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Mobile Detailing Tips: Polishing Chrome and Aluminum

Mobile detailing is a great convenience to car owners. This service allows you to have a professional detailing job handled by experts without ever having to leave your home or office. We wanted to provide you with a look into some of our professional mobile detailing tricks for maintaining proper car care and a pristine look.

polishing chrome and aluminum

In today’s installment, we’ll walk you through the process of polishing chrome and aluminum to keep every part of your car looking brand new.

Step 1: Remove Loose Dirt, Dust, and Grime from the Surface

Most mobile detailing operations save the chrome and aluminum parts for last because of this tedious process. Rinse and scrub the chrome and aluminum surfaces thoroughly to ensure you have removed all loose dirt, dust, and grime from the surface.

Step 2: Apply Chrome and Aluminum Polish to the Trim and Details

Using a microfiber cloth, apply a thin coat of chrome and aluminum polish to the trim and details once you’re absolutely sure you’ve removed all loose grime, dust, and dirt. Working in small sections, use straight, long strokes for the best results from the polish.

mobile detailing tips for chrome and aluminum

Switching to a clean microfiber cloth or folding in the side of the cloth you were using, revealing a clean surface, polish the metal thoroughly using the product you applied, buffing the surface thoroughly. Once you’ve thoroughly buffed out all of the product, your trim will be shiny and have a mirror-like quality.

Polishing Chrome Rims

Chrome rims require a little more care and attention during the mobile detailing process than other chrome and aluminum details. You should always rinse your rims thoroughly before polishing, being careful to remove any and all abrasive metal shavings and dust from brake pads. Check to ensure all debris is removed by gently and carefully wiping the surface with a clean cloth. Using a brush, clean around the lug nuts and inside all cavities to ensure they, too are free of debris.

Using the same method detailed in Step 2, polish and buff the rims thoroughly with a soft microfiber cloth.

Why Mobile Detailing Matters to Proper Car Care

Many people mistakenly view detailing services as a luxury and an unnecessary expense. Detailing is an essential part of proper car care, ensuring your car both looks and function its best. Simply washing your car won’t provide the quality of detailing you require to protect your vehicle’s paint.

mobile detailing important

Mobile detailing allows you to get that protection from more affordable, high-quality detailing in a more convenient way. We’ll come to your home or office so you won’t have to adjust your schedule to keep up with proper car care.

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