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Mobile Detailing Tips: Classic Cars

Having a classic car, while great for the bragging rights, is a lot of work and responsibility. You can’t just take it to any mechanic or a drive-thru car wash. You have to protect your investment and preserve your little slice of history. This means you need to protect your vehicle through washes, work, and from the elements. Today, we’re going to focus on protecting your classic car during a wash with some tips and tricks.

Consider Professional Classic Car Detailing

First and foremost, let’s start with the fact that we don’t recommend you take on the task of washing your classic car yourself. There are so many risks and potential damages that can occur through taking on vehicle detailing by yourself, especially when it comes to a classic car. While we will still provide you with some basic protection tips, we do highly recommend that you trust an expert detailing service to handle the care of your classic car.

Mobile detailing services can offer you affordability, convenience, and that expert touch and protection. With a company like Mobile Detailing Pros, you can request an appointment by calling or visiting the website; all you need to do is decide on a location for your vehicle to be detailed! You won’t have to sit and wait in an uncomfortable waiting room; you can simply sit in the comfort of your own home or in your office and not have to miss any work to have your vehicle detailed. When it comes to classic cars, you can never be too careful.

How Often Should You Wash Your Classic Car

Most vehicles are recommended to be washed every week or so, more frequently if the car is used in hazardous/dirty conditions regularly. But, when it comes to a classic car, the rules change a little. If you keep your classic car stored under a cover (be it a carport, garage, or just a fabric cover), you probably won’t need to wash it every week, but rather just a quick touch up when you take the vehicle out, even if it’s being transported rather than driven.

You should take the utmost care when handling your classic car. Do everything you can to protect your vehicle from damages and maintain its condition to prolong its life and its value. Due to this, the absolute best frequency to wash your vehicle is every time it’s out in the open: driven, transported, sitting out exposed to the elements for repairs or a show, every single time. It may sound a little like overkill, but your vehicle is rare, delicate, and expensive. The longer you keep it in excellent care, the more its worth and the longer it will last for the next generation to enjoy.

Tips to Protect Your Classic Car in a Wash

In order to protect your classic car, you should ensure you’re using the right tools and products for the job. You want to be sure you’re only using softer water and gentler soaps, so you don’t risk causing damage to the paint. When it comes to scrubbing, be sure to use something gentle like sheepskin washing mitts or cotton chenille. These softer mitts will prevent leaving marks behind and glide smoother over the surface of your car, making the process go more quickly with less risk.

As we said at the beginning of the article, we can’t recommend enough leaving the care of your classic car in the hands of professionals. There’s far too much risk of irreparable damages that could be caused and then, not only are you out the investment, but you’re out of the piece of history you managed to save and preserve all this time.

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