Truck Driving Tips: Supplies Every Truck Driver Should Have

Long-distance truck driving can be quite a trying job. Your cabin is your living room and office more frequently than the ones in your actual home are. You’re on the road for 70-80% of your time! If you’re just starting out in this career, how do you know what supplies you need to keep on-hand to ensure your truck is as comfortable as possible.

We’ve talked to several professional long-distance truck drivers to find out just what supplies they consider to be must-need to do this job and do it well. In this article, we’ll provide you with their tips to get you started on the right foot on this new career path.


There’s quite a bit of equipment you should keep on-hand in your cabin; some of this equipment will change dependent on what cargo you’re transporting, but some of it you should always keep around. One thing all the experienced truck drivers we talked to said was that you should keep spare lights and other backup truck accessories on-hand at all times. When you’re on the road for long hours so is your truck, your accessories might fail on you at the least convenient times; you’ll be glad you have a backup. You can find these accessories at stores like O’Reilly Auto Parts, Autozone, and other stores like them.


As you can imagine, if you’re going to need spare accessories, you’re going to need the right tools to replace them. You should have a variety of tools on-hand at all times to fit a variety of situations that might crop up. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has put together handy guidelines to help you determine what tools you should keep with you.

First-Aid Kit

Your truck isn’t the only thing at risk of potential damages. When you’re on the road for long periods of time, staying in hotels, eating at restaurants, maneuvering around gas stations, and performing some needed maintenance on your truck, you run the risk of injuring yourself in a variety of ways. You should always keep a well-stocked first-aid kit in your cabin so you’re prepared if something unexpected happens. The Red Cross has a helpful guide for what your first-aid kit should include but somethings are band-aids, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol wipes.

Route Optimizer

Another universal tip from our seasoned truck drivers is to invest in a route optimizer. The time and hassle this little device save far outweigh the initial investment. It not only helps you find the shortest route, but it also considers the specific dimensions of your truck; you won’t have to worry about accidentally taking a route on which you can’t fit. It can also help you save fuel and money since it’ll find you the most efficient route. They’ll even help you avoid traffic jams, warn you of upcoming accidents or construction, and help you avoid toll roads. The route optimizer will be your best friend on the road.

Preparations for All Climates

When you’re driving across the country, you want to make sure you’re prepared for whatever climate you might meet. Keep some spare clothes for a wide range of climates to save you from being unprepared. We’d also recommend keeping a blanket or two available as well as a couple of towels; there are more situations than you might realize where these items could prove invaluable.


Never be without your cellular phone. Your mobile device could be a lifesaver! If you’re broken down, lost, taking a little more time than expected, need food/lodging, miss home, whathaveyou, you’re going to need that phone.

If you’re a trucker preparing for a long stint on the road, you need to make sure your cab is fully stocked up with all the essentials you’ll need. Thanks to the help of our long-distance truck driving friends, we’ve been able to provide you with a list to help you get started. This list is in no way comprehensive; several needed items will change based on the cargo your transporting. In addition to that, each truck driver is different; there are a variety of items you’ll want on-hand that others may not and vice-versa. We recommend trying new things frequently and sticking with what works best for you.

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized

organize your car

It can be challenging to keep your car clean. We’ve all been there: you’re on the road and put the trash in your floor, certain you’ll throw it away at the next stop. Or maybe you’re too tired to fully unpack your car and then you’re too busy to remember later.

Whatever the reason, junk always starts to accumulate in your vehicle. Finally, break this awful habit with our easy guide to keeping your vehicle clean and organized.

1) Purchase a Trash Can or Keep a Grocery Bag in Your Car

A good way to help put an end to the nasty habit of leaving trash in your car is by keeping a trash can or bag in your vehicle always. You can purchase cloth trash bags or small plastic receptacles from any department store or you can simply repurpose a grocery bag. When it’s easily accessible in your vehicle, you can start working on improving the habit of using it.

