as similar to what you’d do at home on a weekend afternoon. After the car is clean though, auto detailers will clay the vehicle, which you might not do at home. This process presses and rubs detailer clay along the paint of your vehicle to help get out any leftover dirt. 

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Next, auto detailers will perform a typical vacuuming of your car’s interior. They’ll make sure to get all the stubborn dirt and debris up with compressed air and make sure a thorough vacuuming job is complete. While they’re in there, the vinyl parts of your car will also be expertly cleaned as to leave them looking good and prepared to weather more use without scratches or damage.  

Paint repairs

The auto detailing process won’t be able to fix excessive damage done to your paint job. These paint repairs will clear up scratches and nicks on your vehicle though. These touch up jobs might not be perfect, but the scratches will essentially disappear, and your car will look all the better for it.

Polishing and buffing

After your vehicle gets washed, clayed, and its paint is repaired, then comes the polishing and buffing. Over time the shine on your vehicle will dull, and this happens because of small scratches and debris, which the buffing process helps to remove and smooth over. The result is a clean shine that looks great after it’s polished. Some auto detailing shops will only have a one step polishing process, and you may want to think about avoiding this because the three step process – buffing, polishing, and waxing – will get better results and look fantastic.  

Windows, Wheels, Trim, & Tires

With all the paintwork done, the car detailing process will then focus on the smaller yet still very important parts of your car. For starters, your windows will get cleaned to a perfect shine, and any exterior parts that require special attention such as chrome or vinyl trim will get treated with care. 

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Of course, your wheels will get a lot of attention as well depending on their needs. If they already have a clear coat applied, then no polishing will be done as this may remove that layer. Otherwise, they should apply a coat for your wheels after thoroughly washing the rims and hubcaps.

Mobile Auto Detailing

Taking your vehicle to a dedicated dealership or car detailing shop isn’t the only way to get your car detailed, and it might not be the process that best suits your needs either! Mobile auto detailing has risen in popularity, and mobile auto detailing shops offer all the great services you just read about, but they will come to you. 

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a mobile auto detailing service:

  • Some offer 24/7 service! They’ll fit into your schedule. 
  • Mobile detailing will come to you, wherever you might be.
  • You won’t have to wait in a lobby or find a way to and from the dealership while your car is serviced! 
  • Without the costs of a brick and mortar store, mobile detailing services have savings that they then pass on to you.

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And there you have it! That’s the process most auto detailing services will follow. Of course, different shops and services may add on additional steps or offer extra services, but this list is the bare bones you should expect when looking for auto detailing work. Make sure to keep in mind everything you should be getting as a part of your service, and consider the benefits of mobile auto detailing work before making an appointment! 

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