Handling Damage Caused During Auto Detailing Service

handling auto detailing service damages

Accidents happen when we least expect them to, even when we’re being the most careful we could hope to be. One of the worst times for an accident to sneak up on us is during an auto detailing service. As careful as the detailers may be, they aren’t immune to accidents, none of us are.

car detailing service damage

Do you know what to do if your vehicle gets damaged during car detailing services? In this article, we’ll help walk you through every step of the resolution process so you know what’s going on with no need for panic.

Who Deals with It

If the accident occurred during the car detailing process and you are not at fault, the owner and/or manager would be responsible for handling the situation. Typically, the car detailing company will have a designated person in place who is fully trained and equipped to handle these incidents on every shift.

auto detailing service damages

This person will calmly and courteously explain what happened, the damage done, and how they plan to resolve the situation. They’ll provide you with the information that you need and take down all the necessary information for themselves. They will also fill out an incident report and file the claim with their insurance agency.

When Should It Be Handled?

The incident report should be filled out the moment the incident takes place, even if there’s no damage to warrant an insurance claim. This protects everyone involved from potential insurance fraud problems. The customer should be kept fully aware of the entire situation throughout the entire process.

damages caused by auto detailing service

The company responsible should file the claim, if necessary, with the insurance company and make a follow-up phone call to the customer within 24 hours of the incident. The claim itself could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to fully process.

How Will It Be Proven?

This is where that handy incident report comes into play. When the incident report is filled out in its entirety at the time of the incident, it serves as the perfect proof for what damage was actually done, when it was done, and by whom.

security camera proves auto detailing service damages

The car detailing company that did your auto detailing service likely has a security camera of some sort that would have recorded the incident which can also serve as proof if necessary.

Where Do You Go From Here?

After the claim is processed and the work approved, the car detailing business should pay for the repairs to be made. They should e in touch with you about how this will be handled and the situation rectified. You don’t want to take on the repairs before you’ve heard from the car detailing business’s insurance company. If you do and they haven’t approved it, you’ll likely get stuck paying for those repairs out of your own pocket.

damages caused by car detailing

If you have to deal with damages caused by auto detailing services, don’t panic. Accidents happen and that’s why car detailing business’s have insurance in the first place. Make sure the proper measures are taken, forms filled out, and claims made and let the auto detailing service and their insurance company handle it.

Vehicle Detailing Myths Busted

vehicle detailing tips

There’s a lot of vehicle detailing myths floating around. Whether they’re from unreliable detailers or old wives’ tales, it can be hard to sift through the information and determine what vehicle detailing tips work and what’s merely a myth.

In this article, we’ll bust a few common myths about vehicle detailing so you can be sure you’re not a victim of misinformation.

Myth: Touchless Car Washing is the Best Method for Vehicle Detailing the Surface of Your Car

While it’s true that the touchless method does reduce the amount of friction on your paint over time, that doesn’t mean it’s the most effective way to clean your car. In fact, the touchless method results in leaving behind heavy soiling, road salt, road film, dead bugs, topical contamination, and the chemicals it takes could have negative effects on the rubber trim, plastic components, or even the paint you’re trying to preserve through this method in the first place. So while it may be quicker and spare you friction marks, it’s less effective and won’t get the job done, making you waste more time detailing your car all over again.

Myth: Ceramic Coatings are Like a Force Field on Your Car

Many people tout the many benefits of ceramic coatings, but they also tend to hype it up to something it’s not. Ceramic coatings are a great invention that do help to protect the surface of your vehicle. When done properly, ceramic coatings can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increased UV protection
  • Improved glossy appearance
  • Self-cleaning effect (when the surface is maintained properly)
  • Hydrophobic properties making it easy to maintain
  • Scratch resistance to wash-induced friction (varies by formula)
  • Better chemical protection

Many of these benefits range in effectiveness based on the particular ceramic coating brand you use.

