5 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference with Your Vehicle

We’ve seen more blog posts and heard more questions surrounding basic car care than we can count. People always want to know what steps they can take to make their cars last longer and the upkeep costs less. We asked our expert technicians so we could find you an answer once and for all. Without further ado, we’ve compiled the top five easy things you can do for your vehicle that make a big difference in its longevity and functionality.

1) Change Your Oil Regularly

Many people don’t understand the importance of having their oil changed regularly and on time. They assume that, so long as they change it every once in awhile, everything will be fine. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In order for your car to function at its best and last as long as possible, you have to have your oil changed regularly at the popular increments; changing it too soon is a waste of money and waiting too long can cause damages to your engine, so make sure you’re staying on top of it.

2) Get an Inspection When You Go for an Oil Change

Many people that don’t live in states that require yearly inspections make the fatal error of not having their car inspected at all. Likewise, people who have to have the yearly inspection think that’s enough to cover it and put getting an inspection off until then. You should get your vehicle inspected when you go in for an oil change. Many mechanics will even offer a complimentary inspection with an oil change. Keeping up with regular inspections, much like your own checkups at the doctor, will help you to catch damages or failures early.

3) Get Your Car Detailed Regularly

You wouldn’t necessarily think keeping your car clean would have an effect on how it functions, but it does. Ignoring car detailing can lead to debris getting caked onto your vehicle that could cause damage to the paint. Skipping out on regular detailing services can lead to premature rusting, engine failure, tire problems, and many other issues. Don’t let this happen to you; call Mobile Detailing Pros at 800-557-5134 or visit our website to book your detailing service today.

4) Never Ignore the ‘Check Engine’ Light

The ‘check engine’ light in your car serves a specific and important function; it’s not just a suggestion. If your ‘check engine’ light has just come on, don’t ignore it; make an appointment with your mechanic right then and there so you’re sure to catch whatever problem early on, saving you a lot of trouble and expense.

5) Stay Alert

When driving your car, it’s important that you pay attention to any sounds or feelings that are out of the ordinary. Car trouble has a way of sneaking up on you at the most inconvenient times; don’t be caught off-guard: know the signs so you can act quickly and not do any more damage to your engine.

Did we miss an important car care tip? Comment your tip below; we’d love to know how you’re keeping your car in its best condition!

Car Detailing: 5 Savvy Ways to Detail Your Car

Part of taking care of your car is keeping it in good condition, which includes car detailing. Unfortunately, car detailing isn’t always cheap. We’re here to help! We’ve come up with 5 savvy ways you can save money with your car detailing services.

1) Give Mobile Detailing a Shot

With the mobile car detailing industry taking off, almost every area has a pop-up mobile detailing setup somewhere in their surrounding area. These pop-ups offer quality detailing services quickly and at a low cost. It’s important to note, however, that these services are only useful when you’ve been maintaining your car’s detailing. They don’t offer extensive detailing services through these quick services.

2) Maintain Your Car Detailing Services

Many people make the fatal mistake of thinking detailing services last months and months without any upkeep at all. If you want to get the most out of your detailing services, you have to take care of them. Here’s a rundown of basic maintenance to ensure your car detailing services last as long as possible, for more information please see our blog post:

  • Wash your car regularly with proper tools
  • Keep your car covered by either parking in covered areas (garages, carports) or using a tarp
  • Rinse off your car to eliminate debris from the surface

Maintaining your car detailing services will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment and that you can utilize the quick detailing we mentioned above, keeping your car nice for less.

3) Do Your Research

Don’t just go with the first mobile detailing service you find, but shop around a little to ensure you’re getting the absolute best value. If you live within Mobile Detailing Pros wide service area, call us at 800-557-5134 or visit our website to schedule your hassle-free appointment today. Our expert technicians are highly trained professionals ready to take on whatever detailing task you throw at them.

4) Don’t Try to Do It All Yourself

It may seem like a good idea to save some money by doing your car detailing yourself, but you may end up doing damage that will cost a whole lot more to fix than the detailing services would have in the first place. Rather than make this fatal error, you should just let the professionals handle it in the first place. If you must do it yourself, make sure you’ve done all your research before you attempt detailing your vehicle.