2) Develop a Trunk Organizational System

It’s up to you whether you want to purchase dividers or containers for this purpose, but it’s not 100% necessary. Go through what’s in your trunk and determine what needs to stay there, then assign it a designated home.

Once everything has a place to go, work hard on developing the habit of keeping those things where they belong and nothing else cluttering it up.

3) Develop a Backseat Organizational System

You can use cloth cubes, tote bags, or the handy organization helpers that hang from the back of the driver’s and passenger’s seat to accomplish this task. Assign everything that absolutely needs to be in your car and kept handy a permanent home where it’s kept safe and out of the way. Get rid of all the clutter and trash that has accumulated in these seats. It could also be helpful, if you carry a lot of passengers, to purchase another trash can or repurpose another grocery bag for the backseat.

4) Make a List of What Needs to Stay in Your Car

This could be especially helpful if you struggle to make the distinction between a need and want, clutter and important stuff that needs to be there.

If you make a list of all the things that absolutely have to be in your car (first aid kit, owners manual, spare tire, blanket, jump kit, etc.), you’ll have somewhere to refer to as your trying to clean out your clutter. You can keep your eye on this list as life goes on to ensure that you’re always keeping the clutter to a minimum and always have what you need accessibly.

5) Clean Out Your Car Weekly

Pick a day of the week that you usually have a block of free time to clean out your car, preferably at the end of your week, like a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Go through everything in it: declutter, remove trash, remove all things that don’t need to live in your car that managed to stick around all week because you forgot about them. This will help you start each week fresh and ready to go. It’ll also help keep the junk in your car from piling up because you don’t let enough time pass for that to happen.

What If the Mess Goes Beyond Clutter?

If your car has gotten messy on the inside and/or out that a simple decluttering won’t fix, call Mobile Detailing Pros to schedule your convenient and affordable expert detailing service.

The experts at Mobile Detailing Pros will come to your specified location (home, office, garage, etc.) and detail your car for you while you finish up your shift or help the kids with their homework. It’s easy, hassle-free, and your car will look like you just drove it off the lot!

Call us at 800-557-5134 or visit to get your appointment today!

Vehicle Detailing Tips: Why You Should Maintain Your Ceramic Coating

keep ceramic coating nice

Ceramic coatings have great advantages for car owners. They can add a nice gloss to your car, repel liquids for easy cleaning and vehicle detailing, protects against micro-marring, and can last for years.

maintain ceramic coating with vehicle detailing


While a ceramic coating can offer all the aforementioned benefits, it also takes a fair bit of upkeep to maintain. As your ceramic-coated car is exposed to the elements, the coating can weaken. In this article, we’ll discuss how this happens and what you can do to ensure it lasts.

Gloss Losing Its Shine

One of the perks of having a ceramic coating on your car is the glossy look it gives your car. Oftentimes that’s the first thing that will go as your coating weakens. Believe it or not, the gloss effect is all about the way light is reflected off your paint and coating.

ceramic coating good part of vehicle detailing

You get a glossy shine from smooth surfaces as the rays of light all bounce off the surface at the same angle. However, when that surface is uneven, light bounces off in different angles, limiting the shining effect. Therefore, the dulling of your previous glossy shine is the result of your ceramic coating wearing down in certain areas, but not across the board.

What’s Causing the Deterioration of Your Ceramic Coating?

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the wearing of your ceramic coating after your vehicle detailing.

The Wearing of Your Protective Surface

The environment your vehicle is exposed to after your detailing can cause the protective layer of your ceramic coating to wear down prematurely. Your coating gets worn down on a daily basis due to everything from wiping it to aggressively to heavy winds.

ceramic coating dulling

While you don’t notice this wearing down of the coating on a daily basis, it becomes painfully obvious over time. This everyday wear built up from a lack of maintenance can not only damage the protective surface but also damage the hydrophobicity.

