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Protecting Your Motorcycle from Rain

Your motorcycle is precious; you want to take the best care of it you possibly can. Battling rains and especially heavy rains can be difficult. Sure, you can keep it covered when you’re at home, but what if it starts to rain while you’re out or, worse, while you’re riding?! You can’t control the weather, but there’s quite a few things you can do to protect your motorcycle from damage when it’s exposed to rain.

Keep Your Motorcycle Covered When It’s Not in Use

First and foremost, let’s get the obvious out of the way: always keep your motorcycle covered when you’re not out riding it. This can be done with a tarp, a motorcycle cover, or by parking in a covered location like a carport or garage. However, if you have a carport, we recommend using a tarp or cover in addition to parking there, as heavy winds can cause the rain to blow into the carport, putting your bike at risk.

Don’t Leave Water on Your Motorcycle

You never want to leave water on the surface of your vehicle, be it your car, motorcycle, or boat. Using a microfiber cloth, dry your motorcycle as completely as possible. This will help to minimize water streaks, damage, and to keep the paint from chipping.

Avoid Riding in Rain Whenever Possible

We understand that sometimes you simply can’t avoid rain sneaking up on you, but whenever possible you should refrain from riding in the rain. It’s crucial that you keep your rides in the rain to an absolute minimum to protect your vehicle. This will also keep you safer.

If it does happen to rain while you’re out and about, dry your motorcycle thoroughly with a microfiber cloth once parked in a covered area. Due to limited visibility and hazardous road conditions, riding a motorcycle in the rain is extremely dangerous and unwise.

Products to Help Protect Your Motorcycle from the Rain

There are several products you can purchase that can provide increased protection for your motorcycle when it comes to rain. Scottoiler 365 and ACF-50 are great options that can help protect your motorcycle from corrosion and can even help to displace moisture.

Not all products are safe for all parts of your motorcycle, so read the instructions on each and every product carefully before applying anything.

Get Regular Mobile Detailing Services

You should already be having your motorcycle professionally detailed regularly. However, it’s even more crucial for you to have a full service detailing job done on your motorcycle after it’s been exposed to rain. Washing it is also a good option, but nothing compares to the quality of a professional full service motorcycle detailing.

Don’t have the time to take it in? Call Mobile Detailing Pros or visit our website to schedule a mobile detailing appointment today. Our expert detailing technicians will come to the location of your choosing and provide high-quality professional motorcycle detailing services at an affordable price.

Taking care of your motorcycle is absolutely crucial if you want to protect your investment or hold onto it for any length of time. Letting it get exposed to the rain might be causing more damage than you realized. We hope this article helped to provide you with some options for caring for your motorcycle when it does happen to get caught in a rain storm.

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