Get Your Car Detailed in California on a Budget

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Living in California is great, but it’s not always great on your vehicle. You have to get your car detailed in California regularly to keep it looking nice and maintain its value. But what if you’re on a budget? California car detailing isn’t very cheap and many don’t think they can afford that luxury. Don’t let your vehicle suffer because of your budget; try mobile detailing, the latest and cheapest innovation in detailing.

What is mobile detailing?

Mobile detailing offers the same vehicle detailing services that traditional detailing offers, but with one major difference: they’re mobile. Mobile Detailing places don’t have a garage for you to bring your car to, but rather they bring the detailing operation to you. They’ll come to your home or office and detail your vehicle right in the driveway or parking lot.

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How does mobile detailing help you get California car detailing on a budget?

Mobile detailing operations tend to be less expensive than traditional California detailing services. In addition to not having to pay for the expenses of having abuilding, many mobile detailing businesses have contract technicians, making their operating costs even cheaper so they can pass the savings on. This also means that, like Mobile Detailing Pros, they’re able to have a much larger service area than traditional detailing.

Why do you need to get your car detailed in California?

We know what you’re thinking: why bother wasting your money on California car detailing when you can just wash your car yourself? Washing your car at home, though cheaper doesn’t do as good of a job as professional California car detailing services and won’t protect your vehicle as well.

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Living in California, your vehicle is exposed to harsh heat and faces prolonged sun exposure which is hard on the finish, paint, engine, and tires. Getting your car detailed in California regularly helps to remove debris and the other harm your vehicle might be exposed to, ensuring your vehicle continues to operate optimally and the resell value remains high.

Where can you get your car detailed in California?

There are many California car detailing places, both traditional and mobile, but how do you know which one you can trust? Luckily, Mobile Detailing Pros offers their professional mobile detailing services at an excellent, unbeatable rate in many areas of California. Visit or call us today at 800-557-5134 to book your appointment with our experts.

How to Find Car Detailing Nearby You Can Trust

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Finding the right car detailing nearby can be challenging; how do you know who you can trust? When choosing car detailing nearby, there are a few things you should keep in mind that will help steer you in the right direction and make sure you find a company you can trust. In this article, we’ll provide you with a guide to finding the right car detailing nearby.

1) Read Reviews

One of the best ways to determine which car detailing nearby is trustworthy is to read customer reviews. Every car detailing place says they’re the best around, the most affordable, and the most trustworthy. Unfortunately, you can’t take their word for it. Honest reviews help you find a company you can trust and help you know what to expect with their services.

When reading reviews, it’s important to read a wide variety of both positive and negative reviews. You also want to read them from a variety of sources; don’t just trust the ones on their website. Search Google reviews, Angie’s List, blogs, message boards, and wherever else you can find them.

2) Compare Fairly

If you truly want to find car detailing nearby that’s trustworthy and affordable, you can’t just go with your gut. You have to compare the businesses based on prices, services offered, and the reviews you’ve read. The easiest way to compare all the car detailing nearby fairly is through a pro/con list.

As you research these businesses, place all the information you learn in either a pro column or a con column. For example, if you find out one car detailing place is only a few minutes from your home, has mostly positive reviews, but is a little on the expensive side, you’d put the distance and “highly reviewed” in your pro column and “expensive” in the con one.

When you’re done, compare all the pro/con lists to limit your options down to the best few. Then, decide which company’s cons are the easiest to overlook. Remember, it’s important to be objective during this part.

3) Give Them a Try

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to give them a try. You can’t just trust the reviews. You may have a different employee or they could have all new employees since that particular reviewer went there. Keep your standards in mind as you try them out, maybe even take notes.

If you find their services lacking, their prices too high, or their employees to be rude or sub-par, make note of it and don’t return. It may take a bit of trial and error before you find the right car detailing nearby for you, but it’s worth the effort.

Your vehicle is a valuable and expensive asset; you wouldn’t trust its care with just anyone. Before trusting just any old car detailing nearby, do your research and be sure they’re a company you can trust. Don’t be afraid to find a new car detailing place if you’re dissatisfied; you shouldn’t support a poor business.

If you’re stumped for where to try next, see if there’s a Mobile Detailing Pros in your area! We offer excellent rates and all our technicians are licensed and trained experts. We’ll even come straight to your home or office so you don’t have to try to find the time to take your vehicle to us. Visit us at or call us at 800-557-5134 to schedule your appointment today!