The wearing of the Hydrophobicity

Hydrophobicity is the property of your ceramic coating that enables water to bead up on the surface, due to the coating helping to repel it. This hydrophobicity wears off due to the surface energy. The lower the surface energy, the more difficult it is for liquids to cling to that surface. Ceramic coatings are created to have a low surface energy, allowing it to repel water, but as the surface becomes contaminated and the coating wears off, that surface energy rises.

What to Do About It

In order to prolong the life of your vehicle detailing and ceramic coating, you have to take care of it and practice proper maintenance.

preserve ceramic coating by hand washing

Regular Washing or Vehicle Detailing

In order to keep your ceramic coating in pristine condition, you need to hand wash your vehicle every two weeks or so to keep the contaminants to a minimum. We recommend vehicle detailing services occasionally in place of washing it yourself, as our experts know how to remove all contaminants without causing damage to your ceramic coating.

Maintenance Boosters for Ceramic Coatings

Maintenance boosters are highly-concentrated versions of the ceramic coating’s formula, filling in minor imperfections and erasing the damages we mentioned above. This only need be done every three to four months or so.

ceramic coating important part of vehicle detailing

Ceramic coatings are a nice addition to your vehicle that can last for years, providing your vehicle with a protective layer. However, you have to take care to maintain your coating to ensure its longevity and pristine condition. We hope this article has helped guide you through the required maintenance to keep your ceramic coating in pristine condition for years to come.

Philadelphia Experts Share Detailing Tips & Tricks

auto detailing philadelphia tips tricks

Having your car detailed regularly is an important part of car maintenance. It keeps your car looking pristine and new, while also helping to protect against scratches or grime build-up. You can choose to detail your car yourself or pay a professional to do it. If you decide on the do-it-yourself route, there’s a few things you might need to know before you launch into the task. Our professionals from the Philadelphia Mobile Detailing Pros are here to help. In this guide, we’ll provide you with some of the secret tips and tricks the professionals use to handle even your most difficult car detailing needs.

The Magic of Vinegar and Dawn with Auto Detailing

One of the best kept secrets in the professional world of car detailing is the magic of the solution that is a combination of Dawn dish soap and vinegar. Many auto detailing places in Philadelphia even keep this solution loaded in a sprayer because it is just so useful to get those difficult spots off of your vehicle, solving the most difficult of your auto detailing problems.

dawn dish soap and vinegar auto detailing trick

This solution can remove caked on paper from working at a paper mill, blood and guts that’s been built up from road kill or hunting, and so much more. Some of the most difficult things to get out in the detailing process can be removed with the help of this solution.

Removing the Smell of Cigarette Smoke in Philadelphia

One of the most difficult challenges detailers face with the interior part of the process is removing the smell of a smoker. The more frequently you smoke in your car and the longer it’s been since you’ve neutralized the smell, the harder it is to remove it. Products like Dakota Non-Smoke, used as directed, can help give you the added help you need to finally get that scent out. Changing the air filter in your car after using the spray will help to keep the smell gone until someone smokes in the vehicle again.

Always, Always, Always Rinse Your Car First

Many people think pre-rinsing their car before beginning the auto detailing process is just a suggestion, but it’s crucial to successfully detailing your car.

auto detailing Philadelphia

When you don’t rinse off your car before detailing it, you scrub the debris and grime that’s been left on the surface all over your vehicle, risking scratches or further damages to your car’s exterior. Rinse your car thoroughly, or ensure your Philadelphia auto detailers do it for you, before the detailing process begins.

Long-Bristled Artist’s Brushes Can Be Vital Tools

You may not think that a simple, long-bristled artist’s paint brush would have much use in the auto detailing process, but, on the contrary, it can come in quite handy. This simple, cheap little tool can be used to brush out the air vents in your car. These tiny little dust collectors (the air vents) are nearly impossible to clean because of their shape, but the flexible brush effectively gets into those hard to reach places to give the vent a proper dusting. Make sure to put a little furniture polish on the brush before dusting out the air vent to ensure you get all dust out and have it nice and clean.

paint brush to dust air vent

Detailing your car is a crucial part of car maintenance, but it can be difficult to handle on your own. Our experts from Philadelphia weighed in to help you out with several secret tips and tricks of the trade that they use to handle even the most perplexing of detailing problems. With our help, you’ll have your car looking brand new in no time.