5) Vacuum Your Interior Yourself

One way you can cut corners with interior detailing services and ensure that you don’t get charged extra is by vacuuming your interior carpet yourself. This task is easy to accomplish without risk of damages and it can save you a bundle. The most common reason for extra charges for car detailing services is having to vacuum excess dog hair, debris, crumbs, etc. or extra shampooing.


If you need to cut corners with car detailing services, Mobile Detailing Pros is here to help you figure out where you can. We realize that even though detailing your car is a necessary part of car care, it’s often expensive to keep it up. With these 5 savvy tips, you can save money without sacrificing the care your car needs.

5 Tips for Safe Holiday Traveling

If there’s one thing that’s true of a large majority during the holidays it’s traveling in some respect. Whether you’re traveling 15 miles or 300, road safety should be your top concern. People are on the roads that only drive a handful of times throughout the year and most everyone is distracted in some way or another; it’s one of the most dangerous times of the year to travel, but you also don’t have an option unless you want to miss your loved ones for the holiday season. Mobile Detailing Pros is here to help you get to your holiday festivities safely with our top five driving safety tips for the holidays.

1) Make Sure Your Vehicle is in Good Condition

The very first step to traveling safely is ensuring your vehicle is in the best condition it can be. Get an inspection, change your oil if necessary, and have your vehicle’s interior and exterior detailed. This will ensure you won’t face any avoidable engine failures or damages as you travel and your vehicle is in top condition. Remember, you’ll need to get your vehicle detailed after you return to remove the road salt and prevent damages to your finish.

2) Keep with Traffic

Many people make the mistake of thinking that driving slower is inherently safer, which actually couldn’t be further from the truth, especially on the interstate. It’s important that you keep moving with traffic; don’t drive too fast or too slow. If you keep at the speed traffic at which is moving and at the appropriate distance, you’ll be much safer on the road.

3) Stay Alert

As we mentioned before, most of the drivers on the road during the holidays are highly distracted. People pull crazy moves, particularly on the interstate. It’s crucial that you stay alert and focused as you’re driving so you can be prepared to react in a moment’s notice if necessary to keep yourself safe.

4) Minimize Distractions

In order to stay alert, as mentioned in the last section, you have to be willing to minimize distractions in your vehicle. You’re likely distracted enough with everything going on with the holidays and reaching your destination, you don’t need anything else detracting from your focus. Keep your conversation to a minimum, don’t put on the radio, minimize distracting sounds in the vehicle, and whatever else you need to do to keep yourself from being distracted.

5) Don’t Make Foolish, Rash Decisions

Part of the reason that traffic is so bad during the holidays is that the roads are full of distracted people making sudden, unwise decisions when driving. If you miss your exit or turn, don’t snap quickly into the lane to catch it without looking at the other vehicles around you; get the next exit or turn and turn around. Everyone on the road is in a rush to reach their destination, but nothing is as important as your family and your safety.

No matter where you’re traveling this holiday season, make sure you get there safely. From all of us at Mobile Detailing Pros, we wish you a happy holiday season!

How to Use Winter Soaps to Prevent Rust and Freezing

auto detailing winter soaps

There are particular winter car care things you need to know in order to keep your car safe for the season. For instance, you need to be sure to wash your car as soon as possible after driving where there’s road salt. You have to ensure that you take care to switch to winter soaps to avoid potentially hazardous rusting or freezing. If you’re relying on professional detailing services for winter car detailing, you want to make sure they’re using the best car detailing winter soaps before they touch your car. Here’s what you need to know:

Anti-Freeze Detergent

High-quality anti-freeze detergent can save you the hassle of having your cleaning solution freeze mid-wash. While there are other methods to avoid using this product, it ends up being far more cost-effective to do it this way. It may put you off at first that the price of high-quality anti-freeze detergent is a fair bit higher than that of regular detergent, it’s well worth the investment and in the long run, as we said, more cost-effective.

winter auto detailing

Winter Triple Foam

Another great detergent option is winter triple foam. The best part about this option is that you can use it all year long, whereas, with other triple foams, you’ll have to change it in the winter. Winter triple foams are methanol-based so they’ll help keep your brushes from freezing, plus its high-sudsing, making it easy to lather your vehicle. This foam is a great investment since you can use it all year round without needing to invest in anti-freeze soaps in addition to your foam.


