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How Does Waterless Car Wash Work?

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Ever wonder how the process of washing a car can improve? A lot of people think car detailing services will move towards waterless car washes in the future, and you might think so too once you know more about the process. Auto detailing is an ever-evolving trade, so staying on top of the latest trends in the industry is important. Here we’ll outline what a waterless car wash is, how it’s done, and why you might want one.

What is a waterless car wash?

Despite the name, waterless car washes do still use water; they just use a lot less of it than a traditional car wash would. The trick behind them is in the solution used to clean the car. All waterless car wash solutions have a high lubricity, and this allows them to capture dirt and grim on the surface of your vehicle. The trade-off here is that waterless car washes work best on cars that do not have thick layers of dirt and grime buildup on them, so if you have a vehicle that acquires thick layers of mud, then a waterless car wash will not be the auto detailing service you need.

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The biggest appeal of waterless car washes comes from not only the savings on water but also the lessened environmental impact. While normal auto detailing washes can use anywhere upwards of 45 gallons of water, a waterless car wash cuts that number down significantly! You also won’t be washing a large amount of soapy water down the drain. 

How It’s Done

The best way for you to get a sense of what a waterless car wash is would be to see how a mobile detailing professional would approach getting one done. To start off, an auto detailing professional would have two buckets of water, their waterless car wash solution, and a microfiber drying cloth.


A car detailing professional would first mix the needed amount of solution for the job and then mentally divide the car into different sections to make the process of washing the vehicle easy and efficient. For instance, starting from the roof would allow the excess solution to run down the side of the car, which means less solution is wasted as you move to the lower portions of the vehicle. 

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Once everything is ready and a plan has been made, a car detailing professional would then begin applying the solution to the vehicle and washing from the roof down. They would only use the clean sides of their microfiber cloth in order to not spread dirt from one section of the car to the other. They would also wipe in lines instead of circles to help remove dirt from the car. Small tricks like this are important for auto detailing workers to know in order to get the best results. 


Once your mobile detailing professional has thoroughly washed each section of your vehicle, they would continue to use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe in straight lines until all the waterless car wash solution was removed from the vehicle. If done correctly, then there will be no leftover dirt or swirl marks on the vehicle, and the finished shine will look as good as any other car detailing wash. All that would be left is cleaning the wheels in the same way that would be done with a regular car wash. 

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And there you have the process of a waterless car wash. Does this sound appealing to you, or are you going to stick to a regular soap and water mixture for the time being? If you are interested in the car detailing service of a waterless car wash, then talk to your local auto detailing service provider or see if a mobile detailing service near you offers the service!

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