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What You Didn’t Know About Car Detailing

A common misconception surrounding car detailing is that it’s little more than the average, everyday wash you can do yourself at home or, worse, a drive-thru car wash. This couldn’t be further from the truth! There are all sorts of benefits to car detailing services beyond just improving the look of your car. In this article, we’ll explore some of the lesser-known areas of car detailing services.

Improving Resale Value

Vehicles depreciate in value extremely quickly. The value of new cars plummets the minute you drive it off the lot. Regular car detailing services can help you get the most out of your car when it comes time to resell. Many people think that it’s sufficient to get a full detailing workup before they sell their car, but really, it’s better for the maintenance of your vehicle if you detail it regularly along the way; it ends up costing far less too. If you keep your car in good condition, you can ask for a higher price than similar vehicles on the market.

Removing Hard-To-Get-Out Stains from Carpet and Upholstery

It is unbelievably easy to stain the interior of your vehicle, but it can seem impossible to get those stains out on your own. Professional car detailing services are trained experts and fully prepared to get all the stains out of your vehicle’s interior. It’s important to keep in mind that a little wear and tear on your carpets is unavoidable, thanks to the friction created by your shoes, so adjust your expectations accordingly. A great car detailer, though, will recommend alternative suggestions such as replacing or dying the carpeting or upholstery in the event they’re unable to remove stains.

Keeping Your Paint Job Looking Fresh and New

Over time, the finish and paint of your vehicle can take a beating. This is only natural given the elements your vehicle is exposed to when you drive, but if you store your car in an uncovered area where it is exposed to the elements constantly, this deterioration will happen much more rapidly. Regular car detailing services can help bring minor issues in your paint and finish to your attention and rectify them sooner for much cheaper than if they went unnoticed for a longer period of time. Make sure your detailer applies both a coat of wax and clear coat to your vehicle each time they detail it to ensure that your paint job can keep looking like new for far longer. You can even extend this further by waxing your car on your own between detailing appointments; just make sure you don’t overwax.

Reducing Allergens

If you suffer from allergies, the interior of your car can be one problem area you’ve not yet thought of. Regular car detailing can help solve that problem, however! Monthly detailing services will help keep your interior clean, reducing the allergen level in your vehicle.

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Mobile Detailing Tips: Preserving Auto Detailing

Everyone loves how nice their car looks after a professional detailing job; the problem is, how do you keep it looking that nice? You spent a lot of money getting your car to look that nice, you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible and we’re here to help. We asked our best detailers from Chicago to Texas what they recommend for their clients to compile this ultimate guide to preserving your auto detailing!

What Can You Do to Keep Your Car Looking Great?

The following sections are tips from our best detailing experts to help you keep your car looking auto-detailing-fresh.

Make sure you’re using the right products for maintenance

The best thing you can to for your vehicle is to make sure you’re using the right products and only the right products when it comes to maintaining its condition. Many people make the common mistake of using dish soap to wash their vehicles; they don’t realize that dish soap can strip the clear coat and wax applied during the detailing process from your vehicle, making you need auto detailing services much sooner. Make sure that you speak with your auto detailing technician to see what products they recommend for your specific vehicle that will work in conjunction with the products they used.

Keep a microfiber cloth in your glove box

A microfiber cloth is every bit as useful to keep on hand as a jack and jumper cables. You can use them to clean up accidental spills or to keep your dashboard wiped down in order to eliminate dust. Most importantly, if you have a microfiber cloth with you, you can use it to dry your car off after it rains, thus preventing water spots from forming and helping to protect the detailing work.

Take proper care of your leather interiors

Leather interior is something far too precious and delicate for you to ignore. It requires regular care in order to prevent costly damages like cracks, tears, or wearing out. All you have to do is condition your leather interior regularly with a quality leather conditioning solution. Talk to your detailing technician to get a specific recommendation. Simply rub a small amount (not too much, but enough to cover the surface in a light lather) of conditioner on the leather with a microfiber cloth and then let it dry. This will keep your leather supple and looking good-as-new for far longer.