Car Detailing Tips: Cleaning Your Windshields and Windows without Scratching Them

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Cleaning the glass on your vehicle can be tricky, but it’s an important part of car detailing that you can’t afford to skip. Learning to clean your windshield effectively in a way that avoids scratches is essential unless you want to pay for professional mobile detailing services and let them do it. In this article, we’ll show you how to clean your windshields and windows like the professionals.

The Right Window Detailing Tools and Products

You always want to make sure that you’re using alcohol- and ammonia-free cleaners on your car’s glass. If you use a cleaner with ammonia on the interior of your vehicle, you run the risk of dehydrating the materials, causing cracks and discoloration.

car detailing tips: window detailing

When applying and buffing off your cleaners, always be sure to use a microfiber towel, as you should already be doing throughout the rest of the car detailing process. Under no circumstances whatsoever use paper towels. Paper towels will scratch your auto glass every time. Microfiber cloths will help remove the particulates from the auto glass, rather than just spreading them around, making it worse.

The Right Technique to Avoid Scratches When Window Detailing

While the right window detailing tools are important, the right technique is crucial to avoid scratches. The first step is to take your working environment into consideration. You don’t want to clean your windshield or windows when it’s too hot outside, or do any other part of car detailing. the heat can cause the cleaning products to evaporate, leaving a residue behind. You run the same risk with the body of your car as with the windows.

You also want to make sure you’re using separate towels to apply and remove your cleaning products. When removing dirt, quarter your towels to help apply more pressure. When you’re removing cleaning products from the surface, you want to be sure to use a straight-up-and-down motion and not a circular buffing motion. Be sure to have plenty of towels on hand to swap out the dirty ones for fresh ones as you go.

With window detailing, it matters the order in which you wash the windows. Start with the driver’s and passenger’s side windows. Work your way around the rest of your car, being sure to get both windshields and all the mirrors. Complete all exterior glass before moving on to the trickier interior glass.

Special Things to Consider in Window Detailing

If you’re doing a full car detailing service, you’ll need to consider when you will apply your cleaning products and when you will clean the auto glass. You want to let some cleaners have time to dry and apply others immediately for them to be effective.

auto detailing tips window detailing

You’ll also have water spots to consider. In order to avoid those, you’ll want to be sure to use the right products. If you get stuck with water spots on your auto glass, use a window cleaner and a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub them from the surface of the windows.

Call Mobile Detailing Pros and They’ll Do It For You

Does detailing your car yourself sound extremely overwhelming? Think you might be better off hiring a detailing company after all? Call Mobile Detailing Pros today! Our highly-trained expert technicians bring our detailing operation to you. You can have your car professionally detailed in the most convenient way possible at an unbeatable price. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

Handling Damage Caused During Auto Detailing Service

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Accidents happen when we least expect them to, even when we’re being the most careful we could hope to be. One of the worst times for an accident to sneak up on us is during an auto detailing service. As careful as the detailers may be, they aren’t immune to accidents, none of us are.

car detailing service damage

Do you know what to do if your vehicle gets damaged during car detailing services? In this article, we’ll help walk you through every step of the resolution process so you know what’s going on with no need for panic.

Who Deals with It

If the accident occurred during the car detailing process and you are not at fault, the owner and/or manager would be responsible for handling the situation. Typically, the car detailing company will have a designated person in place who is fully trained and equipped to handle these incidents on every shift.

auto detailing service damages

This person will calmly and courteously explain what happened, the damage done, and how they plan to resolve the situation. They’ll provide you with the information that you need and take down all the necessary information for themselves. They will also fill out an incident report and file the claim with their insurance agency.

When Should It Be Handled?

The incident report should be filled out the moment the incident takes place, even if there’s no damage to warrant an insurance claim. This protects everyone involved from potential insurance fraud problems. The customer should be kept fully aware of the entire situation throughout the entire process.

damages caused by auto detailing service

The company responsible should file the claim, if necessary, with the insurance company and make a follow-up phone call to the customer within 24 hours of the incident. The claim itself could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to fully process.

How Will It Be Proven?

This is where that handy incident report comes into play. When the incident report is filled out in its entirety at the time of the incident, it serves as the perfect proof for what damage was actually done, when it was done, and by whom.

security camera proves auto detailing service damages

The car detailing company that did your auto detailing service likely has a security camera of some sort that would have recorded the incident which can also serve as proof if necessary.

Where Do You Go From Here?