Detail Your Boat in Five Easy Steps

Having a boat can be extremely fun, useful, and could be a good asset to own, however, it comes with its fair share of responsibilities. In addition to needing to run it often, keeping everything in working order, you need to keep up with the proper maintenance. Maintenance for your boat can include, but is not limited to regular check  ups with a mechanic, regular vehicle detailing services, and regular operation. Detailing is often the thing boat owners tend to put on the back burner, deeming it less important. In this article, we’ll tell you why full vehicle detail is an important part of your regular boat maintenance and provide you with an easy five-step method to detail your boat yourself.

Why is a Full Vehicle Detail Important for Your Boat?

Most people think of full vehicle detail as a full service vehicle wash that deep cleans their boat whenever it’s necessary (frequently thought to be no more than once a year). While having your boat detailed can be an aesthetic choice, keeping it clean and free of algae and scum build up helps to prolong its life and keep it looking pristine. It will also help to keep the resale value high.

boat detail full vehicle detail

You don’t have to get your car professionally detailed every time, though it’s more convenient and they do a more thorough job; it is possible to do some of it at home. This will also help keep your detailing job looking good for long.

Five Steps to Detail Your Boat

It is far easier and more convenient to take your boat somewhere to be detailed or hire a mobile detailer like Mobile Detailing Pros. If you want to do it yourself or merely keep the look of a nicely done detailing job for longer, you can follow these five steps to get the job done.

Step One: Start Your Full Vehicle Detail By Rinsing Your Boat Thoroughly

If you start scrubbing your boat immediately instead of rinsing it first, you’re merely going to push around the loose debris.

rinsing off boat part of full vehicle detail

You should rinse your boat thoroughly starting from the top and working your way down. You want to do this using a hose with a powerful stream; a pressure washer isn’t necessary but might be extra helpful and get the job done a bit faster.

Step Two: Scrub Your Boat Thoroughly with High Quality Soap

This step is often extremely tedious, but entirely necessary. You’ll need to scrub away the stubborn stuff that doesn’t want to come off of your boat. It’s important that you don’t let the soap dry on the boat as it could leave streaks and damage the finish. You should always clean small areas at a time, rinsing all soap off before moving on.

Step Three: Buffing is an Important Part of a Full Vehicle Detail

Many people think that buffing is an unnecessary step that is purely aesthetic, but it is essential to prepping your boat to be waxed. You can buff your boat by hand or by using a rotary buffer.

full vehicle detail boat

In addition to preparing your boat for waxing, this will return some of its original shine to it, making it look practically new.

Step Four: Waxing Your Boat

Waxing is an important part of your routine full vehicle detail as it helps prevent grime and debris from accumulating on the surface, ensuring your detailing lasts as long as you want it to. In addition to that, waxing shines and polishes your boat, making it look brand new.

Step Five: Detailing the Interior of Your Boat

Once the outside is looking spick and span, it’s time to give the inside the same care and attention. In addition to washing the interior, you’ll need to vacuum anything with fabric (seats, carpets, etc.), polish any metal, etc. Keeping the inside nice is every bit as important for the lifespan of the boat and the resale value as maintaining the outside.

full vehicle detail from Mobile Detailing Pros

Part of the responsibility that comes along with owning a boat is the upkeep. In addition to keeping up with regular maintenance, it’s important to regularly detail your boat or have a full vehicle detail done by a professional. While it may be tempting to always try to detail your boat yourself, we don’t recommend it. These steps sound a lot easier than they are and the overall job is very time consuming; we recommend letting a team of experts handle all this for you. You can even use a mobile detailing company and have them come to you. However, if you still want to do some of the work yourself, following these steps can lengthen the amount of time you go without getting your boat detailed by a professional and keep your boat looking like new.