The main reason you need to rush to get road salt off your car in the winter is that it can cause rust to form prematurely. Applying de-salt to your vehicle before the pre-soak and rinsing it off completely will help protect your vehicle from the harsh chemicals. The more road salt on your car, the more water it attracts which can speed up the oxidation process, causing rust to form. This rust can lead to worse problems with your tires, muffler, or break line. De-salt helps to neutralize the de-icing chemicals and fights the corrosion.

auto detailing winter

Hand Mix

Our last option for winter soaps for winter car detailing is to hand mix your soap with methanol. This method used to be much more commonly practiced than it is today, but you can still use it; it’s just not as convenient as the more modern pre-mixed anti-freeze soap solutions. If you choose this method, you want to be sure your soap mixtures are as consistent as possible. Beyond the fact that you might achieve varying degrees of success with your detailing, if you use a foaming brush system, you’ll need to adjust the air or pump pressure to compensate for the inconsistencies.

It’s important to pay attention to the products you’re using and the temperatures for which they’re designed. Make sure before the temperatures start plummeting that you make the switch to winter soaps so that all your winter car detailing goes as smoothly as it should.

If you need detailing services, visit mobiledetailingpros.com or call 800-557-5134 to schedule your appointment today. Our expert technicians will be sure to handle your car with care and only use the highest-quality detergents designed for the right temperatures. Give us a call today to see if you’re in our wide service area.

Winter Travel Car Care: Winter Vacation Car Checklist

With winter comes the holiday season and with that comes travel, lots and lots of travel. If you’re going to be traveling this holiday season, you need to make sure your car is fully prepared to make whatever journey is in your future. In this article, we’ll provide you with the most comprehensive winter car checklist so you can rest assured that your car will make whatever travel plans you have in store and get you back home safely without any concern at all.

1) Check your tires

Before you take off on your winter/holiday travels, you need to make sure your tires are in good condition to do so. You should check both the tire pressure and the tread on the tires to ensure they’re able to make the trip safely. When was the last time you had your tires rotated? If it’s been too long, add it to your list of things to mention when you go for your comprehensive inspection.

2) Clean out your car

Starting any road trip with a messy car is just asking for disaster. Thoroughly clean out your car to start off your trip on the right foot. This would be a great time to give your carpets a quick vacuum, too. When you’re done, remember to place car trash bags or grocery bags serving as such wherever necessary in the vehicle.

This way you can help make sure the car stays clean. When you go to pack the car up for your holiday traveling, make sure you organize your luggage and presents in a logical and organizational method to help ensure everything fits and makes it there safely.

3) Check your fluids

It’s always a good idea to check the fluids in your vehicle before any big road trip. Make sure you’ve made the switch to the proper winter fluids, you have enough of them, and that your oil has been changed according to the recommended schedule. This will help to not only minimize your risk of potential car trouble along your trip but also help to protect your vehicle from unnecessary wear or damage due to the long road trip. You can check your fluids yourself or get your local mechanic to do it for you.

4) Get a comprehensive inspection

It’s always a good idea to have your car inspected before taking any major road trips. This will help ensure your vehicle is safe to make the long journey and minimize your risk of car trouble occurring. Make an appointment with your regular mechanic to get a comprehensive inspection and ensure that your vehicle is cleared for the road trip ahead.

5) Get your car detailed

Many people mistakenly think that car detailing services are purely for aesthetic purposes, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Having your car detailed regularly helps to minimize exterior and interior deterioration in your car and improves your resale value. In the winter, keeping your car detailed is even more important given the need to rid your car of the damaging road salt.

6) Include emergency items

Above all, make sure your car is equipped with the necessary emergency items just in case anything goes wrong. These items can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Spare tire
  • First-aid kit
  • Blanket
  • Umbrella
  • Snow chains
  • Starter cables

Holiday traveling is often necessary but comes with its fair share of risks and stresses. Mobile Detailing Pros’ Winter Vacation Checklist will help you be prepared for your vacation without having to continuously worry you forgot something.