After the claim is processed and the work approved, the car detailing business should pay for the repairs to be made. They should e in touch with you about how this will be handled and the situation rectified. You don’t want to take on the repairs before you’ve heard from the car detailing business’s insurance company. If you do and they haven’t approved it, you’ll likely get stuck paying for those repairs out of your own pocket.

damages caused by car detailing

If you have to deal with damages caused by auto detailing services, don’t panic. Accidents happen and that’s why car detailing business’s have insurance in the first place. Make sure the proper measures are taken, forms filled out, and claims made and let the auto detailing service and their insurance company handle it.

Detailing Tips: How to Protect Your Vehicle in the Summer

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Part of regular car care is learning how to protect your car against the dangers each season threatens to impose on your vehicle. With summer fast approaching, we made this research easier for you with an easy-to-follow guide to protecting your vehicle from the summer.

Keep Your Car in Cool, Shady Areas

In the summer, more than any other time of year, you have to take care to park your car in the shade, if not under a cover. This will help to protect your car from any potential UV damages, overheating, mud baking on your car, and water spots from forming after it rains. Parking under a cover will also help to prevent bird droppings from getting to your car and help to keep it out of the elements.

Get Regular Auto Detailing Services

Part of good car care year-round is auto detailing services. The hot summer sun can work against you, baking dirt, debris, and dead bugs onto the surface of your vehicle, making it extremely difficult to remove and potentially damaging to your finish. Each time you have your car detailed, the trained professionals will thoroughly clean, wax, and dry your vehicle, making it look showroom ready.

Dry Your Car After Rain or Washing

Water spots form so easily in summer because of the heat. If you don’t want to be washing your car constantly, you’ll want to prevent these water spots from forming, you’ll want to ensure you dry your car thoroughly after each wash and rain.

Try to Limit Your Vehicle’s Time in the Heat

It’s pretty easy for your vehicle to overheat. You should make every effort to limit the time your car spends in the heat. Be sure to park in the shade or under a cover, don’t take your vehicle out on long drives on really hot, sunny days, and take care to properly maintain your vehicle’s engine.

mobile auto detailing

Take Advantage of the Convenience of Mobile Detailing Services

Mobile detailing is one of the most convenient ways to maintain proper car care. They’ll come to your home or office and detail your vehicle while you take care of the more important things you have to do. Many of these detailers also detail RVs, motorcycles, trucks, boats, and more. It’s hard to get much more convenient car care than that! Many people are still uncomfortable with the relatively new business model of mobile detailing, but let us assure you that there’s nothing about which to be concerned. Mobile detailing services are every bit as reliable as their traditional counterparts, just more convenient and, oftentimes, more affordable.

Part of proper car care is knowing how to protect your car from the potential dangers each season presents in your area. We’ve talked about taking care of your car in the fall and preparing your vehicle for harsh winters, and now we’ve covered how to maintain your car in the summer! If you follow these easy steps this summer, you’ll ensure your car stays in great condition, protecting your investment and the resale value of your vehicle.

Car Detailing Basics

For many, their car becomes an extension of their home. You eat in it—and hopefully do not sleep in it—and in many cases your vehicle becomes a personal sanctuary. Due to the amount of time, meals eaten in your car, and the Chicago weather, the interior, as well as the exterior can accumulate a lot of wear and tear. Though cars are made to endure the heat of summer, the snow and chill of winter, as well as hours of a driver sitting in it, like anything you buy, the superficial elements of your car needs to be cared for.

It Isn’t Just a Luxury

Car detailing, though perceived as a luxury, should really be thought of as another aspect of needed preventive maintenance. Car detailing isn’t just about making your car look good and smell like new on the inside. Detailing does do that, but it also does so much more. Here are the ways in which car detailing cares for your car.

Paint Care

Car detailing is a form of paint care. Though the paint of your car is a superficial element, it does protect the structure of the car from dirt, chemicals, and other debris that can have a negative impact on the structure of the car. When the outside of your car is detailed, it is accomplished through a three step process. First, general dirt and other filth is removed. Next, debris that is stuck in the clear coat of your paint is generally removed with a clay bar. Lastly, the detailers will polish your car removing surface scratches, swirl marks, and other marks, then will apply the last layer, wax which will protect the paint, as well as make your car shine like new.

Chassis & Wheels

To some “washing” the wheels and underside of the car may seem like a joke, like cleaning the bottom of your shoes. However, removing debris, chemicals, and other harmful substances from the wheels and underside of the car is an incredibly important part of car care. Many chemicals that our cars come in contact with on our Chicago roads and beyond can corrode and damage the wheels and other elements of the car. When you have your car detailed, ask them about how they detail your wheels and chassis: Many will remove dirt and debris and then add a plastic protectant.

