Boston Mobile Detailing: Prep Your Car for Massachusetts Winters

Boston Mobile Detailing Tips: Prepare Your Car for Massachusetts Winters

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Whether you live in Massachusetts or are planning to visit during these next few wintery months, you’ll need to make sure your vehicle is fully prepared inside and out for the harsh weather conditions it might end up having to face. In addition to taking caution when driving on potentially hazardous conditions, you need to keep damaging materials off your car (like road salt), prepare your engine for the cold, and keep check on all things more frequently than you tend to for the summer. In this article, we’ll not only walk through the detailing tips to help keep your car looking its best despite the weather conditions it faces, but we’ll also provide you with tips for winterizing your vehicle and the items you should keep in your car in case of a wintery emergency.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How to keep your detailing looking great in the winter
  • How to winterize your vehicle for the harsh Massachusetts winter weather
  • What you should keep in your car in case of a winter emergency

Make Sure Your Vehicle is in Top Shape

You should always ensure your car is in its best possible condition before driving it, but all season changes are great opportunities for a full check-up on your vehicle. First, you should check on top off all your vehicle’s fluids: check your wiper fluid, change your oil (if its due), and check your antifreeze. Do keep note of when your oil has been changed and check it yourself before requesting an oil change; you don’t want to have someone tell you you need an oil change when its fresh just to get your money. Next, check your tire pressure. Cold weather can make your tire pressure drop and can even cause patches to fail; it’s important to have a good sense of the state of your tires before you drive every time.

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One of the best things you could do is take your vehicle to your regular mechanic for a tune-up. Have them check your tires, engine, alignment, and electronics. Why the electronics? If you’re driving an older vehicle, the electronics may be wearing. You don’t want to be driving in harsh weather conditions and find that your tire sensor has gone out, making it impossible to tell if you’re in danger of a flat. Make sure everything is in proper working order. The last thing you need is basic and preventable car trouble in harsh weather conditions. And don’t forget to check your battery!

Winterize Your Vehicle

It’s important to winterize your vehicle, too. You’ll want to install winter wipers and winter tires. Winter wipers come equipped with rubber; this helps in keeping ice from accumulating on the blades. However, its important to note that these wipers are heavier than the regular ones and will ear out the wiper motor faster, so you want to be sure you change them out once it warms up again. They can be incredibly helpful, however, when it comes to driving in harsh Massachusetts winters.

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While you can use all-season tires even in winter weather, winter tires will give you the best traction and security in the harsh Massachusetts winter weather. Winter tires are made to resist hardening in freezing temperatures, making them more reliable. If your all-season tires are in fine shape, hold onto them so you can change them back when the season changes or you return home. These are not necessary if you live in an area with average or mild winters.

Keep Emergency Supplies On Hand

You should always keep emergency supplies in your vehicle like water, blankets, jumper cables, a first aid kit, rain ponchos, etc., but if you’re driving in areas that get hazardous winters (like Boston), this is all the more important. The cold can cause all sorts of unexpected issues with your vehicle, while ice and snow can create hazardous driving conditions.

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Make sure, whether you live in Massachusetts or are just visiting during the winter, that you don’t drive your vehicle without having a stash of emergency supplies stored inside. What should you keep on hand?

  • first aid kit
  • blanket
  • rain ponchos
  • jumper cables
  • bottles of water
  • rope
  • car jack and spare tire
  • matches or a lighter (in case you need to start a fire)
  • jackets/coats

Of course there are other things that could be useful for you to keep in your vehicle emergency kit. Ultimately, you’ll need to decide for yourself what’s most important to keep on hand.

Drive Carefully

One of the trickiest things about areas with harsh winters is the unpredictable driving conditions. Black ice can be almost impossible to see and snow can pile up quickly. Always check the weather report for the areas you’ll be driving through before taking off. Make sure your vehicle is in proper working order and drive carefully. If you don’t have experience driving in winter weather conditions, we recommend taking a course, practicing first, and doing your research all before making long drives in potentially hazardous conditions, especially if traveling by yourself.

Schedule Boston Mobile Detailing Services After

Harsh winter weather conditions means layers of road salt everywhere. While this salt helps to make your drive safer, it’s not so safe for your vehicle. Leaving layers of salt on your paint can cause some aesthetic damages to the exterior of your vehicle. Make sure that when you return home, you have your vehicle fully detailed by professionals. You could wash it yourself, but you run the risk of damaging your vehicle’s paint if the weather isn’t right; you could cause freezing or premature rusting. If you live in Massachusetts, we at Mobile Detailing Pros recommend having your vehicle professionally detailed regularly during the winter to ensure your vehicle doesn’t accrue any damages. To schedule an appointment for Boston mobile detailing with Mobile Detailing Pros Massachusetts, visit our website or call (800) 557-5134.

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Whether you live in Massachusetts or are traveling there this winter, it’s important to ensure you’re fully prepared. For more information on driving in the hazardous winters of Massachusetts, visit the Massachusetts state website ( where you can find safety tips and helpful information.

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