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Interior Detailing: Protecting Your Vehicle’s Interior from the Hot Florida Sun

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Summer has barely just begun, but that doesn’t mean Florida hasn’t already been feeling the heat. Temperatures inside of an idle car in Florida can climb to 150 degrees very easily, and this can do significant damage to the interior of your vehicle, so it’s important to know how to best protect your interior detailing in Florida. As a bonus, a lot of these tips will help the look of your car’s exterior too!

Proper Parking

The best way to protect your interior detailing in Florida is to simply keep your vehicle out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Covering your vehicle with a tarp, parking under a protective structure, and just parking in the shade are all free and easy options for keeping your vehicle out of the sunlight and your interior safe!

Sunshades & Seat Covers

Keeping the interior of your car protected from the Florida sun doesn’t have to be costly; a simple sunshade can go a long way. Sunshades are made to deflect UV rays, and by reflecting as much sunlight as they do, they help to keep the interior of your car at a lower temperature. Just make sure to put it up when you leave your vehicle, and your interior detailing work will stay protected!

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In addition to sunshades, most coverings will help protect the interior of your car from UV damage. Seat covers for instance will help protect your seats from harsh UV rays and ensure the fabric/leather doesn’t directly take the heat.


Getting your car’s windows tinted provides many benefits. Tinted windows reduce glare from the sun while driving, reduce UV rays entering your vehicle, and provide a bit more privacy for you while you’re in your vehicle. The crucial benefit is reducing the UV rays that enter your vehicle and cause damage to your interior.

Window tinting technology has come a long way, and getting this simple job done on your car can significantly reduce the damage done to your interior detail work in Florida sunshine. It might seem complicated at first, but your local professionals will be more than happy to get you the information you need and help your car look nicer with a good tinting job.

Proper Cleaning

 Just like the outside of your vehicle, your interior needs regular detailing attention. It should be regularly dusted, wiped down, conditioned, and protected. The same way a proper waxing will maintain the detailing work done on the outside of your vehicle, interior cleaner and conditioners will protect the inside.

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You want to make sure you thoroughly clean the inside of your vehicle before you apply conditioners. The product will be unable to do its job if you apply it over dirt, grime, and dust that naturally builds up on your dash. Once on, your conditioner will help protect your vehicle’s interior from many things including the harsh Florida sunshine.

A good interior conditioner will protect your seats, dash, door panels, etc. from:

  • Fading
  • Cracking
  • Scuffs
  • UV/Heat damage

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These tips for helping you protect your interior detailing in Florida heat will go a long way to keeping your vehicle looking nice and saving you a lot of money by avoiding damages. Always remember that the inside of your vehicle needs just as much attention as the outside. Did we miss any good tips? Do you have any tricks of your own for avoiding the Florida sun? Let us know below!

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