Headlights, Tail Lights & Exterior Trim

Cleaning and polishing your headlights, taillights, and trim is another aspect of preventative maintenance. Most car detailers will clean and polish your light elements and will finish the service by sealing them with plastic. This is a particular important step for cars that are showing signs of oxidation. Oxidation can lead to fading and cracking. Chrome, rubber, or plastic trim parts are cleaned and properly treated to preserve their life and prevent fading and cracking as well.


Interior car detailing is definitely an important part of keeping the value of your car, as well as simply improving your enjoyment of your ride. Interior detailing is more than just a vacuum and quick wipe down. Professional detailers will work to remove stains and will many times vacuum and steam clean the seats and upholstery. Leather will be cleaned and treated with the proper cleaners. All plastic or rubber parts will be cleaned and dressed: dressing or conditioning the interior elements of your car will help them to keep their color and resist cracking.

Engine Care

Caring for the engine isn’t just changing the oil or oil filter. The engine bay should be cleaned regularly to inhibit corrosive debris from damaging the engine and other parts. When car detailers care for the engine, they will mist the area with water to clean, followed with the proper conditioner and protectant to keep these elements from cracking from use and heat.


Getting your car detailed is an important part of caring for your car, and once you’ve had your preliminary detailing service, the following maintenance services may be less intense and less expensive. These regular treatments are important for stains and corrosive elements left alone can permanently damage the interior or exterior of your car. Keep your car clean, conditioned, and polished to uphold the value of your car, as well as enjoy your ride.

Make an Appointment with Mobile Detailing Pros!

Want to take care of your car? Mobile Detailing Pros provides mobile detailing for vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and more in the Chicago area and beyond. Visit our website to learn more and schedule with us!

Classic Car Detail: How to Protect Your Classic Car in a Wash

While it’s true that everyone loves a great classic car, there’s a lot of care and concern that goes along with owning one and caring for it. If you’re new to washing classic cars, there’s a few things you need to know before launching into it in order to keep the vehicle safe. Whether you’re washing your own vehicle or doing a classic car detail for the first time, these tips can help you make sure you’re taking the proper precautions and taking the best care of the vehicle you possibly can.

how to detail your classic car

How Often Should You Wash a Classic Car

For the average vehicle, it’s common to give it a thorough washing every week or so, more frequently if you drive on dirt or gravel roads a lot. However, the rules are a little different when it comes to classic cars. If the classic car is stored under a cover of some sort most of the time, it probably won’t need to be washed every week, but rather just when you take the vehicle out (either transporting or driving).

It’s important to remember that classic cars should be handled with the utmost care; every possible action should be taken to prevent damage and maintain their condition, thus prolonging their lifetime. That being said, the best frequency at which to wash a classic car that you take to shows or otherwise drive or transport regularly is after every single journey the vehicle takes.

take care of classic car

That may sound like overkill, but classic cars are rare, delicate, and expensive vehicles that require extra care. Contaminants in the air and even dead bugs left on the vehicle can cause damage to the paint, making it crucial to complete yourself or have a quality classic car detail.

The Right Tools and Products for Your Classic Car Detail

The key to a successful classic car detail without harming the rare vehicle is using the right tools and products to get the job done. When cleaning a classic car, you want to be sure to use softer water, as well as gentler soaps like foam soaps, so you don’t risk doing any damage to the older paint on the vehicle. To scrub the classic car safely, be sure to use something gentle like cotton chenille or sheepskin washing mitts. These softer mitts won’t leave marks behind, while gliding more smoothly across the surface of your vehicle, making the process go by more swiftly and smoothly.

The Process of the Classic Car Detail

When washing any vehicle, you always want to be sure you wash it starting at the top and working your way down. You also want to be sure you rinse the entire vehicle thoroughly when you’re done, ensuring absolutely no chemicals are left on the surface of your vehicle.

how to wash classic car

Once you’ve completed your classic car detail, you want to be sure to dry your vehicle off entirely to prevent streaks or water stains from forming. To dry your classic car, you should use a soft microfiber cloth or leather chamois to prevent scratching the paint.