Wax your vehicle

Many people don’t take waxing their vehicles as seriously as they should. By applying a quality wax to your vehicle every four months or so (more frequently if water isn’t beading on the surface anymore). The wax serves as a protective layer, repelling water and other substances while simultaneously protecting the clear coat and paint underneath it. Waxing makes all the difference in the appearance of your car.

Limit eating and drinking in your vehicle

The biggest struggles of interior detailing are crumbs and dog hairs. Instate a no-eating rule in your car to limit spills and prevent crumbs from occurring. This could be difficult if you have kids, but it’s well worth the struggle. It’ll help keep your interiors looking nice and put off the need for another deep cleaning longer.

How Do You Know When It’s Time for Another Auto Detailing?

While the standard rule of thumb for how often to get auto detailing services is at least once per year, there are other variables that can lessen that timeframe. If your car is kept outside and exposed to the elements, you’re going to want to have it detailed more frequently. However, if you baby your car and keep it covered in a garage, being sure to wipe it down every time you drive it, you probably aren’t going to need auto detailing more frequently than once a year.

Is water no longer beading up on the surface?

One way to tell that it’s time to get auto detailing services is if water stops beading up on the surface of your vehicle. You can check this by paying attention after it rains or when you rinse your vehicle. If water no longer beads on the surface, your wax and/or clear coat are wearing thin, leaving the surface of your car vulnerable to damage. Make an appointment to get your car detailed as soon as you can if you notice this starting to happen.

Are dirt and debris building up on the surface of your vehicle?

If you’ve noticed more dirt and debris starting to build-up on the surface of your vehicle, it’s likely time for another auto detailing service. You may be thinking, “but I just went for a drive on a dirt road; I can just rinse it off.” Simply rinsing your vehicle won’t rid it of all the debris and dirt, which could lead to further damage. Whether the dirt and debris are piled up because it’s been a long time since you got your car detailed or because you’ve been particularly hard on your vehicle in a short period of time, you need to have your car completely detailed in order to properly protect it.

Has your interior started to look or smell bad?

Have you noticed more crumbs starting to appear in the seams on your seats or more dirt showing up on your floormats? It’s probably time for another deep interior cleaning through full auto detailing services to get your car back in its top condition.

Finding an Auto Detailing Company

Finding an auto detailing company near you can be difficult. How do you know where to look and who to trust? Some people masquerading as auto detailers have no certification or experience; they’re basically charging you for the same car wash you could have done yourself at home. There are a few steps you can take to ensure you don’t get scammed.

  1. Make sure they’re fully certified and licensed experts
  2. Check reviews – beware of paid services like Angie’s List
  3. If they’re small and local, ask around! Facebook has a “Recommendations” feature that allows you to easily ask your friends for local recommendations using Maps and tagging Facebook Businesses

If you’re within Mobile Detailing Pros‘ wide service area, give us a call! All of our detailers are highly trained experts that are fully licensed and certified. Our expert detailers are always reliable, professional, and courteous. We offer the most convenient services at the best prices and even have several options for discounts.

How to Use Winter Soaps to Prevent Rust and Freezing

auto detailing winter soaps

There are particular winter car care things you need to know in order to keep your car safe for the season. For instance, you need to be sure to wash your car as soon as possible after driving where there’s road salt. You have to ensure that you take care to switch to winter soaps to avoid potentially hazardous rusting or freezing. If you’re relying on professional detailing services for winter car detailing, you want to make sure they’re using the best car detailing winter soaps before they touch your car. Here’s what you need to know:

Anti-Freeze Detergent

High-quality anti-freeze detergent can save you the hassle of having your cleaning solution freeze mid-wash. While there are other methods to avoid using this product, it ends up being far more cost-effective to do it this way. It may put you off at first that the price of high-quality anti-freeze detergent is a fair bit higher than that of regular detergent, it’s well worth the investment and in the long run, as we said, more cost-effective.

winter auto detailing

Winter Triple Foam

Another great detergent option is winter triple foam. The best part about this option is that you can use it all year long, whereas, with other triple foams, you’ll have to change it in the winter. Winter triple foams are methanol-based so they’ll help keep your brushes from freezing, plus its high-sudsing, making it easy to lather your vehicle. This foam is a great investment since you can use it all year round without needing to invest in anti-freeze soaps in addition to your foam.


