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Mobile Detailing Tips: Resist Going to Drive-Thru Car Washes

Drive-thru car washes are convenient and cheap. If all you want is an inexpensive way of getting the most apparent dirt off of the car, it may be tempting to make a quick stop at the car wash, especially with the dangers of COVID-19.

But while the drive-thru might save you time and money at the time, the damage it can cause your car can actually cost you more in the long run. In this article, we’ll explain why you should resist the urge to go thru the cheaper, drive-thru car washes and, instead, stick with no-contact service from mobile detailing experts.

The True Cost of Drive-Thru Car Washes

Drive-thru car washes often rely on quickly rotating brushes or mitter curtains to rub dirt from the surface of your car. This is, firstly, far less effective than mobile detailing, which thoroughly removes all grime from the interior and exterior of your car. While this may at first seem fine if all you want is to quickly rinse the pollen off your car, drive-thru car washes can actually cause damage to your vehicle that can be surprisingly expensive in the long run.

The friction of the cleaning machines alone is enough to wear down the clear coat of your car and cause whorls and chips in your paint job over time. Not only that, but debris from all cars that have gone through the wash remains lodged in the cleaning components. As your car is washed, dirt and grime get dragged across its surface at high speed, leaving scratches and chips. While some scratches and dings are part of regular wear to your car, those that come from drive-thru car washes add extra unnecessary damage to your car.

Long-Term Consequences

While your car may appear mostly clean from a distance, the scratches, chips, and whorls from the drive-thru wash can cause expensive problems down the road. The most apparent problem is that your car simply won’t look as good. This makes your car seem older and can harm the resale value.

A vehicle’s paint job is not merely of aesthetic importance, though. A well-maintained paint job and clear coat actually protect the metal body from oxidation and corrosion. In order to maintain the protective paintwork and clear coat on your car, it will soon become necessary to have the entire vehicle repainted. New paintwork can cost several hundred dollars, but the cost of allowing the car’s body to rust can be even higher.

The Solution: Mobile Detailing

The best way to keep your car clean and maintained is to get it detailed, and mobile detailing makes caring for your vehicle more convenient and affordable than ever. Mobile detailing safely cleans all grime from the interior and exterior of your car, removes whorls from the clear coat, and tends to minor imperfections in the paintwork. Best of all, mobile detailing services come wherever you are

Mobile Detailing and COVID-19

You shouldn’t have to choose between necessary car maintenance and your health. Mobile Detailing Pros adheres strictly to CDC sanitation guidelines to ensure a safe and satisfying no-contact experience, making it easy to practice social distancing and help prevent the spread of COVID.

Ready to give the safe, convenient, and affordable option of mobile detailing a try? Schedule your appointment with Mobile Detailing Pros today!

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