Mobile Detailing for Classic Cars

If you find that you don’t have the time to give your car a high-quality classic car detail yourself, you can enlist the services of a vehicle detailing service. You have a few options for this: you could take your classic car to a physical detailing place or you could use a mobile detailing company, who will come to you. Both detailing places are professional and have the potential to offer high-quality services, the only two differences are convenience and price. Mobile detailing tends to be a little less expensive and they’ll come to wherever you request for your classic car detail, so you won’t even have to take it away from your home.

classic car detail

If you would like to know more about our high-quality mobile detailing or request our services, please call us or contact us here.

Full Car Detail Service: Detailing Your Engine

engine detail

Often, when people thing of car detailing, they don’t think of detailing their engine, but that’s a crucial part of a quality full car detail service. Regularly having a full car detail that includes engine detailing not only helps to have your engine looking good, but it can prolong the life of the plastic, silicone, and rubber components of your engine and make it easier to see and diagnose any potential problems with your engine. Through this article, we’ll walk you through the process of detailing your engine.

full car detail

Preparing to Detailing Your Engine

The first step is preparing yourself to detail your engine by getting all the proper tools and chemicals necessary to get the job done correctly. You’ll need the following things: a source of water with low pressure, a common garden hose will do nicely, a variety of brushes, a degreasing agent, a rubber or vinyl protectant, several clean microfiber towels or rags, and several sheets of plastic (like garbage bags). Do your research to ensure you pick up the right cleaning solutions that will do the job correctly without causing any damage to your engine.

The Degreasing Process

Before you even so much as open your hood, you need to hose down your front bumper and fenders thoroughly, ensuring their fully wet; this will help to dilute any degreaser you accidentally spray past the engine, keeping it from damaging the finish on your car’s paint. Next, be sure to cover the alternator and battery with the garbage bags to keep them from getting wet as they are highly sensitive to moisture. Now, you’re ready to start your full car detail.

full car detail includes engine detail

First, you should start by wetting your engine and the underside of your hood with your low-pressure water source. It’s crucial that you mist the engine with an indirect spray as opposed to spraying it directly with water, as the latter can cause damage. Once your engine and the underside of your hood are thoroughly wet, spray degreaser generously, letting it sit for a few minutes to truly soak in and penetrate the grime and grease. Then, using your brushes, scrub the engine thoroughly, taking special care to avoid any covered areas in the engine and any electrical connectors. Be careful to not scrub the painted areas too hard, as it could cause some damage to the finish.

Finishing the Full Car Detail: Rinsing and Protecting the Engine

After you’ve scrubbed the entirety of the engine bay thoroughly, you need to rinse off the engine and the exterior of your car with your low-pressure water source. Be sure that you aren’t directly spraying any water on electrical connections or covered areas. Once thoroughly rinsed, weather allowing, let the engine bay air dry. Weather not allowing, you could also start the engine and idle with the hood closed for about ten minutes. Afterward, dry the remaining water with towels, taking special care to dry any remaining water on the underside of the hood.

After you’ve ensured everything is completely dry, spray the entire engine bay with your protectant and restart the engine. Let it idle with the hood closed for ten minutes. After those ten minutes have passed, turn the engine off and wipe any excess protectant with a clean towel to finish up your full car detail.

crucial engine detail

Professionals recommend a full car detail service with engine detailing once or twice a year. Depending on the environment in the area where you live, you may need to do this more frequently. It’s good to get in the practice of occasionally touching up your engine detail to keep it as clean as possible and running as smoothly as possible.

Why Bother with Automotive Detailing

professional car detailing

Many people mistakenly assume that automotive detailing is only for cosmetic reasons, but, on the contrary, automotive detailing serves a number of purposes for your vehicle, be it a boat, RV, motorcycle, or car. Regularly detailing your vehicle, either with professional car detailing services or by taking the detailing on yourself at home, can help maintain the pristine look of your car, protect the paint and finish, and help prevent debris from getting under your hood and into your engine. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at all the ways professional car detailing or automotive detailing at home can be good for your car, boat, motorcycle, or RV.

boat detail

Automotive Detailing Can Help Keep Your Paint/Finish Healthy

One of the most obvious benefits that regular detailing has to offer is protecting the paint on your vehicle, in addition to keeping it looking nice. The paint on your RV, car, motorcycle, or boat protects the metal that’s beneath it; if your paint starts to chip and ware away, you can face rust and corrosion which can really damage your vehicle. We recommend having a high-quality professional car detailing service focused on paint every so often to help with this. You can also do it yourself at home, but it’s more difficult. If you choose to do it at home, do your research and choose your products and process wisely.

professional car detailing protects paint

Regular Detailing Services Can Help Improve Your Visibility

Of course, after a proper professional car detailing, your windshield should be shiny and clear, making it easier to see, but that’s not the only area of visibility that can be improved. Automotive detailing services will ensure that the mirrors are clean, as well as both the headlights and taillights, which will improve the brightness and effectiveness of these lights.

