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Mobile Detailing Tips: Can You Get Your Motorhome Detailed?

Part of owning a motorhome is keeping it in the best shape you can so you can preserve your investment and maintain its resale value. Sure, you can pay a cleaning service to pick up and wash the inside but what about the outside or your deep cleaning needs? This is where detailing services come in!

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Motorhome detailing services can actually help you keep your motorhome in pristine condition. In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How to get your motorhome detailed
  • How to choose the best motorhome detailing service
  • How to keep your motorhome detailing service looking great

Ways to Clean Your Motorhome

There are a couple of different options when it comes to cleaning your motorhome. Any option you choose has its benefits and its downsides, so make sure whatever decision you make, it’s an informed one.

DIY Motorhome Detailing

The first option for motor home detailing is to detail your motorhome yourself. This can be tricky and risky, but it’s definitely doable.

Risks: you could mess up and danger something important, the motorhome might not be as clean, and it can be difficult and time-consuming.

Rewards: it’s cheaper, rewarding, you’ll learn a new skill, and you only have to get over the learning curve once.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Another option is combine DIY and professional services by washing the exterior yourself and hiring a cleaning service to handle the interior.

Risks: it could be difficult to find a cleaning service that cleans motorhomes, the same hazards that come along with DIY detailing, and the cleaning service may not know anything about proper vehicle care.

Rewards: the interior will be cleaner than if you did if yourself and it can save you time.

Hire a Motorhome Detailing Service

Finally, you can pay motor home detailing professionals to handle the whole job for you. Depending on the detailers you choose, prices and quality of service can vary, in some cases dramatically.

Detailing Services Offered by the Dealership

This is likely the most costly option for professional motorhome detailing and probably the least convenient. Dealerships overcharge for most of their services and it can be hard to get an appointment with them.

Risks: this option is expensive and inconvenient

Rewards: you’re likely familiar with these experts, as you bought your vehicle from them

Traditional Motorhome Detailing Services

More convenient and less costly than the dealership is traditional motorhome detailing services. These are physical locations that offer only detailing services (not mechanics) and only at their location. While they are cheaper than the dealership, they’re still more costly and less convenient than mobile detailing services.

Risks: this option tends to be costly, inconvenient, and it can be hard to find a location that will detail motorhomes

Rewards: the motorhome detailing technicians are experts and they come at a cheaper price than the dealership

Mobile Motorhome Detailing Services

The cheapest and most convenient option by far is mobile motorhome detailing services. Mobile Detailing Pros offers convenient detailing services for a wide range of vehicles (including RVs, motorhomes, and boats) in the most convenient location possible: wherever you are. They travel to you and detail your vehicle for you at an unbeatable price. Plus, if they detail more than one vehicle (of yours or your neighbors), you can get a discounted price! They’re expert detailers are located all over the US.

Risks: you decide location – plan accordingly

Rewards: it’s convenient, affordable, and their technicians are motorhome experts.

Choosing the Best Motorhome Detailing Services

Choosing the best of these options and the best motorhome detailing service for you can be a process, but we’re to guide you through it. It’ll take research and budget planning, but it’ll be well worth the effort.

1) Researching DIY and Motorhome Detailing

If you’re considering any DIY options, you need to research what all that will take. DIY motorhome detailing is no easy feat. You want to know fully what it takes before you start. You may change your mind.

2) Researching Local Motorhome Detailing Services

When it comes to finding the right motorhome detailing service for you, it takes as much self-reflection as it does research. You need to know what services you want, what your deal breakers are, and your criteria for the right business. This will require research into the motorhome detailing service, the services they offer, the prices they charge, and their reputation in the community.

3) Making the Decision

Limit your list down to your top three options and compare. You might find a pro/con list to be useful in this effort. Choose the motorhome detailing services that most closely meets your needs. Lastly, check reviews for the company you chose as well as your other top two; a lot of motorhome detailing services can look really great on paper, but not live up to the hype at all.

If you’d like to book convenient mobile motorhome detailing services or you want to ask our expert detailers any questions about our motorhome detailing services, visit or call (800) 557-5134.

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