You can find more great detailing tips and information on services offered at mobiledetailingpros.com! Or, call 800-557-5134 for more information or to make an appointment.


Prepping Your Tires for Winter

With winter right around the corner (and already here for certain parts of the country), it’s time to start thinking about getting your tires ready for the ice and cold. Learn how to prepare your tires for the upcoming winter season with Mobile Detailing Pros’s complete guide.

Check Your Tire Tread Depth

In order to ensure you travel safely on the road this winter, you need to make sure your tire tread is in acceptable condition. You need durable tread in a healthy state to ensure that your tires won’t lose their grip on the road, sending you sliding into a collision. Shallow tread is dangerous in the winter, so be sure you change your tire if the tread is too low.

It’s important to note that, while your car will theoretically be fine if you wear them down to 2/32 of an inch, that is not a guarantee. All cars and tires are different and each set of conditions could lead to an increased or shortened longevity. It might be better to consult with a mechanic before your tires get that low to see if they recommend replacing them sooner.

Measuring Tire Tread

The typical rule of thumb is to replace your tires once the tread gets down to 2/32 of an inch. You can check your tread with a depth gauge if you have one, but you could use the penny test and save yourself some money: place a penny into a groove in the tread upside down; if part of Lincoln’s head is covered by the tread on the tire, you’re in the clear. However, if the entirety of his head is visible, it’s time to replace your tires.

Examine Tread Wear Patterns

While you’re looking at the tread on your tires, examine closely how the level of wear might vary at the outer edge, center, and inside edge of the tire. If the measurements aren’t the same in all three of these locations, then your tires aren’t wearing evenly. This could be indicative of an alignment or suspension issue, or could just mean that your tires are over- or under-inflated.

Estimate the Age of Your Tires

As tires age, they lose integrity and become more vulnerable to damage/failure, as with most products. Many tire companies recommend replacing your tires after 6-10 years, but the level of care you show your tires and their level of exposure to the elements could have an effect on that estimation.

You can determine the age of your tires by looking at the sidewall of your tire. There, you’ll find the seven-digit Tire Identification Number (TIN), the last two numbers of which will indicate the year your tires were manufactured.

Prepare Yourself with Snow Chains

If you’re going to be driving in snowy conditions, don’t leave without having snow chains in your vehicle for your tires in case you need them. These are a state requirement in a lot of places where hazardous snowy conditions are common and an important safety measure.

Keep Up with Regular Maintenance

The best way to ensure your car and tires are in tip-top condition and are sure to keep you safe this winter is to keep up with regular inspections and maintenance procedures, like oil changes and tire rotations. This regularly scheduled maintenance will help ensure everything will function as it should, help you to take precautions to ward off potential failures or damages and help to catch potential problems early. Be sure that you’re keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance, especially in the winter.

Keep safe no matter where you’re traveling this winter with Mobile Detailing Pros’s easy-to-follow, winter-prepping guide! If you follow all these steps, you’re sure to keep your tires in top condition, protecting you from potential damages or failures.

Car Tips: Keeping Your Car Cool in Summer

car tips keeping car cool summer

With summer in full swing, cooling the car down is a top priority for all car owners. There are a lot of car tips for battling the heat of summer available online, but not all of them are easy to try or actually effective. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the effective car care tips you need to know to keep your car cool in the summer.

Extras You Can Buy to Keep Your Car Cool

There are a few extras you can buy and/or install to help keep your car cool over the summer that ranges in cost and accessibility.

tinted windows keep car cool in summer

Tinted Windows

This option is a little more pricey and may require getting the help of a professional to install them, but it is effective if you have the means. The darker tint on your windows allows less sunlight to enter your vehicle, keeping it cooler. Before you commit to this, though, be sure to check the law for window tinting in your area. Some states don’t allow for much tinting.

Windshield Visor or Sunshade

A windshield visor or sunshade is a relatively inexpensive option for keeping your car cool despite the heat of summer. The windshield visor is an exterior fixture you can attach to your car’s windshield that will block some of the sun from getting in and heating your car up. The sunshade is a shade you can purchase from most department stores or car stores for a relatively low cost and place in your windshield, preventing any sunshine from getting in.

