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Valentines Date Tips: Get Your Car Professionally Detailed

get car professionally detailed for valentines day

This Valentine’s Day, Mobile Detailing Pros has your back with some top-notch tips for Valentine’s Day. We talked with people of all genders from our network of auto detailing experts to ask them what their number one suggestion for a successful Valentine’s date night that most people didn’t think about was and unanimously the answer came back: get your vehicle professionally detailed beforehand. In this article, we’ll include a little advice directly from them as well as some tips for making sure your car looks its best before the big date.

“The biggest red flag for me is if his car is a mess; if you don’t take care of your car, how can I expect you to take care of me?”

Sarah from Chicago said that she automatically knew a guy wasn’t for her based on how his car looked. “If he doesn’t care enough to take care of something that expensive, I’m not interested.” She said she expects her dates to go the extra mile if they offer to pick her up and have the car fully professionally detailed before picking her up. “Why wouldn’t you want to put your best foot forward? The first impression is the most important one, after all, and the first thing I’m going to see is your car.”


“I like a girl that knows how to take care of her vehicle.”

Matt from Atlanta said he prefers when a girl knows her way around automotive care. “If she cares enough to have her car professionally detailed, she clearly knows how to take of it. I like a girl that knows how to take care of her vehicle. It shows responsibility.” Matt said he’d prefer if his date always sported a professionally detailed car, as it showed she was responsible enough to take care of the investment fully.

“I don’t much care if my guy knows his way around a car, but I love to see them nice and clean from getting freshly professionally detailed.”

Aaron from Austin said most of his dates don’t know the first thing about cars, but he doesn’t mind it. He does, however, appreciate when his “guy” shows the care to get his car professionally detailed before picking him up. “It shows me that he cares to impress me; actions speak louder than words, baby.”

“Look, if they care enough to make sure everything looks it’s best, I’m sold.”

Case from Miami said they love when their dates care enough to go that extra mile and make sure everything is its most presentable. “It makes me feel special that they would want to impress me. Getting your car professionally detailed before a date is certainly going the extra mile.”

get car professionally detailed before you get your date

Tips for Prepping Your Car for Your Valentine’s Date

While the number one thing we recommend is to get your car professionally detailed before the date, there’s a couple of other little touches you can add here and there to really impress your date.

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners can be a really nice touch to ensure your date is comfortable in your vehicle. You want to be careful to not get one that’s too strongly scented in case they have an issue with strong smells. A light scent used sparingly will ensure a pleasant and comfortable ride all night.

Open the Door for Them

It may sound a little dated, but everyone loves to be doted on a little every now and again. Put your best foot forward and open the car door for your date when you arrive and offer them a hand in/out of the car. The combination of your professionally detailed car smelling nice and your thoughtfulness will surely make a lasting impression on your date.

Have a Bottle of Water for Them

If you allow drinking in your car, it could be a nice touch to have a fresh bottle of water ready for your date when they get in the car, should they want it.

Tips for Getting Your Car Professionally Detailed Last Minute

Today is Valentine’s Day, so if you’re just now thinking of this, you’re probably worried it’s way to last minute to get your car professionally detailed, but that’s where you’re wrong. Mobile Detailing Pros offers fast, quality professional detailing services at your requested location. We have a tons of technicians and a huge service area, so we’re sure to be able to accommodate your needs. Give us a call or visit our website today!

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