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Keep Your Motor Home Looking Great on Vacation

It’s always a good idea to start every new RV vacation with a clean and fresh motorhome. It will not only feel better to live in, but also hold up better with regular cleaning. But what do you do when you’re on a long vacation and your motorhome starts to look dingy? Keep reading for some of the easiest ways to keep your motorhome looking great while you’re on vacation.

Be Careful About Where You Park

One of the easiest ways to keep your RV clean while you’re on vacation is to keep it from getting dirty whenever possible! If you can, avoid parking under trees in the spring and early summer, when they’re most likely to drip difficult-to-remove sap on your motorhome. It might not always be possible, but if you can avoid sap drips it will save you a lot of time and energy cleaning the roof.

Maintain the Wax and Gelcoat

Keeping the wax and gelcoat maintained with regular motorhome detailing is an important preventative measure that can help you save valuable time scrubbing away dirt while on vacation. These protective outer coatings help keep dirt from bonding to the surface of your RV, making it easier to wash away.

Rinse Whenever Possible

It’s understandable to not want to spend a lot of time cleaning your motorhome when you’re in the middle of your vacation, no matter how long that vacation might be. It can be a pain to remember to pack all of the cleaning equipment you need and stop relaxing to give your RV a thorough detailing job. Luckily, giving your motorhome a quick rinse whenever possible is a quick and easy way to keep your home away from home looking great.

A lot of campgrounds you can stay at will have water hookups for you to use. You can stow an expandable hose in any nook or cranny of your RV to ensure that you always have it on you, and whenever you have access to a freshwater hookup it’s simple enough to pull the hose out and spray off any dust from the road. If you want to go the extra mile you can even purchase a high-pressure attachment that can fit over a standard hose nozzle. You can find these attachments for under $20, and they go a long way to helping wash away some more stubborn mud and grime.

Consider a Truck Wash

For times when your RV has collected a lot of extra mud, tar, and difficult-to-clean debris, you might want to consider a truck wash for a bit of extra cleaning power. If you’ve never heard of a truck wash before, it’s essentially the same idea as a full-service drive through carwash, just super-sized for RVs and tractor trailers. You can find truck washes all along major highways and you can usually get a quick and easy wash starting at around $50 when you’re in a hurry.

Keeping your RV clean while on the road can be a challenge, especially if your adventures bring you off the beaten path. Understandably, you want to enjoy your vacation instead of constantly worrying about cleaning. We hope that some of these tips will help you keep your home away from home clean with less hassle, so you can get back to the best parts of your vacation.

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