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Auto Tips: Key Things to Always Keep in Your Car

We’ve all heard the horror stories of unexpectedly long traffic jams or a sudden breakdown on the side of the road. While most of us don’t think about it on our day-to-day commutes, there are certain items you should always keep on hand in your car just for these occasions.

Here we’ve collected some important auto tips for the items you should always keep inside of your car that will save you in a crunch while requiring little day-to-day upkeep.

First Aid Kit

Whether you’re broken down on the side of the road or far from home midway through a road trip, a well-stocked first aid kit will provide relief for you or anyone in need. Don’t just settle for the first aid kit that your vehicle might come with either.

You want to follow a trusted guide such as one from the Red Cross to make sure you’re prepared. Also, adding extra bandages, hydrogen peroxide, or allergy medicines you frequently use could come in handy when you least expect it. This, unlike the rest of our auto tips, could literally save your life.

Cell Phone Charger

While most of us have a routine that involves making sure our phone is always charged, there are still those few times you’ve gotten in your car with a low battery and the hope that 5% battery life will last the short trip. Keeping an external charger for your phone in the car will make sure a breakdown on one of those days doesn’t leave you unable to call for help. More important auto tips: just remember to check these external batteries regularly and recharge them after use!

Something for the Wait

Even in the best of circumstances, your car breaking down means you’ve got time to wait out until the tow truck or your loved ones arrive to help. If it happens to be winter, this means your car will become very cold very quickly, so packing some extra clothes or a blanket will make your wait more bearable.

That same blanket can be used to help block the sun in the summer too! These might not have been auto tips you thought of, but whether it’s water for you or a toy to keep your child busy, you definitely want to always have something for a long wait in your car.

Emergency Tools

The most important auto tip of all is to always have an emergency escape tool in your car. These are relatively inexpensive and have options as compact as a keychain to make access and storage easy, so make sure this tool is always in your car and easily reachable from your seat. Any escape tool that ensures you can cut your seat belt and shatter the car window will potentially save your life in an emergency.

While these things are great to have in your car at all times, you also want to make sure you keep up with regular maintenance and auto detailing to keep your car in its best condition!

Did we forget a key item that you think should always be on hand in your vehicle? Comment below and let us know!

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