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Boat Detailing in 5 Easy Steps

Having a boat is fun and can lead to a world of fun experiences and memories, but it’s also a good asset and investment if you take care of it. Part of taking proper care of your boat involves detailing it thoroughly and regularly in addition to the need to run it frequently and keep everything in proper working order. Many boat owners make the fatal mistake of thinking that boat detailing is a luxury, an extra. Don’t be that boat owner! Let Mobile Detailing Pros Help!

In this article, you’ll find:

  • Why full vehicle detail is crucial for your boat
  • How to detail your boat in 5 easy steps

Boat Detailing: Full Vehicle Detailing is Crucial

Many people think of full vehicle detailing as either a luxury or no more than a full-service wash you can get in a drive-thru; neither of which is accurate. While having your boat detailed can be a choice you make for the look of the boat, it is also essential to caring for the boat as it helps to keep it clean and free of algae and scum build-up, which helps to prolong its life and keep it looking like new. You could also help to retain your investment by keeping your resale value high.

Now, while it’s better for your boat to be detailed professionally regularly, you do not have to have it detailed by the professionals absolutely every time; there are some things you can do on your own at home.

5 Steps to Detail Your Boat

While it is far more convenient and easier to take your boat to a professional detailer or schedule an appointment with Mobile Detailing Pros, there are a few things you can do yourself to maintain your detailing services. We don’t recommend only doing auto detailing yourself, but you can do a few things to keep your vehicle looking pristine between detailing services.

1) Rinse your boat thoroughly

Did you know that if you scrub your boat immediately without rinsing it first, you’re simply rubbing all the dirt and grime into it, which risks scratches and dents in your finish? You should always rinse your boat from top to bottom thoroughly. While a pressure washer would make quicker work of it, it’s not entirely necessary; you can do the same job with a regular garden hose with a powerful stream.

2) Using a high-quality soap intended for boat detailing, scrub your boat thoroughly

While this step is one that is often very tedious, it’s completely necessary for you to take your time on it and do a good job; otherwise, you’ll either be doing it again or you’ll have to pay someone else to. You’ll need to scrub away all the stubborn debris, algae, and scum that takes up residence on your boat. It’s crucial that you don’t let the soap dry before rinsing it off because, as it does with your car, it’ll dry on your finish, leaving streaks. Leaving soap to bake on your boat will also cause damage to the finish, as those chemicals are not meant to sit on the surface for long. Always make sure that you clean small areas at a time and are careful to rinse all the soap off before moving on to the next section.

3) Buff your boat thoroughly every time you work on boat detailing

Believe it or not, buffing isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. On the contrary, it’s absolutely necessary to prep your boat before waxing it. You can do this by hand or use a rotary buffer, if you have access to one. There are still some aesthetic benefits to this, too! You’ll notice, when you finish, that some of that original factory shine is restored!

4) Time to wax your boat!

Waxing is an absolutely crucial part of regular boat detailing. It helps to prevent debris and grime from accumulating on the surface which can build up to the point that it’s almost impossible to remove it, which means it also helps to ensure that the detailing service you spent so much time and/or money on lasts longer. Waxing also adds a nice shine and polish to the surface of your boat, giving it that nice, fresh off the showroom floor look.

5) Now to the interior of your boat!

Now that you’ve gotten the surface of your boat clean and detailed, it’s time for the interior to get some love and care. First and foremost, you’ll need to wash the upholstery with a specialized boat detailing shampoo and the carpets as well. You’ll then need to vacuum all fabric surfaces (seats and carpets) but don’t forget the pockets as well (cupholders, glove box, storage compartments) – all of these areas can accumulate dust, crumbs, and other unwanted debris. Lastly, you’ll want to polish all the metal surfaces to free them of smudges and fingerprints while also preventing tarnish from building up.

Boat detailing is an essential part of boat maintenance and the responsibility that comes along with owning a boat. While these tips will help you do some upkeep to your boat in-between detailing jobs, we highly recommend leaving the full service boat detailing to the experts. If you’d like to schedule mobile detailing services for a convenient, affordable, and hassle-free boat detailing service that comes to where your boat is docked, call Mobile Detailing Pros or visit our website today.

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