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How to Protect Your Car from Chicago Rains

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If there’s one thing you can count on in Chicago, it’s the rain. Rain can be harsh on your vehicle’s finish. With regular vehicle detailing and taking the proper precautions, you can combat the effects of the Chicago rains. Most cars have an anti-corrosion treatment applied to their vehicles as part of the standard package, but there are still many car manufacturers that don’t offer it as a standard, leaving your vehicle unprotected.

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Contaminants in the rainwater and mud can cause damage to your vehicle’s paint and finish. Over time, if you don’t take the proper precautions or have a regular vehicle detailing, these things can start to form a thick layer that could lead to deterioration of your paint and finish. In this article, we’re going to help you combat the Chicago rain and protect your vehicle.

Apply a Protective Layer of Wax

Applying a nice coat of wax to your vehicle will prevent the Chicago rain from coming into contact with your vehicle’s paint and will help to prevent against rust as it’ll fill in any scratches. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of doing this yourself, most Chicago vehicle detailing places will apply wax after detailing your vehicle.

Cover Your Vehicle When Parking Outdoors

Many car owners make the mistake of thinking that a cover is just a waste of money. Covering your vehicle is essential to protecting it against the elements. It will help to keep the water out and let humid air escape so the car stays dry.

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This prevents spot formation which happens when the water dries and can be damaging to your paint. It also helps to keep small debris from scratching the paint and prevents the paint from fading due to the sun.

Adding Rain Guards and Window Visors to Your Vehicle

Similar to a bill on a cap, rain guards and visors attach to the top of your windows and protrude outwards. They prevent mist from forming on the window, allow you to open the window slightly without rain coming in, provides shade, and keeps too much wind from getting into the cabin when the windows are open.

Regular Vehicle Detailing in Chicago

An important step to protecting your vehicle from being damaged by the Chicago rain is by having your vehicle detailed regularly. Rainwater left to dry on a vehicle can create spots that cause damage to the paint. Regular, high-quality vehicle detailing services can help you get rid of those spots and keep your paint looking pristine.

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Combatting the damages from the seemingly-constant Chicago rains can be difficult for car owners, but not impossible. If you follow our guide, you’ll protect your car from the elements and prolong its beauty.

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