The main reason you need to rush to get road salt off your car in the winter is that it can cause rust to form prematurely. Applying de-salt to your vehicle before the pre-soak and rinsing it off completely will help protect your vehicle from the harsh chemicals. The more road salt on your car, the more water it attracts which can speed up the oxidation process, causing rust to form. This rust can lead to worse problems with your tires, muffler, or break line. De-salt helps to neutralize the de-icing chemicals and fights the corrosion.

auto detailing winter

Hand Mix

Our last option for winter soaps for winter car detailing is to hand mix your soap with methanol. This method used to be much more commonly practiced than it is today, but you can still use it; it’s just not as convenient as the more modern pre-mixed anti-freeze soap solutions. If you choose this method, you want to be sure your soap mixtures are as consistent as possible. Beyond the fact that you might achieve varying degrees of success with your detailing, if you use a foaming brush system, you’ll need to adjust the air or pump pressure to compensate for the inconsistencies.

It’s important to pay attention to the products you’re using and the temperatures for which they’re designed. Make sure before the temperatures start plummeting that you make the switch to winter soaps so that all your winter car detailing goes as smoothly as it should.

If you need detailing services, visit or call 800-557-5134 to schedule your appointment today. Our expert technicians will be sure to handle your car with care and only use the highest-quality detergents designed for the right temperatures. Give us a call today to see if you’re in our wide service area.

Finding the Best Mobile Detailing Near Me

best mobile detailing near me

People have caught onto the amazing convenience and affordability mobile detailing has to offer. It used to be hard to find any mobile detailing business in rural areas. Now, with the surge in popularity, you can’t even load all the results when you search mobile detailing near me.

Each one of these auto detailing companies boasts that they’re the best and the cheapest one available; how can you possibly know for sure? In this article, we’ll help provide you with all the things you need to ask yourself when choosing the mobile detailing business that’s right for you.

What are their specific prices?

We all know that the term “affordable’ is entirely subjective. What’s affordable to one person could break the bank of another. You need to obtain the specific pricings or, bare minimum, get a quote from the company so you can compare them to other local businesses and ensure you find the best price.

find mobile detailing near me

It’s also a good idea to determine your budget before price-matching local businesses. Setting a budget from the get-go can help ensure you don’t overspend or get suckered into buying more than you need.

What do their customers say?

Reviews are the best way for you to fully understand the business you’re trusting with your vehicle. While it can be time-consuming, sifting through all the positive, negative, and mediocre reviews, it can help prepare you for any potential negative surprises, like a tendency to run late, charge too much, take too long, or do a poor job.

When reading reviews, it’s important to note that you can’t trust everything you read online. Some higher profile, shady businesses pay for dishonest positive reviewers. These reviewers often don’t even use the company’s auto detailing services.

mobile detailing near me customers

Another thing to watch out for when reading reviews is people overreacting. It should come as no surprise that there are unreasonable people out there that overreact to the slightest mistake and lash out by writing a scathing review in an attempt to ruin the business. Read each review carefully and judge for yourself whether or not to trust it.

Which mobile detailing near me do I like best?

Maybe you know someone that works there or you have a friend that used them before and was very satisfied. Maybe you just have this great feeling about one business and an iffy feeling about another. No matter the reason for your preferring one business over another, sometimes you simply have to choose the one you think is best.

