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Mobile Detailing Explained Simply

We’ve heard many people asking lately: “What exactly is mobile detailing? And how is it any different from the traditional auto detailing services? Do you even need auto detailing?”

We’re here to provide answers for these questions once and for all.

We’ve sat down and talked with customers and experts to determine what you need to know about mobile detailing and to find the simplest way to explain it.

So what is mobile detailing?

Mobile detailing is not as complicated as it sounds.

On the surface, the term “mobile detailing” just refers to an auto detailing company that does not operate out of a garage or storefront, but rather in parking lots, at the customer’s home, or something like that.

All detailing operations have their own unique policies and packages that they offer, though they can be similar to each other. Some operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but others don’t. Some even rent a building to offer detailing services at very limited hours.

You’ll have to do a little research to know what the specific company you’re looking at offers.

How does auto detailing work?

Auto detailing, both traditional and mobile, involves trained technicians deep cleaning the exterior and potentially interior of your vehicle in an effort to make it look showroom-ready.

They often apply waxes or sealants to your vehicle so their hard work will last longer and protect the surface of your vehicle.

Exterior detailing alone is usually cheaper and faster, while the combo exterior/interior package will cost you a little more time and money, but the results are worth it.

How is mobile detailing different?

Mobile detailing, unlike traditional detailing, is all about the convenience. Many of detailing services, like Mobile Detailing Pros, will come to your specified location and detail the vehicle there.

This means you won’t have to get out of work to take your car to be detailed, you won’t even need to leave your office; we’ll detail your car for you in the parking lot.

You won’t have to find a babysitter, we’ll come to your house and detail your car while you spend quality time with your family inside. We’re all about getting you the detailing services you require in the most convenient way possible.

Why does my car need to be detailed at all? Can’t I just wash it myself?

The long and short of it is this: no you can’t.

Sure, you can do some level of washing at home but it pales in comparison to what the detailing companies can do for you and for your vehicle.

Washing it yourself can result in using the wrong chemicals, sprayers, water, process, or towels, leading to damages in the appearance of your vehicle and maybe even in its structure.

Auto detailing services may seem like a lot, but trust us, they’re worth it.

How do I find quality mobile detailing services?

So you’ve made the decision to give mobile detailing a shot, but who do you trust?

Sure, a simple Google search will provide you with all the mobile detailing services provided in your area, but it won’t tell you the best one to choose.

First, we recommend finding out if you live within Mobile Detailing Pros huge service area. We provide excellent, trustworthy service with no hassle guaranteed. You can make your appointment here or giving us a call at 800-557-5134.

If you don’t, we recommend checking out this handy blog post, which will provide you with a simple guide to picking a mobile detailing company you can trust.

Need further explanation? Comment your question below and our expert detailers will get back to you!

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