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Choosing The Right Detailing Package For Your Vehicle

Whether you are maintaining your vehicle’s appearance, getting ready to sell or a spill occurred and you need professional help to clean it up, choosing the right detailing package can be confusing if you’re not sure what you need. Oftentimes when you’re searching for a detailer you’ll see numerous packages and you want to make sure your money is being spent on the right thing. We are here to help guide you in choosing the best option for you.

Know What You Want Before Searching For A Detail Service

It is a good idea to do a thorough inspection of your vehicle before looking for a detail package. You may find something you didn’t see before that can help you decide which package is best for you like small scratches, stains on your seats or carpet, or your headliner needs attention.

Most of the time you will see different packages with similar names but different pricing. This could be because the detailer offers you the option to have only interior or exterior services done or a combination of interior and exterior services done at a discounted price. Even if you only want one service, sometimes it is cost effective to take a look at the interior and exterior package as sometimes the cost is not much different and you can have your entire vehicle detailed. 

If you see a package that you like but may need a special add-on service, before choosing a more expensive package, first ask the detailer if they are able to provide the service at a smaller, additional fee.

Assess The Condition of Your Vehicle

If you are looking for a special service, for example, you had a large spill or stain in the interior, there are scratches on the exterior, or you have severe oxidation, take pictures and speak with the detailer about your issue and if the detailer can provide the results you are looking for.

Detailers are professionals who have experience and knowledge on a lot of unique issues. With the right knowledge base, products and equipment, detailers are able to make most vehicles look like new again. However, sometimes with extensive damage and/or age, a detailing service alone may not make your vehicle like new again. It is important to communicate with your detailer about any specific issues you are having so they can let you know what they think before you commit to paying for the service. 

Deciding Whether to do The job Yourself or Hire a Professional

It can make sense to clean your vehicle on your own if it’s a simple clean or you have the tools and knowledge. However, a busy schedule or lack of the proper tools might lead you to make the choice to look for a professional. Also, when using a licensed and insured professional detailing service, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be properly detailed. There are endless videos and instructions online that can help you learn how to detail your vehicle and what you’ll need to have to do the job.

If you are thinking of doing the job on your own first check to see what equipment and products you will need. Sometimes the cost alone of purchasing new tools and products can make it worth having a professional do the job. Next, search for DIY processes online to see how long the process can take and what the physical requirements are to get the job done. Having a good idea of these requirements will help you decide on whether or not you should take on the task alone.

Should You Add The Engine Bay Cleaning Service?

Cleaning your engine on your own is possible but mistakes can cause expensive repairs and may be better left to a professional. We recommend leaving this task to a professional. Not only does cleaning your engine bay enhance the appearance of your vehicle but it can have preventative benefits too. Over time debris gets into your engine bay and can obstruct airflow for cooling. Having battery terminals cleaned can also help its lifespan. 

How Often Will You Have Your Vehicle Detailed?

Choosing a detail package can also be based on how often you want to have your vehicle cleaned. If you are planning on having regular detailing services, you may only need to have a more thorough service done the first time and then switch to a more standard cleaning afterwards. If you choose to have your vehicle waxed or have a ceramic coating applied, it is a good idea to discuss with your detailer how often they recommend reapplication. If you continue with routine detailing services can help maintain your vehicle’s like new appearance and uphold a better resale value. 

The experts recommend you do a routine cleaning of your vehicle every two weeks, but this is dependent on driving conditions and normal wear and tear. A standard automatic car wash works for a quick wash, however, it is not always thorough and can cause micro scratches that can accumulate over time. Having your vehicle detailed and waxed should be done at least twice a year, depending on several factors including weather, road conditions. If you are not sure, contact your detailer to discuss your concerns.

Whether you decide to detail your vehicle on your own or you choose to hire a professional, it is a good idea to thoroughly inspect your vehicle before you start. Doing so will help you to have a more accurate idea on the costs and time it will take to get the results you want. Also, remember to communicate any concerns you have with your detailer prior to starting a service so that you know what results to expect and any additional fees that may occur.

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