Extend the Life of Your Car with Mobile Detailing Pros of Boise's Tips

Extend the Life of Your Car with Mobile Detailing Pros of Boise’s Tips

Boise tips to keep your car nice

In today’s society, we’ve come to depend on our vehicles rather heavily. Sure, you can manage around Boise without a car by walking, utilizing public transportation, or using apps like Uber or Lyft, but it’s much more difficult and can be rather tiresome; in some cases, it can even get rather expensive. Beyond just the reliance we have on cars, our vehicles are expensive devices that we’ve made large investments in between the initial purchase, upkeep, insurance, etc.; you want to protect that investment. You can extend the life of your car and keep it in pristine condition by following these tips that our mobile detailing shop in Boise put together.

Have the Oil Changed Regularly

One of the simplest ways to keep your car in tip-top shape in Boise is to change the oil regularly. This is one of the cheapest and easiest steps in vehicle maintenance. Each vehicle’s owner manual has a recommended schedule for oil changes, which is typically every 3,000-5,000 miles.

get oil change in boise

If you don’t get your oil changed regularly or let it get low, friction between the moving parts in the engine occurs, causing wear and tear to the engine over time.

Check Your Fluids or Have Them Checked Regularly

Your car requires quite a bit of fluid to operate optimally: brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, and power steering fluid. All of these fluids need to be checked regularly to ensure their levels are good for your vehicle. When you need to top off these fluids, your Boise mechanic will be able to handle it for you quickly and easily.

Fix Minor Repairs When They Happen

One of the most common and detrimental mistakes in car maintenance is waiting on necessary repairs.

regular repairs crucial to vehicle maintenance

While it may sound like a very minor and ignorable problem to, say, have your car pull to one side when you drive or hear a noise when you use the air conditioner, but ignoring these problems can lead to a much larger problem down the road. Fix minor problems when they occur so you can avoid major, costly repairs later down the road.

Have Your Air Filter Changed Regularly

Just like with the air filter in your home, the air filter in your car needs to be changed regularly to ensure your vehicle functions properly. Most mechanics recommend that you change your air filter every 12,000 miles or so. If you don’t change your air filter regularly, dust will accumulate, having a negative impact on your engine performance and, believe it or not, your gas mileage.

Don’t Keep Your Car in the Sun

Over-exposure to the sun and heat is bad for your vehicle. Regularly parking your car in the sun can lead to your exterior paint fading, a bleaching effect on the interior of the vehicle, and even paint chipping on the exterior.

extend the life of your car in boise

The heat can lead to damages in the engines or even a shorter lifespan on the vehicle. You should try to park in the shade or a covered area whenever possible.

Heed Tire Pressure Warnings

You can find the recommended PSI for your vehicle’s tires either on the side of the tire, in your owner’s manual, or on a label inside your car’s door. You can improve your gas mileage and the general handling of your vehicle by keeping your tires within five PSI of the recommended amount for your tires.

Keep it Clean

Keeping your car cleaned is more than just an aesthetic choice. Allowing dust, debris, pollen, etc. to sit on your car and get into its surfaces can cause wear to the car and make it difficult to function optimally. Regularly wash and wax your car to keep it looking like new and functioning like it too.

keep your car clean in boise

If washing your vehicle regularly doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, mobile detailing places like Boise’s Mobile Detailing Pros can help by doing it for you at the location of your choosing. They’ll wash and detail your car in your own driveway or even the parking lot of your office building; talk about convenient.

Drive Responsibly

Slamming on the breaks, taking off too quickly, making sharp turns, and being impatient with your vehicle can cause unwanted stress to all of the components of your car. Drive responsibly and take care of the item you paid so much for to ensure it lasts. In the winter, it’s crucial that you be patient when starting your vehicle; allow it to properly warm up before taking off.

safe driving preserves your car in boise

Our cars are an important and expensive part of our every day lives. We want to treat them with care and ensure proper maintenance so that they’re sure to last us a long time. With these helpful tips from Mobile Detailing Pros of Boise, we hope you’ll be able to show your car the love it deserves and keep it in like-new condition for a lot longer.

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