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Philadelphia Experts Share Detailing Tips & Tricks

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Having your car detailed regularly is an important part of car maintenance. It keeps your car looking pristine and new, while also helping to protect against scratches or grime build-up. You can choose to detail your car yourself or pay a professional to do it. If you decide on the do-it-yourself route, there’s a few things you might need to know before you launch into the task. Our professionals from the Philadelphia Mobile Detailing Pros are here to help. In this guide, we’ll provide you with some of the secret tips and tricks the professionals use to handle even your most difficult car detailing needs.

The Magic of Vinegar and Dawn with Auto Detailing

One of the best kept secrets in the professional world of car detailing is the magic of the solution that is a combination of Dawn dish soap and vinegar. Many auto detailing places in Philadelphia even keep this solution loaded in a sprayer because it is just so useful to get those difficult spots off of your vehicle, solving the most difficult of your auto detailing problems.

dawn dish soap and vinegar auto detailing trick

This solution can remove caked on paper from working at a paper mill, blood and guts that’s been built up from road kill or hunting, and so much more. Some of the most difficult things to get out in the detailing process can be removed with the help of this solution.

Removing the Smell of Cigarette Smoke in Philadelphia

One of the most difficult challenges detailers face with the interior part of the process is removing the smell of a smoker. The more frequently you smoke in your car and the longer it’s been since you’ve neutralized the smell, the harder it is to remove it. Products like Dakota Non-Smoke, used as directed, can help give you the added help you need to finally get that scent out. Changing the air filter in your car after using the spray will help to keep the smell gone until someone smokes in the vehicle again.

Always, Always, Always Rinse Your Car First

Many people think pre-rinsing their car before beginning the auto detailing process is just a suggestion, but it’s crucial to successfully detailing your car.

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When you don’t rinse off your car before detailing it, you scrub the debris and grime that’s been left on the surface all over your vehicle, risking scratches or further damages to your car’s exterior. Rinse your car thoroughly, or ensure your Philadelphia auto detailers do it for you, before the detailing process begins.

Long-Bristled Artist’s Brushes Can Be Vital Tools

You may not think that a simple, long-bristled artist’s paint brush would have much use in the auto detailing process, but, on the contrary, it can come in quite handy. This simple, cheap little tool can be used to brush out the air vents in your car. These tiny little dust collectors (the air vents) are nearly impossible to clean because of their shape, but the flexible brush effectively gets into those hard to reach places to give the vent a proper dusting. Make sure to put a little furniture polish on the brush before dusting out the air vent to ensure you get all dust out and have it nice and clean.

paint brush to dust air vent

Detailing your car is a crucial part of car maintenance, but it can be difficult to handle on your own. Our experts from Philadelphia weighed in to help you out with several secret tips and tricks of the trade that they use to handle even the most perplexing of detailing problems. With our help, you’ll have your car looking brand new in no time.

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