Now, to squelch the misinformation surrounding ceramic coatings. They are not a solve-all solution, nor are they a set-it-and-forget-it deal. The following are benefits often ascribed to ceramic coatings that are not true:

  • Keep you from having to wash your car
  • Protect surface against bizarre situations like graffiti, flames, or other ridiculous disasters
  • Provide protection against accidental scratching or damage like chips or door dings caused by rocks

Do your research and determine which is the best ceramic coating for your car and be sure you have a realistic view and expectations of the benefits ceramic coating can provide.

Myth: Waxing is an Effective Way to Remove Swirl Marks

We’ve seen this myth more on the forums for auto detailing than amongst actual professional detailers. The truth is, swirl marks are actually scratches, not soap scum or something else you could wax off. The only effective way to remove this type of paint damage is by polishing them away with a good car polisher.

It’s incredibly difficult to remove swirl marks by polishing your vehicle by hand. The help of a handy polisher is essential. To effectively remove swirl marks left behind, we recommend polishing with a car polisher (not by hand) and following up the process with a high-quality wax to protect the surface of your vehicle.

Myth: Cloth Diapers, Flannel Cloths, and Old T-Shirts are the Best for Vehicle Detailing

This vehicle detailing myth has been around since the dawn of time. The truth is the one thing all of these items have in common is that they’re stitched with polyester thread. Polyester scratches your car and causes those awful swirl marks we just mentioned to appear.

Rather than believing this ancient wives’ tale, trust the trained experts. For vehicle detailing, nothing works better than a quality microfiber cloth. This type of cloth will get the job done effectively without leaving behind any scratches or swirl marks.

auto detailing at home

We hope we’ve helped you sort your way through the many vehicle detailing myths out there. If you are still unsure and don’t want to risk it, call Mobile Detailing Pros today to book your vehicle detailing appointment with trustworthy experts. Our experienced expert technicians are highly trained and always use the most effective products and methods.

DIY Tips for Better Boat Vehicle Detailing

vehicle detailing for boatGetting your boat professionally detailed once a year is a great way to keep your boat looking its best and maintaining its value. But sometimes boats need a little more attention than a once-a-year vehicle detailing can offer. That means you might end up doing a little DIY boat detailing between visits from our mobile pros. If that’s the case, we have some suggestions of materials and methods that you can use to get the best possible results.

How to Get Better Results for DIY Boat Vehicle Detailing

Clean your boat thoroughly before applying wax.

Waxing is an absolute must for a boat. It helps protect the boat’s outer surface from dirt and grime as you move through the water as well as keeps the boat looking showroom new. But wax isn’t going to do you any good if you don’t start with a clean surface. You’ll want to thoroughly clean your boat from top to bottom, giving it a good scrub with a boat-friendly soap. Make sure that you completely rinse all of the soap off of the surface and then dry it afterwards. Doing so will help eliminate any water spots on the surface and give you a good base for the wax.

Protect the interior from sun damage.

The sun can do a lot of damage to the interior materials of your boat. Specifically, it is the ultraviolet rays that are the problem, these are the same rays that you are protecting your skin from when you use sunscreen. The interior of your boat needs the same kind of protection. Pick up some leather conditioner as well as protective coatings for nylon and plastic surfaces and apply them on a regular basis. This will help prevent the sun from fading the materials or drying them out and causing them to crack.

Keep your boat covered when not in use.

This isn’t just good advice for vehicle detailing; it’s good boat care. When your boat isn’t going to be used for a period of time, take time to cover it up or put it into long term storage. This will help extend the life of your professional detailing work as well as eliminate some of the DIY work that you’ll need to do during the year. Boat covers are fine but shrink wrapping your boat for long term storage is best. It will keep both the interior and exterior preserved until you are ready to hit the water again.

Book your vehicle detailing appointment

Sometimes it’s best to do it by hand.

