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How Often Should You Clean The Exterior of Your RV

Regularly cleaning the exterior of your RV should be a standard practice. Doing so can keep your RV looking shiny and new for longer. Failing to do so can be very difficult and costly to get the new look back again. Make sure you are routinely cleaning and protecting your RV.


How often should I wash my RV?

You should be washing your RV after each trip you take. Depending on the length of your travels, you should consider washing it when you notice excessive dirt, bugs and/or grime. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to clean. Holding off on washing your RV can lead to long-term issues including the devaluation of your RV by letting the exterior fade and age. 


When should I apply wax to my RV?

Waxing your RV will help protect the exterior from weather and debris and oxidation and keep it looking new. How often you should wax your RV depends on a few factors including if it is stored inside or outside, if it is covered and how often it is used. If you are using your RV more frequently or keeping it stored outside and uncovered, you should be applying a new wax application every few months and if it is being stored inside/covered once or twice a year. If your RV is stored uncovered outside you will want to regularly check for excessive debris and oxidation.



How often should I clean my RV roof?

Cleaning your RV roof can seem like quite the task but it should not be avoided. By regularly cleaning and protecting your roof you can extend its lifetime and save money by avoiding expensive repairs. We recommend reviewing your owner’s manual and their recommended cleaning practices depending on what your roof is made of and to make sure you do not void its warranty. If you are traveling extensively it is recommended that you wash your roof three to four times per year. However, if you are only taking shorter weekend trips, you can usually wash the roof at the beginning and end of the season. 

Taking extra steps to keep your RV covered, properly sealed and away from being stored under trees can also make a huge difference in maintaining your roof’s good condition. 


When should I clean my RV awnings?

Depending on how often you use your RV, weather conditions and your location, they all can play a factor into how often you should clean your awnings. If you are traveling full-time you should wash your awnings anytime you notice excessive dirt. If your awnings are left untouched and retain moisture, even a small amount of mildew left too long can lead to a bad odor and rot. If your awnings start to rot this can lead to the compromise of the awning’s structure and leaking. For normal maintenance, it is recommended to clean your awnings about once a month during the normal travel season. For standard awnings you can clean them with soap and water, a soft bristle brush, ladder and 5-gallon bucket.



How can I find out which oxidation removal process is right for me?

If your RV has had extensive exposure to the sun and other weather elements, you may notice that the exterior has lost its shine and may even have a chalky, cloudy or yellowish tint. If there is oxidation it means that the gel coat has reacted with oxygen in the air and has been exposed to excessive heat, sunlight, other pollutants and even too much water. 

There are options available to you to help restore your RV’s shine. If you are prepared to take on the task, you can remove the oxidation by hand buffing, using a power buffer or in extreme cases by wet sanding. If the fiberglass only has minor oxidation, you can usually get by with hand buffing. The easiest and more effective option which can be used for heavier oxidation is using a power buffer. This will be much less strenuous and provide a more professional looking finish. For severe and last resort cases, you will need to use a wet sander. Wet sanding will remove the outer layer of the wax coating that has been damaged by oxidation. This process is quite time consuming and requires more knowledge.



Routinely cleaning your RV is extremely important in maintaining its value, looking new and helping avoid potential costly repairs. There are plenty of tools online to help you learn how to maintain your RV’s exterior at home. If you are unable or don’t have the time, though, there are experienced and licensed detailing professionals available who can assess your RV’s condition and restore it to its original shine using professional grade products and equipment. 

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