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Car Detailing

mobile car detailing done right

Mobile car detailing is the newest evolution in detailing services. They make it easy for you to have your car detailed wherever is convenient for you without you having to try to work an appointment into your schedule. If you haven’t used a mobile car detailing service before, you might be a little wary of them. Would they provide the same high-quality vehicle detailing services as the alternative, even though they’re a much smaller operation? Can you trust them? We’re here to help with all the information you could possibly need to know before enlisting the services of a mobile detailing business.

What is it that mobile car detailing services actually do?

A mobile detailing business does everything a physical vehicle detailing business does, but at a lower price and in a more convenient way. They bring their high-quality detailing services to you. While each mobile detailing business offers a different variety of services, most are mobile car detailing businesses, only offering these services for cars.

mobile detailing business

However, some mobile detailing businesses, like Mobile Detailing Pros, offer a wider selection of vehicle detailing services, such as those for boats, cars, motorcycles, RVs, and much more. You can book these services either by calling them or, in most cases, requesting an appointment online. They’ll come to the parking lot of your office, your driveway, or a place of your choosing and detail your car. This means you won’t have to clear enough time in your schedule to take the car in and wait there while they finish it.

What should you look for when choosing a mobile detailing business with which to work?

Your car is too important and too expensive to just trust anyone with.  Before deciding on a mobile detailing business, you should take the following things into consideration:


You want to be sure that the mobile detailing business that you’re trusting with the care of your vehicle is a legitimate and successful business. You want to ensure that all of their employees are fully capable of handling your vehicle with care and taking extra care to ensure the vehicle detailing is done accurately and well.

find the best mobile detailing business


Before you choose a mobile detailing business, you need to be sure they will provide reliable services. You can do this by checking the reviews left by previous customers. You can also ask around and see if anyone you know has used their services before; they might be able to attest to their reliability or lack thereof.


This is especially crucial to those who are working within a budget for their mobile car detailing, but it’s something that everyone should consider. You’d think that a convenient service such as this would upcharge for the convenience they offer, however, they’re actually considerably cheaper than the physical mobile detailing businesses. Still, you want to be sure to check around for the best price before you commit to ensure you don’t miss out on a better deal somewhere.

Mobile car detailing done right

Service Area

You want to be sure that wherever you want them to come to detail your vehicle is within the service area of the mobile detailing business you’ve chosen. If you’re outside of their service area, you may have to find another detailer that’s reliable and affordable in your own area, if there is one. Save yourself the heartache and the hassle and look up this information before you commit to a mobile detailing business.

Why should you choose a mobile detailing business over a physical one?

The first reason why you should give mobile car detailing a try is for the convenience of it. We all live incredibly busy lives and few of us have the precious time to spare to take our car someone to be detailed and then wait on it for an hour or so. A mobile detailing business will come to the location of your choosing. If you’re still a little wary of a stranger coming to your home, you could have them detail your vehicle in the parking lot of your office. Beyond the convenience of it, mobile car detailing places tend to charge less than their physical counterparts. Their services are every bit as reliable and just as good as their counterparts, if not better; you’ve got nothing to lose in giving it a try.

vehicle detailing from mobile detailing business

Mobile car detailing is the new trend in vehicle detailing that’s saving people time and money. They allow you to easily have any of your vehicles detailed despite your busy schedule. They’ll come to your home or even the parking lot of your work and take care of your mobile car detailing without you ever having to go to their building or sit and wait on your car while they detail it. Some people are still unsure of using a mobile detailing business to detail their car; many are wary of trusting a stranger with your vehicle or with the knowledge of where you live. We hope the tips we’ve provided have helped to explain some of the process to you and help you find the right mobile detailing business for you.