Some people are tempted to do their DIY boat detailing with fancy machines. In some cases, this could work. But in a majority of instances, it may be better to do the vehicle detailing work by hand. Boats are known for their small spaces and funny angles that can make it hard for machinery to deliver the results you want to see. You’ll often get better, longer lasting results by pulling on a pair of gloves and doing the work by hand. This will allow you to get in between instrument panels, around rigging, and shine up all of your aluminum poles as well. It might seem like more work, but you’ll be happier with how it looks in the end.

Use the right products for different materials.

The worst thing you can do for your boat is to try to use one product on every surface. Difference materials need to be treated with different conditioners and protective coatings. If you want to do some of the vehicle detailing work yourself, it’s best to invest in quality products that are made to work on those specific materials. If you don’t, it could end up damaging your boat’s appearance.

Could Professional Detailing Actually Save you Time and Money?

While taking the DIY approach can help keep your boat looking beautiful all year long, it can also be a big drain on your time and resources. Make sure that you carefully weigh the benefits of DIY vehicle detailing against the cost of materials as well as your time. You’ll need to invest in the right products and tools to get the job done and can expect to spend several hours on the project. In the end, you may find that it’s easier and cheaper in the long run to depend on professional services.

Don’t Neglect Your Annual Boat Detailing from the Pros!

Doing some vehicle detailing on your own is a great way to keep your boat looking its best, but that doesn’t mean you should put a stop to visits from the Mobile Detailing Pros. Remember that our mobile detailing service can come to you, making it easier than ever to get your boat professionally detailed! Make sure that you’ve schedule your annual boat detailing with our Chicago team by giving us a call or contacting us through our website. We’ll confirm your appointment time or create an appointment at a time that works for you.

Our Boat Detailers Discuss Five Reasons You Should Live on a Houseboat

Do you consider yourself a nonconformist? If you have a love for the water and no kids to support, you may be a great candidate for houseboat living. There’s something quite magical about living on the water, and life’s too short not to at least give it a try. Here are five good reasons to live on a houseboat:

If You Don’t Like Your Neighbors, You Can Move

Whether you are renting or you own property on land, you never really know what your neighbors are like until it’s too late. Perhaps you didn’t realize that the divorced dad living next door holds all night parties every single weekend that are so loud even your dog can’t sleep. Maybe you have a busybody next door neighbor who is always getting involved in your personal life, whether you like it or not.

When you live on a houseboat, you can pick up and move if your neighbors are a bunch of jerks. Finally, you’ll be able to obtain the peace and quiet you’re looking for by simply floating to a new location.

You’ll Sleep Like a Baby

Do you love the feel of gently rocking waves? In the 1980’s, people loved waves so much that waterbeds were enormously popular. You can think of your houseboat as one big, relaxing waterbed (minus the mess if you accidentally pop the mattress). Whether you are sleeping for the night or simply napping in your favorite chair, you’ll peacefully doze off to the rhythm of the rocking waves.

No Housing Regulations

Are you a fan of colorful homes? Perhaps in the past, you couldn’t paint your home a bright color because of housing regulations, but you can do whatever you darn well please with the exterior of your houseboat. Better yet, you won’t have a yard to maintain, so nobody can get on your case for not mowing the lawn. As a houseboat resident, you’ll experience the ultimate in freedom.

You Are a Fishing Maniac

Is fishing your favorite recreational activity? When you live on a houseboat, you can fish as much as your heart desires. Another added perk is that you don’t even have to leave your home to go fishing. Let the fish come to you as you lounge about on your deck and cast a line.

You Are a Freelancer

If you are a freelance writer, there’s no reason why you couldn’t live on a houseboat as long as you had a decent Wifi connection. Writing isn’t the only freelance job out there; graphic designers and developers are all perfect candidates for the freelance lifestyle, which could also translate into houseboat living.

If you decide to live on a houseboat, make sure to take great care of it. Prolong the life of your watercraft by calling the Mobile Detailing Pros for high-quality results. As long as your vehicle is located in the Chicago area, we’ll come to you to provide you with the best boat detailing services available. Not only are we insured, we have years of experience and the right tools to make your boat look like new. Contact the Mobile Detailing Pros today to get started.