If you’re not pulled in any direction, mix it up. Go to the mobile detailing company and see how you feel about the experience, try another company, and compare so you’re able to make an informed decision on the best mobile detailing near you.

best mobile detailing near me

Finding the best mobile detailing company near you can be a challenge, but as long as you approach it correctly, we’re confident you’ll settle on the business that’s right for you. Don’t rely on blogs and inconclusive reviews to answer “what’s the best mobile detailing near me;” follow our guide and decide for yourself!

Why You Should Detail Your Motorcycle

detailing benefits

Many people make the unfortunate mistake of assuming motorcycle detailing is little more than a luxury, which couldn’t be more wrong. There are tons of detailing benefits that can help prolong the life of your motorcycle. In this article, we’ll walk you through the many benefits of detailing your motorcycle.

motorcycle detailing place

Improved Resale Value

Detailing your motorcycle regularly can help to maintain the good condition of your motorcycle. This will make it even easier to preserve the high resale value. Most dealers recommend motorcycle detailing right before trying to sell it, but if you keep up with it throughout the time you own it, it’ll stay in great condition.

Regular Motorcycle Detailing Makes It Easy to Catch Problems Early

Having professional motorcycle detailing services done regularly means that trained experts are looking at your motorcycle regularly. they’ll be able to catch potential problems early, lowering repair costs and preventing irreparable damages from occurring. By keeping your motorcycle in good condition, you’re also making it easier for experts to see if there are any problems.

Prolonged Life of Your Motorcycle

Ensuring all dust, debris, and grime are off of your motorcycle regularly prevents any potential damages from occurring. It can keep said harmful particles from getting in your engine or damaging your finish. This can help to prolong the life of your motorcycle and preserve its good condition.

Mobile Detailing or Traditional Detailing

There are downsides and benefits to both options, but largely the decision is up to personal preference. There are typically price differences to also consider in this decision. If you find that you need the convenience mobile detailing offers, then you might want to go to that option, so long as you’re comfortable with it. However, if you find you’re more comfortable with the business model of traditional auto detailing, you may want to go with that option, rather than risking something with which you’re not super comfortable.

Mobile Detailing Benefits

Mobile detailing is far more convenient than traditional detailing, as they will come to your home or office to detail your motorcycle. They also tend to be more affordable than traditional detailing, but that isn’t always true. Mobile detailing places also tend to detail a wider variety of vehicles, because they don’t have the same building limitations as traditional detailing services.

Traditional Detailing Benefits

Some people are still a little wary of mobile detailing, which makes sense as it is a fairly new business model that involves strangers coming to your home. Traditional detailing offers a garage for you to take your motorcycle or car to, so you don’t have to worry about space. Their space is limited though, so if you have a busy schedule, you want to be sure you call ahead.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If you want to get started with a regular motorcycle detailing routine, call Mobile Detailing Pros today. We offer convenient, expert detailing services at an affordable. We have a wide service area in many states including but not limited to Texas, Illinois, Florida, and more! Our technicians are highly trained professionals ready to take on even the most difficult of detailing jobs at your convenience at the location of your choosing. In addition to motorcycle detailing, we offer boat, RV, car, and several other commercial and personal vehicle detailing services. Give us a call today.

How-To Detailing Guide: Motorcycle Detailing

Detailing your motorcycle is a crucial part of taking care of it. Regular motorcycle detailing keeps your bike looking its best, performing its best, and keeps your resale value high. Another bonus benefit to regular motorcycle detailing is that it can expose any potential mechanical problems that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of detailing your motorcycle.

Step One: Pre-Wash Your Motorcycle

The first step in motorcycle detailing is rinsing your vehicle thoroughly. Using a garden hose, spray down your bike from top to bottom, ensuring to get all the lower sections completely rinsed off. This helps to remove any large pieces of dirt and debris from your motorcycle, preventing any scratches from occurring when using a cloth.

Next, use a sheep’s skin wash mitt or a high-quality microfiber cloth and some automotive or motorcycle-specific detergent to gently wash the surfaces of your motorcycle. After you’ve done that, rinse all soap off the bike with your hose. You should avoid using harsh soaps like dish soaps unless your bike is extremely greasy.

