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Mobile Detailing Tips: Necessary Steps Between Detailing Jobs

If you’re reading this Mobile Detailing Tip, then it’s clear that you care about keeping your vehicle in its best condition year-round. Yet with COVID-19 making personal interaction with others risky, we understand that you want to make your mobile detailing work last as long as possible, so this guide offers crucial tips for keeping your vehicle in its best condition between detailing services. 

Wiping Down Frequently

Always keep a microfiber cloth in your car! They are essential for proper cleaning and reducing damage done to your car and mobile detailing work. Having one in your car will ensure that no matter where you are, you are able to wipe your car down after rain or any contact with water. You want to do this in order to remove water droplets which could create water spots and damage the paint on your car. Just make sure that you’ve removed the dirt and grime from your vehicle before rubbing it with a cloth as you don’t want to get scratches!

Regular Rinsing

While it’s good to remove water that comes in contact with your car, you still want to rinse or wash your car down at least once a week. The dirtier your car gets from day to day use, the more frequently you may need to rinse it off or clean it between mobile detailing jobs. However, if you have a wax coat or sealant that does not require washing, do not use soap and just rinse your vehicle off with water in order to remove dirt and grime. We recommend making this rinsing a part of a regular schedule, and it’s a good idea to get it done when you do other things in your vehicle like restock hand sanitizer and wipes that help protect you from COVID. 

Removing More Than Grime

When thinking about how soon you should wash or rinse down your car, you want to take into account things like bug guts and bird poop. The longer something like bird poop is left on your car, the harder it becomes to clean, so after a few days a simple rinsing may not do the job well. These should be removed as quickly as possible as not only can this degrade your mobile detailing work, but it can also seriously damage your car’s paint.


You also want to think about how to protect your mobile detailing work when you’re not near your vehicle. The best way to do this is to store your vehicle in a covered area or under a protective tarp. This will limit your vehicle’s exposure to the elements and reduce the amount of time it spends directly in the sunlight.

Consistent Detailing

The last tip for preserving your mobile detailing work is to not push the time between detailing services too far. Just like other maintenance for your vehicle, getting serviced regularly and on schedule is key to maintaining the value and shine of your vehicle. 

Whether you’re just looking to make your mobile detailing work last longer or maintain social distancing for as long as possible, following our tips here will help you preserve the quality of your detailing services. Always remember to:

  1. Wipe down all water.
  2. Rinse or wash regularly.
  3. Quickly address unwanted substances on your exterior.
  4. Get detailing done as close to on schedule as you can!

Do you take any other steps between your detailing jobs? Let us know below!

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