Regular Interior Detailing Can Improve and Prolong the Life of Your Interior

Whether you’re detailing your boat, RV, or car, it’s crucial not to miss the interior. Regularly detailing the interior of your vehicle can do more than just make it look nicer.

mobile detailing services

By detailing it regularly, you can help prevent discoloration and cracking of various parts of the interior of your vehicle, protect surfaces from fading due to prolonged exposure to the sun, and avoiding bad odors. This can make the vehicle more comfortable to all enjoying it, while also improving its look and resale price.

Regular Detailing Can Protect Your Tires and Wheels

Believe it or not, chemicals your tires come into contact with every day, such as oils, brake dust, solvents, etc., can damage your tires and wheels, making them more vulnerable to cracks in the sidewalls or wheel failure caused by corrosion. Regularly cleaning them thoroughly through automotive detailing will help to wash away these chemicals, preventing your tires and wheels from risking these damages.

professional car detail tire protection

Detailing your vehicle, be it RV, boat, car, or motorcycle, can do a lot more than just improve its appearance. Regular automotive detailing can help to prevent premature deterioration of both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. It can also help to increase the resale value. You can detail your vehicles yourself or pay a professional to do it. There are even mobile detailing operations that will come to a location of your choosing and handle it all for you; you won’t even have to stop what you’re doing.

Philadelphia Experts Share Detailing Tips & Tricks

auto detailing philadelphia tips tricks

Having your car detailed regularly is an important part of car maintenance. It keeps your car looking pristine and new, while also helping to protect against scratches or grime build-up. You can choose to detail your car yourself or pay a professional to do it. If you decide on the do-it-yourself route, there’s a few things you might need to know before you launch into the task. Our professionals from the Philadelphia Mobile Detailing Pros are here to help. In this guide, we’ll provide you with some of the secret tips and tricks the professionals use to handle even your most difficult car detailing needs.

The Magic of Vinegar and Dawn with Auto Detailing

One of the best kept secrets in the professional world of car detailing is the magic of the solution that is a combination of Dawn dish soap and vinegar. Many auto detailing places in Philadelphia even keep this solution loaded in a sprayer because it is just so useful to get those difficult spots off of your vehicle, solving the most difficult of your auto detailing problems.

dawn dish soap and vinegar auto detailing trick

This solution can remove caked on paper from working at a paper mill, blood and guts that’s been built up from road kill or hunting, and so much more. Some of the most difficult things to get out in the detailing process can be removed with the help of this solution.

Removing the Smell of Cigarette Smoke in Philadelphia

One of the most difficult challenges detailers face with the interior part of the process is removing the smell of a smoker. The more frequently you smoke in your car and the longer it’s been since you’ve neutralized the smell, the harder it is to remove it. Products like Dakota Non-Smoke, used as directed, can help give you the added help you need to finally get that scent out. Changing the air filter in your car after using the spray will help to keep the smell gone until someone smokes in the vehicle again.

Always, Always, Always Rinse Your Car First

Many people think pre-rinsing their car before beginning the auto detailing process is just a suggestion, but it’s crucial to successfully detailing your car.

auto detailing Philadelphia

When you don’t rinse off your car before detailing it, you scrub the debris and grime that’s been left on the surface all over your vehicle, risking scratches or further damages to your car’s exterior. Rinse your car thoroughly, or ensure your Philadelphia auto detailers do it for you, before the detailing process begins.

Long-Bristled Artist’s Brushes Can Be Vital Tools

You may not think that a simple, long-bristled artist’s paint brush would have much use in the auto detailing process, but, on the contrary, it can come in quite handy. This simple, cheap little tool can be used to brush out the air vents in your car. These tiny little dust collectors (the air vents) are nearly impossible to clean because of their shape, but the flexible brush effectively gets into those hard to reach places to give the vent a proper dusting. Make sure to put a little furniture polish on the brush before dusting out the air vent to ensure you get all dust out and have it nice and clean.

paint brush to dust air vent

Detailing your car is a crucial part of car maintenance, but it can be difficult to handle on your own. Our experts from Philadelphia weighed in to help you out with several secret tips and tricks of the trade that they use to handle even the most perplexing of detailing problems. With our help, you’ll have your car looking brand new in no time.