Auto Detailing - How to Know It's Time to Detail Your Car

How to Know It’s Time to Detail Your Car

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Detailing your car regularly is an important part of keeping it looking pristine. Many people disregard auto detailing, thinking it nothing more than an unnecessary extra. However, if you want to maintain your car’s pristine appearance, it takes a little more than just a car wash and routine maintenance. But how do you know when it’s time to get your car detailed and what all does that entail? In this guide, you’ll learn what auto detailing is, how to recognize the signs that it’s time to get your car detailed again, and why you should regularly have your car detailed.

What is auto detailing?

While each vendor or dealership offers slightly different detailing services, there’s a general theme that applies across the board. Car detailing, generally speaking, involves a deep and thorough cleaning of both the interior of the car and the exterior.

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Auto detailing frequently includes deep cleaning of the seats, carpets and rugs, and other parts of the interior. It also includes a thorough cleaning of the outside of the vehicle.

Why should you get your car detailed?

Detailing your car can keep it looking brand new. It helps to ensure your car is in pristine condition. Maintaining your car properly involves more than just a regular oil change and routine maintenance.

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Part of maintaining your car is maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of your vehicle, which is where detailing comes in. Detailing regularly includes a thorough cleaning of headlights, taillights, wheels, and engines, helping to prevent common issues from occurring.

How do you know when it’s time to detail your car?

The typical rule of thumb that experts tell their clients is about every four to six months or around two to three times a year. That being said, the frequency at which you choose to get your car detailed is up to you. Beyond the regular auto detailing schedule, there are certain signs that you should get your car detailed sooner than originally planned. These are as follows:

If your headlights or taillights seem dim

If your lights don’t seem as bright as they once were, it might be time to get them thoroughly cleaned with auto detailing. This can increase their brightness.


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If your windows or mirrors are hard to see out of

Vision is crucial in driving. If your windshield cleaner just isn’t cutting it anymore, you need to take advantage of the benefits of having them detailed.

If there’s a strange odor in your vehicle

Whether it’s because someone spilled something in your car, left old food hidden somewhere, or got sick in your car, you need car detailing services to truly rid your car of the stench.

If your car remains dirty after going through a car wash

If your car has dried on dirt or other messy things that seem impossible to clean off, a thorough car detailing may be in order.

Before trying to sell your car

If you’re going to sell your car or trade it in, you should have it detailed before trying it. This can ensure you get the highest value out of your vehicle.

Final thoughts on auto detailing

To preserve the pristine appearance of your car after having it detailed, it’s important to wash and wax your vehicle regularly. It’s also important to remember that not every car detailer is the same; each one has the potential of offering different services in their detailing services and a different price. Make sure you read up on them before you commit, so you’re sure they offer the services you’re after at the right price.

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Having your car detailed regularly can preserve its appearance and help you maintain its pristine condition. It can improve your visibility by thoroughly cleaning the headlights, tail lights, windows, and mirrors. It can help to keep your engine functioning properly, as auto detailing often includes a thorough cleaning of the engine, as well. Car detailing services can help to prevent expensive repairs and keep your car looking like new.

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