Seat Covers

Like sunshades, seat covers are a relatively inexpensive solution to the problem of the seats getting too hard. We recommend going with a lighter color that won’t attract as much sunlight and heat. This will also prove to be an excellent car tip for proper car care as the seat covers will also help to keep your car seats clean and protected.

keep car cool in summer

Solar-Powered Fan

This is probably the least expensive option on this list. Small solar-powered fans are conveniently available most everywhere, even gas stations. These are typically designed to stick to your dash, collecting energy from the sunlight to power an additional fan to cool you off in the car. Because the fan is solar powered and not powered by your vehicle, it doesn’t waste your gas. They also make models you can slip to your window to cool you down even more effectively.

Other Car Tips and Car Care Advice to Keep Your Car Cool All Summer Long

Ensuring your car is properly maintained is always an important part of car care, regardless of the season. You want to be sure your air conditioner and windows are functioning properly. When you or your mechanic next looks under your hood, check or have them check the following:

  • There’s plenty of coolant – you have to ensure your engine will be kept cool as well.
  • The hoses and belts are strong
  • The radiator is clean and functioning properly
  • The oil is fresh and there’s enough of it

If you can limit the amount of time you spend sitting in traffic in the hot summer sun, it will help keep your engine from overheating.

car tips to keep your car cool in summer

We hope this article was able to help you keep your car cooler in the scorching heat of summer. If you have any other great tips for keeping your car cool or questions for us, leave a comment below and one of Mobile Detailing Pros’ experts will get back to you!

Detailing Tips: How to Protect Your Vehicle in the Summer

mobile detailing pros car care tips

Part of regular car care is learning how to protect your car against the dangers each season threatens to impose on your vehicle. With summer fast approaching, we made this research easier for you with an easy-to-follow guide to protecting your vehicle from the summer.

Keep Your Car in Cool, Shady Areas

In the summer, more than any other time of year, you have to take care to park your car in the shade, if not under a cover. This will help to protect your car from any potential UV damages, overheating, mud baking on your car, and water spots from forming after it rains. Parking under a cover will also help to prevent bird droppings from getting to your car and help to keep it out of the elements.

Get Regular Auto Detailing Services

Part of good car care year-round is auto detailing services. The hot summer sun can work against you, baking dirt, debris, and dead bugs onto the surface of your vehicle, making it extremely difficult to remove and potentially damaging to your finish. Each time you have your car detailed, the trained professionals will thoroughly clean, wax, and dry your vehicle, making it look showroom ready.

Dry Your Car After Rain or Washing

Water spots form so easily in summer because of the heat. If you don’t want to be washing your car constantly, you’ll want to prevent these water spots from forming, you’ll want to ensure you dry your car thoroughly after each wash and rain.

Try to Limit Your Vehicle’s Time in the Heat

It’s pretty easy for your vehicle to overheat. You should make every effort to limit the time your car spends in the heat. Be sure to park in the shade or under a cover, don’t take your vehicle out on long drives on really hot, sunny days, and take care to properly maintain your vehicle’s engine.

mobile auto detailing

Take Advantage of the Convenience of Mobile Detailing Services

Mobile detailing is one of the most convenient ways to maintain proper car care. They’ll come to your home or office and detail your vehicle while you take care of the more important things you have to do. Many of these detailers also detail RVs, motorcycles, trucks, boats, and more. It’s hard to get much more convenient car care than that! Many people are still uncomfortable with the relatively new business model of mobile detailing, but let us assure you that there’s nothing about which to be concerned. Mobile detailing services are every bit as reliable as their traditional counterparts, just more convenient and, oftentimes, more affordable.

Part of proper car care is knowing how to protect your car from the potential dangers each season presents in your area. We’ve talked about taking care of your car in the fall and preparing your vehicle for harsh winters, and now we’ve covered how to maintain your car in the summer! If you follow these easy steps this summer, you’ll ensure your car stays in great condition, protecting your investment and the resale value of your vehicle.

