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Vehicle Detailing Tips: Pet Hair Removal

vehicle detailing tips pet hair removal

While we love our pets, we don’t always love the mountains of hair they leave behind. Pet hair removal, especially in your vehicle, can be extremely difficult and tricky. It, unfortunately, likes to stick in the fibers of your vehicles’ interior, making it nearly impossible to fully remove. In this article, we’ll provide you with a few vehicle detailing secrets of the trade for et hair removal without having to go through the process or expense of a full interior detailing.

A Few Things to Know about Pet Hair Removal

While these tips will help to loosen and remove pet hair, it very much depends on the type of hair, the amount of hair, and the type of fabric that covers your vehicle’s interior. The key to pet hair removal is loosening the hairs from the fibers in the fabric of your interior, which is harder than it sounds.

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Step 1: Using a Nitrile Glove

A good way to loosen up most types of pet hair is by rubbing a nitrile glove over the carpet and fabrics of your vehicle’s interior. This will help to loosen the hairs stuck in the fibers.

Wearing nitrile gloves, rub your hands over the carpet and seating of your vehicle, creating a pile of the loose hair you collect. Once you’ve piled together all the loose hair, you can more easily vacuum it up.

It’s important to note that this will not remove all the hair; it’s merely the first step. This step is really just to remove the top layer of pet hair to reveal the true problem areas.

pet hair removal in 3 easy steps

Step 2: Interior Detailing Brushes Designed for Pet Hair Removal

There are brushes designed specifically for the purpose of pet hair removal. They have rubber bristles and are designed with a scraper edge to loosen and remove the pet hair. When using these pet hair brushes, you want to work your way across the carpet with the brush using short strokes, scooping the fur into piles as you go.

You’ll likely need to clean the pet hair out of your brush as you go. You can use your vacuum to clean the brush for ease. When vacuuming up your fur piles, the crevice attachment will prove most effective.

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To get the best results from your pet hair brush, work your way across the carpet in small sections, changing the direction you’re brushing to better loosen the hairs.

Step 3: The Pet Hair Removal Stone for Interior Detailing

The stone, like the brush, is designed to loosen pet hair embedded in the fibers of your carpet. Work the stone over a small section of your carpet, making sure to change up the direction of your strokes, piling up the pet hair you loosen.

When using a pet hair removal stone for interior vehicle detailing, be sure to avoid any metal and plastic surfaces in and around the carpet because the abrasive pet hair removal stone can scratch these surfaces.

cute dog in car pet hair removal

For the best pet hair removal results, we recommend using all three tools during your interior detailing process. This will ensure you get all those stubborn pet hairs out of the carpet.

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