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Auto Detailing Tips: Removing Car Wax from Plastic

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When you get wax on plastic trim or other parts of your car, it can be a pain to get it off. Most plastic parts on your vehicle will be heavily textured, which means they are porous. When the excess wax drips onto that porous material, it seeps in, and it’s gonna take a lot more than just water and soap to get it off. So what will help you remove car wax from the plastic parts of your car for great auto detailing? 

A Car Wax Removing Product

While it might seem way too obvious at first, sometimes removing car wax from plastic areas of your car shouldn’t be over complicated. If you’re short on time or unsure about what you’re doing, then buying a dedicated product for removing car wax can be the safest option. It’s not flashy or interesting, but it minimizes the room for error, and for some people that peace of mind might be worth every penny. 

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Soft Bristled Brushes

When the car wax makes contact with the plastic on your car, it will seep into it and hold on tight. Fortunately, it shouldn’t hold on tight enough to not be physically removed with a soft bristle brush. It’s a good idea to have a larger brush for wide areas and a smaller one for the nooks, crannies, and hard to reach spots. A brand new, clean toothbrush will surprisingly get this job done fairly well! 

Denatured Alcohol

Sometimes car wax won’t just get on the plastic trim of your car, and you’ll need to clean up a vinyl surface as well. These two materials don’t require the same solution though! If you get wax on a vinyl surface of your car, you’ll want to use a denatured alcohol product. You’ll just use a soft rag to dissolve the wax and clean it up. Make sure you rub gently so as to not cause any damage. 

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What Not to Use to Remove Car Wax

When trying to figure out how to remove car wax from unwanted areas it’s easy to find interesting and creative ways people will post online for getting the job done. A bit of skepticism will help you avoid damaging your vehicle, but here are a few things to keep an eye out for. 

First and foremost, anything involving heat is a bad idea. This will just make a mess with the melted wax and make it harder to clean up. Speaking of making more of a mess, trying to buff the wax out will just spread it over a larger area and make it a bigger problem. You also want to be careful with any means of physically removing the wax. Soft bristled brushes will get the wax out of the deep pores of plastic areas, but an approach like power washing the wax off won’t get the same effect. Who knows what else you might find, so be careful with your research! 

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Sometimes auto detailing goes wrong, and that means you might end up with wax on the plastic areas of your vehicle. Knowing how to properly handle the situation will help you get your car looking great again and avoid damages that can become costly to fix. Hopefully you now have a few tools on your belt to remove car wax that accidentally gets where it shouldn’t be! 

Do you know any tried and true ways to get car wax off of plastic? Let us know in the comments below!

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