A waterless wash option is another effective method of prewashing your motorcycle if it’s not incredibly dirty. For this, use a microfiber towel and a waterless wash solution. Simply wet the surface of your motorcycle with the solution and wipe dry with the cloth, being sure to turn and switch to clean cloths frequently to avoid micro-marring that might happen to soft paint.

Step Two: Washing Your Wheels

You should wash the wheels and spokes of your motorcycle separately from the body because they’re made of different materials. Using a mild tire cleaner and some soap, wash your wheels to remove any oils that may be on your tires or any road film. Once your tires are clean and dry, polish and wax your rims. Use a fine chrome polish to polish your chrome, then apply wax to help protect the shine. You can use aluminum polish for uncoated aluminum. Coated aluminum can be treated like the pain on your motorcycle, lightly polished and waxed.

Step Three: Washing Your Controls and Dash

There are several electrical components to your motorcycle’s dash that you want to avoid getting wet, but you still have to clean it. Use a cleaner that provides UV protection for the plastic components to clean your dash and protect it. You can also use this on your plexiglass windshield.

Step Four: Clean Your Engine

The next step in motorcycle detailing is properly cleaning the engine. Depending on how dirty your engine is, you can do a quick once over with bike soap and a soft bristle brush or you may need a tough degreaser. No matter which method you choose, you should keep the engine cool and in the shade while cleaning it. Follow the instructions for your engine-specific cleaning compounds closely and carefully. These highly corrosive compounds could damage the paint, leather, chrome, or cloth on your motorcycle.

mobile detailing pros motorcycle detailing

Step Five: Polish Your Chrome

Just like with your dashboard and controls, you should polish the chrome of your motorcycle in a shaded area in a non-humid environment. It’s typically a good rule of thumb to polish your chrome twice with a break in between which you can use to finish another step in the process. Once you finish polishing, apply a coat of wax to extend the life of your polishing efforts.

Step Six: Treating the Leather

There are several different types of leather that can be on your motorcycle: coated leather, natural aniline leather, and even high-quality vinyl that feels like leather, all of which require different care. As a general rule, you can clean and protect your seats by using a non-slick protectant to keep it looking new for longer.

Step Seven: Rinse Thoroughly

If possible, you should use the softest water available to you, making sure to absorb any and all excess water to avoid leaving residue or spots from forming. Rinsing is an important step, as leaving soap behind can damage the paint.

Step Eight: Drying Your Motorcycle

Dry your motorcycle with a microfiber cloth thoroughly. For shortened drying time, you can use a dryer and a microfiber cloth to remove all excess water. You have to dry your motorcycle thoroughly to ensure no spots form, thus ruining all your work motorcycle detailing.

Step Nine: Applying Paint Sealant

You have to treat the paint on your motorcycle slightly different than you would the paint on your car. Depending on the paint’s condition, this may involve applying a coat of wax or paint sealant after a light claying and polishing or may require machine compound before polishing and waxing if you’ve neglected your paint.

Finding Motorcycle Detailing Nearby

Motorcycle detailing can be a lot of work and require a lot of patience. If you aren’t up for the task, call Mobile Detailing Pros to make an appointment to detail your motorcycle with the best motorcycle detailing nearby. Our expert detailers handle each and every vehicle with care.

protect motorcycle from seattle rain

We hope this article has helped guide you through motorcycle detailing at home. If this seems like too much of an undertaking for you, make an appointment with Mobile Detailing Pros and save yourself the hassle.

How to Find the Best Car Detailing

best car detailing near me

Finding the best car detailing nearby can be quite a challenge. You can’t trust all the advertisements claiming they’re the best, because what company wouldn’t say that, true or not. You also can’t let yourself fall in the trap of choosing car detailing nearby based solely on the price.

interior detailing tips

In this article, we plan to help guide you through this process. We’ll list the things you should keep in mind, what you should research, and questions you should ask.

