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Detailing Products Guide

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Many people make the mistake of thinking one detailing product is as good as the next. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In this article, our experts at Mobile Detailing Pros will offer detailing help with finding the best products for you. Let’s get started with the detailing tips.

Non-Chemical Detailing Products

Let’s start off easy with the non-chemical detailing products you will need.

Sponges and Towels

Sponges and towels are essential to car detailing. One of the most important detailing tips we can offer is to not use exclusively sponges. There’s a lot of debate circling the detailing community about the use of sponges. This is largely because they can cause light scratches or miniature swirl marks.

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Our advice is to use sponges on areas of your vehicle that aren’t so vulnerable to these dangers because they’re very helpful in working up a lather. On all other areas, use a towel, specifically a microfiber towel.

Leather Cloths

Due to their highly-absorbent structure, real leather cloths are frequently used in the drying process. Many people don’t include leather cloths in their detailing tips for the same reason there’s debate over sponges. However, that problem is far more prevalent in synthetic leather cloths, rather than the real ones. The real downside to using leather cloths is that they’re expensive and will lose the very traits that make them advantageous over time.

Brushes for Interior and Exterior

You’ll need a variety of brushes for effective detailing help. For your wheel, you’ll need wheel woolies. Then, there are exterior scrub brushes to help remove the tough debris. For the interior, however, you’ll need to use an interior brush designed to handle the more delicate task.

Detailing Water Hose

The water hose you use for detailing can be an incredibly useful tool, but if it has high water pressure like the sprayers at a do-it-yourself or automated car wash, it could be detrimental to all the hard work you just did.

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Chemical Detailing Products

The chemical detailing products include your various cleaning products, waxes, polishes, and sealants.


The best detailing help we can offer when it comes to choosing the right cleaners is to look at the ingredients of all the detailing products. You want something that’s going to be tough on dirt and grime, but gentle on your vehicle. The best detailing tips we can offer here are to choose a cleaner that will remove contaminants on the surface and give your vehicle an added layer of protection. Pay attention and make sure the product you choose won’t damage your vehicle and isn’t causing any other unexpected problems.

Wax and Sealant

If you ask any professional detailer for detailing help or detailing tips, they’ll most frequently answer to finish with wax and sealant. Waxes provide cars with an incomparable shine and gloss and helps to protect your vehicle from dust particles, bird droppings, dirt, other debris, and even harmful effects from UV. For longer-lasting protection, you can use a sealant instead of wax.

Car Polish

You can buff and polish your car manually or with a car polisher, but polish can be an extremely useful detailing product to get your car looking like it belongs on the showroom floor!

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Optional Equipment

The following equipment, though useful, isn’t necessary or essential.

Detailing Air Blower

You have to dry your vehicle when you’re finished or risk getting water spots, ruining all your hard work. A detailing air blower can help make this task incredibly simple and easy, but you could do it with a microfiber towel if you don’t have the equipment.

Car Vacuum

Car vacuum cleaners can be particularly useful, but you could use an attachment on a home vacuum cleaner or a dust buster. The car vacuum is specially designed to get into the many hard-to-reach areas in the interior of your vehicle effectively.

We hope our detailing tips have helped to guide you to the right detailing products for you. If you find that you’re in over your head with detailing at home and need more detailing help, call Mobile Detailing Pros and book an appointment today. Our expert mobile detailing services are convenient, reliable, affordable, and highly rated by our many satisfied customers. You won’t be sorry you called us.

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