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Protect Your Car in the Summer

Summer is upon us and that means you have to change up your regular car care routine. Summer means excessive heat, long hours in the sun, and more time traveling and driving on hot roads. You need to detail your car more frequently, be careful where you store it, and take extra steps to avoid summer damage to your vehicle. In this article, you’ll find a few helpful tips to protect your car this summer!

Store Your Vehicle in Covered Areas

In the summer, its especially crucial to keep your car shaded. If you don’t have a covered space to park it in, always park in the shade, even if you use a fabric car cover, as if they’re dark in color they can attract more heat. Direct sunlight as well as heat can damage your vehicles exterior, make it too hot to enter, and damage your interior too.

Increase Your Car Detailing Routine

You should always make sure to detail your car more frequently in the hot summer months, as the debris baking on the side of the car, making it nearly impossible to clean and potentially even damaging your finish. Every time you get your car professionally detailed, the expert technicians thoroughly clean, wax, and dry your vehicle to get it showroom ready once again. Not only is this far more convenient than trying to attempt car detailing yourself, but it’s also far safer!

Make Sure You Fully Dry Your Car When It Gets Wet

Be it from an afternoon shower or a car wash, you always want to make sure that you fully dry your vehicle off after it gets wet, as water spots form extremely easily in the summer due to the heat. If you don’t want to be fighting the constant wash-car-create-sunspots-wash-car-again routine, you’ll want to make sure you dry your car thoroughly after each and every wash and rain.

Limit Your Vehicle’s Time in the Heat

Did you know that it’s far more likely for your vehicle to overheat in the summer? Keeping your car out of the sun isn’t the only risk of summer; you also need to keep your car out of the heat as much as possible. Avoid long drives on hot days, be sure to park in the shade or use a cover, and take care to keep your vehicle’s engine maintained properly.

Utilize Mobile Detailing Services

The most important thing to remember when it comes to keeping your vehicle safe in the summer is vehicle detailing. Regular auto detailing services will keep trained, expert eyes on your vehicle, keep it clean and functioning, and help to prevent damage to your finish by keeping it showroom ready. Mobile detailing is one of the most convenient ways to keep a regular detailing schedule. You’ll receive high-quality service at the location of your choosing at a reasonable price. To schedule mobile detailing services with Mobile Detailing Pros, give us a call or visit our website today.

Caring for your vehicle in the summer is a little different than caring from it all year round. However, if you make sure to follow these helpful tips, you can avoid damage to the look and function of your vehicle that can be caused by heat, exposure to the sun, and running your car for long periods of time in the heat. For more helpful vehicle care tips, subscribe to Mobile Detailing Pros’ blog.

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