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Prepare Your RV for Summer Vacation: The Complete Checklist

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Whether you’re getting a late start to a summer getaway in your RV or creating a reliable checklist to work through when the next RV season begins, creating a thorough and reliable to-do list before setting out for an enjoyable summer can save you a lot of time and effort. We have compiled here the complete checklist you will need to run through to make sure you’re RV is ready for your next big trip (after some quality RV detailing work of course!)


You will want to have checking your batteries early on your list because mishandling them later when you are tired could potentially be dangerous. Whether you’ve removed your batteries before winter or you’ve left them in the RV, you’ll want to make sure they are sufficiently charged and have appropriate water levels. Never assume your batteries will be charged and ready because they were fine the last time you used your RV; batteries will lose charge over time if they aren’t used.


After battery maintenance, a good task to have on your RV checklist is an overall inspection for small damages and cracks. This includes searching for obvious dents, scratches, and broken parts. It also means taking the time to check your RV’s seams. You’ll want to look for any separation on your RV, and don’t forget to check the roof. If you find any seams that need resealing, make sure you use products appropriate for that part of your RV as this will ensure the damage does not quickly recur and the fix lasts. If you don’t find any damage, that’s great, and you can consider getting professional RV detailing work done to help further protect your RV from the elements. 

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Water Tank Maintenance

Considering how important your water tank is when traveling in an RV, you will want to take your time preparing it for your next trips. All RV owners will want to flush their water tank and check their water system for leaks.

Flush the system

Even if you haven’t added any form of antifreeze to your water system, you want to flush the system to have clean, healthy water to use. Simply connect an external water source to your RV and run the water through your entire water system. With clean water in the pump, you’ll then want to turn on your faucets and wait for the running water to become clear. Make sure to flush your water heater tank and any hoses as well. Once all of this is finished, you can replace your water filter if you use one.

Check for leaks

When your system is flushed and your water is ready to be used, you have the perfect opportunity to check for leaks in the system. To check for leaks simply turn on your water pump and let it run until your water is pressurized and then check around sinks, toilets, and other compartments for signs of any water leakage.

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The tires of your RV keep you moving, so you want to thoroughly inspect them before you hit the road. Just like batteries losing charge, tires will lose pressure over time whether or not they see use, so make sure each tire is topped off at its recommended PSI. If you notice any sort of damage or unfamiliar wearing, get your tires seen by a professional or replace them before going out on any trips. This can make the difference between becoming stranded in the middle of an adventure or having a worry-free time. If you happen to notice that your tires need replacing, consider it a good opportunity to get some mobile RV detailing work done, so you don’t lose any preparation time as you get ready to get on the road.

Engine & other highlights

Naturally, you can’t forget about the most essential parts of your RV such as the engine, generator, and propane tanks. These necessities keep your RV moving and comfortable while you’re out and about. Here’s a short list of essentials to double-check before heading out:

  • All your fluids from transmission to windshield washer fluids
  • All your gauges for accurate readings
  • Lights on all parts of the RV
  • Registration, insurance, and other documentation
  • Oil levels of generator & generator function
  • Propane tank connections, valves, firing operations, and expiration dates

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Safety Equipment

Last but certainly not least, you will want to double and triple check all of your emergency resources. Replace or recharge the batteries in your smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, and gas leak detectors. Also, make sure you know where your first aid kit and fire extinguishers are and that they are adequately prepared for use in case of an emergency.

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Bonus Tip: RV Detailing

A final bonus tip: anyone who loves their RV and wants it ready to endure a summer trip should consider getting high-quality RV detailing work done with the professionals at MDP. RV’s require a lot of love, attention, and work, so if you leave the care of your RV’s detailing work to us, then you can focus on running through this handy checklist to prepare for a worry-free trip!

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