1) Decide If You Want to Find the Best Mobile Detailing or Car Detailing Nearby

Earlier this month we discussed the difference between car detailing and mobile detailing, now it’s time to decide. Making this decision first will help you narrow down your search right off the bat. The best mobile detailing service may not be the best overall car detailing in your area and the same is true of traditional car detailing services. However, if you require the convenience of mobile detailing or trust the traditional car detailing places more, the other simply won’t do.

2) Check Their Prices and List of Services

While price isn’t everything, it’s certainly something that needs to be considered. If the absolute best car detailing place is far beyond your price range, you most certainly can’t choose them. You have to choose the best car detailing place in your price range.

best mobile detailing

Likewise, you need to check the list of services they provide. If you have your heart set on a wax coating, but they don’t offer it, they aren’t the best car detailing for you.

3) Read Reviews of Car Detailing Nearby

Before you choose the best car detailing place for you, the most important step is to check reviews of their services from customers. Every business is going to say they’re the best and some even pay for reviews. The best way to get around this and get to the truth is to read a wide variety of reviews from a few different sources. This will help you to get the full picture of the quality of the services they provide.

4) Compare the Best Car Detailing Nearby

The last step is to compare and contrast the car detailing nearby that you’ve narrowed it down to. Compare their prices, services, and the customer experiences you’ve read about in reviews. This will help you to narrow the options down even further so you can make the right decision.

auto detailing improve resale value

Mobile Detailing Pros Offering the Best Mobile Detailing Services

Mobile Detailing Pros provides the best mobile detailing services that are both convenient and affordable. They come to your desired location and detail your car for you, even at your work. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. There are lots of reviews available on various sources about the excellent services they provide.


Why Do I Need to Detail My Car?

Quite a few people mistakenly think detailing their car is a luxury that’s not necessary. The reality is detailing your car is essential to preserving its good condition. In this article, we’ll answer some of the biggest questions we’ve seen about car detailing.

Why Do I Need to Detail My Car?

There are several reasons why you should detail your car, but we’ll only mention a few. First off, detailing your car protects your investment and ensures you’ll get what its worth when it’s time to trade it in or sell it. It also helps to protect the finish on your vehicle from being damaged by environmental conditions. So long as you detail your car regularly, you can protect the investment and not have to work as hard in cleaning it up again for resale.

mobile detailing services

Can’t I Just Wash My Car or Do I Need to Detail My Car?

You really should detail your car, rather than just wash it, but ideally, you’d do both: have your car detailed regularly and wash it regularly in between to protect and maintain the look. Under no circumstances should you take your car to an automated car wash. The tough sprayers and harsh chemicals they have there are designed to wash your car quickly and, unfortunately, are pretty harsh on your vehicle.

Will Detailing My Car Actually Help Me Get More When I Sell or Trade-In?

Yes; it is 100% correct that keeping up with regular detailing can help preserve the value of your vehicle. If you keep up with regular auto detailing, it will protect your car from the harsh elements it’s exposed to daily. It also will make it far easier to clean your vehicle and make it sell-ready.

Do I Need to Get a Ceramic Coating or Is That a Waste of Money?

Ceramic coatings are incredibly useful and do a good job of protecting your vehicle’s finish. They last far longer than just a wax coating and require minimal upkeep. However, some places will tell you these require no upkeep at all, which is incorrect. You will have to wash it every now and again and take care of where you park the vehicle to ensure you protect the ceramic coating and prolong its lifespan.

Is Mobile Detailing Pros the Best Place to Go for Detailing?

Mobile Detailing Pros is one of the best mobile detailing services with the widest service area. They offer extremely convenient services at a reasonable price. They even offer some great discounts if someone else in your office or neighborhood also books an appointment that day. They’re fully staffed by trained and highly-skilled detailing experts. With them, you can trust that you’re getting the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost.