How to Keep Your Vehicle Looking Its Best

shiny car

You invested a lot of money into your vehicle; it’s your pride and joy. You don’t want to let all that go by the wayside just because you’re too busy or too lazy to keep it looking pristine. We’ve made a step-by-step guide that’s easy to follow so you can be proud of how your vehicle looks.

De-Cluttering Your Vehicle

Let’s work our way from the inside out. Many people mistakenly think that the outside of the car is all that matters and all it takes to impress, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Letting your car get into a cluttered state and leaving it like that is bad for your health and mental state, as it keeps your mind in a chaotic state.

car clutter

Make a serious effort to keep your car neat and tidy. Make sure that, bare minimum, you clean it out at the end of each and every week.

Regularly Wash and Polish Your Vehicle

Believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to wash your car. You’ll need to thoroughly wash your vehicle with soap and a microfiber cloth. Be sure you remove all soap and debris so as to not leave water spots or risk damaging the paint and/or finish.

regularly clean car

Waxing and polishing your car once you’ve finished washing it is essential to protecting your paint, finish, and the hard work you did washing it. If this effort is a bit much for you, you could always have your vehicle professionally detailed. Mobile Detailing Pros will even conveniently detail your car for you at your home, place of business, or other specified location.

Keep Up with Vehicle Repairs

Repairs are a necessary evil of owning a car. The need for a repair doesn’t always come at the most opportune time, but putting repairs off could cause a worse problem that’s far more costly to repair, cause premature rusting,  and could shorten the life of your vehicle. It’s always far better to deal with the repairs sooner rather than later.

make mobile detailing appointment

Keep Necessities in Your Car

This tip is less about the appearance of your vehicle and more of a rule of thumb to follow. You never want to find yourself in a disaster unprepared. You should always keep the following items in your vehicle in case of an emergency:

  • Blanket
  • First Aid Kit
  • Jumper Cables
  • Car Jack
  • Spare Tire
  • Vehicle Manual
  • Umbrella

How to Protect Your Car from Chicago Rains

rainy chicago

If there’s one thing you can count on in Chicago, it’s the rain. Rain can be harsh on your vehicle’s finish. With regular vehicle detailing and taking the proper precautions, you can combat the effects of the Chicago rains. Most cars have an anti-corrosion treatment applied to their vehicles as part of the standard package, but there are still many car manufacturers that don’t offer it as a standard, leaving your vehicle unprotected.

car in chicago rain

Contaminants in the rainwater and mud can cause damage to your vehicle’s paint and finish. Over time, if you don’t take the proper precautions or have a regular vehicle detailing, these things can start to form a thick layer that could lead to deterioration of your paint and finish. In this article, we’re going to help you combat the Chicago rain and protect your vehicle.

Apply a Protective Layer of Wax

Applying a nice coat of wax to your vehicle will prevent the Chicago rain from coming into contact with your vehicle’s paint and will help to prevent against rust as it’ll fill in any scratches. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of doing this yourself, most Chicago vehicle detailing places will apply wax after detailing your vehicle.

Cover Your Vehicle When Parking Outdoors

Many car owners make the mistake of thinking that a cover is just a waste of money. Covering your vehicle is essential to protecting it against the elements. It will help to keep the water out and let humid air escape so the car stays dry.

cover car for chicago rain

This prevents spot formation which happens when the water dries and can be damaging to your paint. It also helps to keep small debris from scratching the paint and prevents the paint from fading due to the sun.

Adding Rain Guards and Window Visors to Your Vehicle

Similar to a bill on a cap, rain guards and visors attach to the top of your windows and protrude outwards. They prevent mist from forming on the window, allow you to open the window slightly without rain coming in, provides shade, and keeps too much wind from getting into the cabin when the windows are open.

Regular Vehicle Detailing in Chicago

An important step to protecting your vehicle from being damaged by the Chicago rain is by having your vehicle detailed regularly. Rainwater left to dry on a vehicle can create spots that cause damage to the paint. Regular, high-quality vehicle detailing services can help you get rid of those spots and keep your paint looking pristine.

San Antonia automotive detailing services


Combatting the damages from the seemingly-constant Chicago rains can be difficult for car owners, but not impossible. If you follow our guide, you’ll protect your car from the elements and prolong its beauty.