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Go Green with Auto Detailing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve likely seen the latest boost in environmental concern in citizens, businesses, and government officials. The auto detailing industry is no exception, especially considering all the chemicals they need to use daily. It’s not the easiest for the auto detailing industry to go green, but with a little research and a lot of effort, you can accomplish the task and do your part to help the environment. We’re here to help! Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about going green with auto detailing!

Go to the Professionals

Did you know that professional auto detailers are more environmentally friendly than the old standby method of sponges and buckets at home? The first and easiest step towards greener auto detailing is leaving it to the professionals instead of doing it yourself at home.

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Use Only Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Auto Detailing Products

Most companies that make detailing soaps make eco-friendly options now. Call the manufacturer of your favorite auto detailing products or visit their website to find out if they offer greener alternatives. If you’re relying on the professionals, give your detailers a call and make sure they’re using only environmentally-friendly and biodegradable products.

  • When looking for new environmentally-friendly products, you need to ensure that they are also non-toxic. Steer clear of any auto detailing products containing petroleum-distillates, silicone, kerosene, or mineral spirits.

Recycle and Reuse Water

Here’s another area where defaulting to the professionals could help you out. Many people don’t realize that professional car detailers use considerably less water than you would detailing your car at home. Many car detailers utilize reclaim technology, allowing them to recycle and reuse their rinse water.

You also want to make sure you or they are using foam brushes and soft-touch technologies rather than a touchless wash as it’s more efficient. Touchless washes tend to use more water and they require higher concentrations of chemicals.

Use High-Pressure Washing Systems

Another way to use even less water in your auto detailing process to use high-pressure washing systems. They require even less water than average car washes. High-pressure nozzles use their water much more efficiently. These nozzles and the computerized washing systems use water only when needed and measure in order to only use the necessary amount of water, as opposed to a hose which keeps wasting water until the job is done. Not only does this cut down on waste and water usage, but it will also reduce your operating costs.

Using Alternative Energy Sources

An even greener approach is to find alternative energy sources like solar power and wind energy. Make sure the auto detailing service you choose utilizes more eco-friendly, alternative energy sources. If you can’t find one, ask the manager if they might consider switching; it’s better for the environment, lowers operating costs, and could draw in new clients.

Reuse, Reduce

When you detail your car yourself, opt for using reusable cloths over disposable products, like microfiber cloths and towels. When using professional auto detailing services, tell your detailers you’d prefer them to use reusable products.

There’s no quick, easy answer when it comes to going green with auto detailing, but the environment is important. With our easy guide, you can be well on your way to a more environmentally-friendly auto detailing process!

Did we miss anything? Comment below with your favorite green auto detailing tips!

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