Why You Should Get Your Car Detailed in California

best auto detailing nearby

If you live in California, you’re no stranger to a harsh environment that can be very hard on your vehicle. To combat these harsh conditions, there’s little more successful than auto detail services. In this article, we’ll explain why you should get your car detailed in California and how you can find the best auto detailing services in your area.

If You Get Your Car Detailed in California Regularly, You Can Prolong Its Life

Many people make the mistakes of either thinking the appearance of the vehicle has nothing to do with its internal health and lifespan or thinking a simple car wash is enough. The truth is automated car washes have harsh sprayers that damage your paint over time and washing your car at home is rarely adequate.

Auto detail services take a more professional approach, being sure to consider very minuscule detail. They delicately wash every inch of your car with the best and most effective products, ensuring to take extra care in problem areas. They then finish off with a coat of wax, creating a protective seal around your vehicle. This helps to keep your car looking good as new for longer and prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.

Regular Auto Detail Services Can Protect Your Vehicle from the Harsh Elements

As we mentioned above, professional auto detail services use wax coatings and/or sealants. This step is crucial to protecting your vehicle from harsh environmental conditions. The pollution and the dry, hot air are harsh on your vehicle’s paint. This is why it’s so important to get your car detailed in California; these protective layers will keep your paint safe from the elements. If you want to prolong your vehicle’s detail, you should park your car in a covered place, like a garage or carport.

Finding the Best Auto Detailing Services in California

Finding the best auto detailing in California can be trickier than it sounds. Every place to get your car detailed in California will say that they offer the best auto detailing services. The best you can do is read as many reviews of their services as possible from a variety of sources to ensure you’re getting the most accurate picture of their services.

mobile detailing services

Mobile Detailing Pros provides excellent, convenient services at a reasonable price. They have a wide service area and come to you! You don’t have to take our word for it, though! There are tons of reviews from satisfied customers all over the internet.

professional vehicle detailing

If you live in California, getting your car detailed regularly is essential to protecting your investment and your vehicle. We hope this article has helped to motivate you to get regular auto detailing services for your vehicle.

The Difference Between a Traditional Detailing Service and a Mobile Detailing Service

Detailing your car is important to protect the investment you made in it. There are two options for detailing services: a traditional detailing service and a mobile detailing service, but what’s the difference? Let’s break it down.

Traditional Detailing Service

A traditional detailing service is what most people think of when they think of car detailing. This type of auto detailing operates at a physical location. You make an appointment, take your vehicle to them, either leave it with them or wait for it, and they’ll detail your vehicle.

mobile detailing services

Mobile Detailing Service

There are a couple of different types of mobile auto detailing services, but the basic business model for them is the same. They operate out of a service van instead of a physical building and detail your car for you. One type of mobile detailing service will only go to your home and detail your car, the other, like Mobile Detailing Pros, will go to any location you request – office, garage, house, etc.

The Difference Between Them

A traditional detailing service, because more people are used to it, tends to be more trusted, but they also tend to be more expensive. Mobile detailing services can often be far cheaper and way more convenient. Mobile auto detailing, though newer and more modern, is nothing of which to be wary. They offer the same high-quality detailing service as traditional detailers at a much lower cost and they’re way more convenient. Mobile detailing services are the way of the future. They’re affordable, incredibly convenient, and a more modern approach to detailing.

car detailing at home

Finding the Perfect Mobile Detailing Service

Those that have yet to try mobile auto detailing have a tendency to be skeptical. Mobile Detailing Pros is a trustworthy detailing company with a huge service area. We offer high-quality detailing services for a reasonable price. You can count on us to get the job done and do it right without breaking the bank.

situationally aware when vehicle detailing

In order to protect the investment you made in your vehicle, you have to have it detailed regularly. This keeps the finish looking nice and protect it from the many harsh elements it can be exposed to in nature. We hope we’ve helped to better explain the difference between a mobile detailing service and a traditional detailing service.