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Interior Detailing Tips: A Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning the Interior of Your RV

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Whether you’re getting ready to start your RV journeys over the summer or just getting home from great times out on the road, you should be thinking about the cleaning you need to do before heading out or now that you’re home! Our RV guide for interior detailing will provide you with all the most important steps to keep in mind as you start your RV detailing work! 


The floors of your RV can be one of the hardest parts of your interior detailing work. With just a few tips and some good habits, your floors will become much easier to clean and stay clean after all your RV outings. 


To help combat everyday dust and loose dirt build-up, we recommend a small hand vacuum and tried and true broom and dustpan. For hard, flat surfaces a thorough sweeping job with a broom and dustpan will easily get up loose dirt on your floors, and a small hand vacuum will make sure you can get the smaller spaces and hard to reach crevices. 

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Mopping/Deep Cleaning

With your floors dust and debris free, the next step will depend on the material your floor is made of. For vinyl flooring, a no-rinse floor cleaner is a great option. An ammonia and water mixture will help with ceramic tile floors as well. Lastly, a ¼ cup of vinegar mixed with 1 gallon of water will make a great cleaning solution you can mist onto and mop up on laminate floors.


For any carpeted flooring on your RV detailing list, we recommend a thorough vacuuming and steam cleaning after each RV trip – or at least on a regular schedule! Having your carpets professionally steam cleaned might also be a great option if you’re short on time or do not have the equipment necessary for a proper steam cleaning.

For the miscellaneous upholstery and fabrics around your RV, make sure they are washed and dried according to the fabrics they are made of. Drapes and fabrics that can’t be removed should be vacuumed and dusted before your RV detailing work is complete!

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The ceiling on your RV shouldn’t need more than a regular wiping down with the proper cleaning solution every so often. While cleaning this area might not take very long, we still recommend putting it on your RV detailing list to make sure dust and dirt don’t build up over time. It’s also very important to check for discoloration or any signs of water damage, and this is a great opportunity to perform that inspection while you clean! 


The bathroom can be a tricky place to clean in your RV. You want to avoid harsh chemicals that might damage the material, so product choice is key here. You want to know what the surfaces in your RV’s bathroom are made of and choose products made to disinfect and not damage that material. 

For example, you wouldn’t want to use hard brushes on the plastic that most RV shower stalls and tubs are made of because they scratch easily. Disposable rags or microfiber cloths are a great choice to avoid this issue. Another big tip is to think about the order of places you clean. It’s best to clean areas from the top to the bottom in order to avoid spreading germs to places you’ve already sanitized! 


The kitchen can be one of the most complicated places to clean in your RV, so make sure you spend plenty of time planning this section of your RV detailing work. We recommend starting your kitchen cleaning by throwing out any old or unusable products that might be leftover. Taking everything out will also allow you to reorganize your cabinets! 

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The next step in our RV guide for detailing is washing those cabinets thoroughly. If they are veneer cabinets, then make sure you’re using a soft cloth. Wood cabinets will need wood cleaner or a proper polish, and vinyl wrapped cabinets can be cleaned with a mild disinfectant. We meant it when we said this part can be complicated! 

When turning your attention to your countertops and stove, don’t forget the range hood! We recommend soaking it in soap and water as opposed to scrubbing it. After that, make sure to clean the stovetop with a mild soap. For the rest of your counters, use a soft cloth with the appropriate RV cleaner for the material they are made of. 

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And that’s our RV guide for the best interior detailing work you’ll need to get done to make sure your RV is sparkling clean. If you take your RV detailing work one step at a time and think carefully about which products you’ll need, then all your work will be well worth it during the long life of your RV!

We know how important getting your RV detailing done right is, so if we missed something important let us know in the comments, so we can improve our RV guide for interior detailing!

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