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Prep Your Motor Home for Fall

Summer might be coming to an end, but there’s no reason the camping season has to. There are a ton of great reasons to take one (or more!) RV trips during the cooler months. Fall can be a great time to get out and watch the leaves change color, do some fall fishing, or get in a few hikes without worrying about sunburn. Best of all, it can be much easier to find inexpensive reservations.

Whether you’re getting ready for a fall RV trip or preparing to winter your motor home, look no further for the steps you need to take care of your camper!

Prepping for Fall Camping

With kids back at school and most people’s summer vacations finished, there’s no better time to take an RV trip to beat the crowds. But before you’re ready to hit the road, you’ll have to make sure your motor home is in top condition to get through a cool weather trip. Here’s our checklist of the most important things to check before leaving home for cold-weather camping.

Inspect the RV Batteries

After a long summer of use, it’s important to check the state of the RV batteries so you don’t end up stranded. Ensure that all the connections are mounted securely and clean the connection with baking soda and water if needed. If you have lead-acid batteries, also make sure you check the electrolyte levels in each cell and add distilled water if it’s low. Always check the electrolyte level on the RV at least once a week.

It’s also a good idea to check the charge of the battery periodically, and charge any batteries below 80%.

Test Automotive Antifreeze

The cooling system plays two very important roles to keep your motor home running. In the summer it cools the engine and keeps it from overheating in the summer, but a mixture of 50%-70% concentrated antifreeze to water will also keep the engine from freezing solid in the cold months. To ensure the proper concentration you can use test strips, a float type hydrometer, or a refractometer.

While you’re there it’s a good idea to also inspect all the coolant hoses for damage or leaks. Check for wear, cracks, soft sports, brittle places, or signs of leaks. Don’t forget to check that the hose clamps are secure!

Check the RV Air Furnace

If you mainly use your motorhome in the summer, you might be used to overlooking the forced air furnace. Most services for the furnace need to be performed by a reputable RV service center, but there are a few things you can do to prepare it for service and keep it running right between services. Keeping the battery charged alone can help prevent furnace problems. You can also inspect any ducting above floor level to make sure there are no obstacles in the way or crushed ducts. Make sure you have any fuel you need as well.

Inspect and Test Safety Devices

Just like in your home, you should always make sure your safety devices are operational and have good batteries. Test CO2 detectors, liquid propane gas detectors, and smoke detectors regularly. Always make sure to keep a charged fire extinguisher on hand as well.

Double-Check Tire Pressure, Brakes, and Towing Gear

Temperature drops can result in slippery roads and, if your motorhome isn’t properly maintained, freezing components. Inflated tires and fully functional trailer brakes and hitches will make driving in cold weather that much safer. If road conditions are bad enough that driving feels unsafe, always pull over and stop until conditions are improved or the roads are treated.

Understand your RV’s Water System

If your camping adventure extends into the winter months or there’s a chance you may experience a hard freeze while on the road, you need to know how to protect the RV’s water systems. You or someone on your crew should know how to disconnect water lines from tanks and drain them to make sure the pipes don’t freeze and cause damage to waste and water systems.

Prepping for Winter Storage

In addition to standard yearly or twice-yearly maintenance on your RV, there are a few things you can do specifically to prepare systems for cold weather.

Add Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel stabilizers add corrosion inhibitors to the tank, remove water, and clean the fuel. This helps protect the engine from stale fuel and damage to the lines. You can find fuel stabilizer for either gasoline or diesel.

Clean and Reseal the Roof of your Motorhome

While not specific to winter maintenance, cleaning and resealing the roof before retiring the RV for the winter is a good idea. Making sure to be careful not to slip while on the roof, clean everything off with a solution approved for whatever material your roof is made out of. Once the roof is clean, inspect all sealants for damage or dry rot and make repairs as necessary.

Winterize the Motorhome

Don’t forget to winterize the plumbing system for your motorhome for the winter so the pipes don’t freeze!

Want a professional to help prepare your motorhome for winter or for your next fall adventure? Mobile Detailing Pros can help with all your detailing and maintenance needs without you ever needing to leave your home.

Preparing your motorhome for fall can be tricky, but it’s important to the longevity of the vehicle. Still need help beyond our guide? Give us a call or visit our webpage today!

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