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Mobile Detailing Tips: Resist Going to Drive-Thru Car Washes

Drive-thru car washes are convenient and cheap. If all you want is an inexpensive way of getting the most apparent dirt off of the car, it may be tempting to make a quick stop at the car wash, especially with the dangers of COVID-19.

But while the drive-thru might save you time and money at the time, the damage it can cause your car can actually cost you more in the long run. In this article, we’ll explain why you should resist the urge to go thru the cheaper, drive-thru car washes and, instead, stick with no-contact service from mobile detailing experts.

The True Cost of Drive-Thru Car Washes

Drive-thru car washes often rely on quickly rotating brushes or mitter curtains to rub dirt from the surface of your car. This is, firstly, far less effective than mobile detailing, which thoroughly removes all grime from the interior and exterior of your car. While this may at first seem fine if all you want is to quickly rinse the pollen off your car, drive-thru car washes can actually cause damage to your vehicle that can be surprisingly expensive in the long run.

The friction of the cleaning machines alone is enough to wear down the clear coat of your car and cause whorls and chips in your paint job over time. Not only that, but debris from all cars that have gone through the wash remains lodged in the cleaning components. As your car is washed, dirt and grime get dragged across its surface at high speed, leaving scratches and chips. While some scratches and dings are part of regular wear to your car, those that come from drive-thru car washes add extra unnecessary damage to your car.

Long-Term Consequences

While your car may appear mostly clean from a distance, the scratches, chips, and whorls from the drive-thru wash can cause expensive problems down the road. The most apparent problem is that your car simply won’t look as good. This makes your car seem older and can harm the resale value.

A vehicle’s paint job is not merely of aesthetic importance, though. A well-maintained paint job and clear coat actually protect the metal body from oxidation and corrosion. In order to maintain the protective paintwork and clear coat on your car, it will soon become necessary to have the entire vehicle repainted. New paintwork can cost several hundred dollars, but the cost of allowing the car’s body to rust can be even higher.

The Solution: Mobile Detailing

The best way to keep your car clean and maintained is to get it detailed, and mobile detailing makes caring for your vehicle more convenient and affordable than ever. Mobile detailing safely cleans all grime from the interior and exterior of your car, removes whorls from the clear coat, and tends to minor imperfections in the paintwork. Best of all, mobile detailing services come wherever you are

Mobile Detailing and COVID-19

You shouldn’t have to choose between necessary car maintenance and your health. Mobile Detailing Pros adheres strictly to CDC sanitation guidelines to ensure a safe and satisfying no-contact experience, making it easy to practice social distancing and help prevent the spread of COVID.

Ready to give the safe, convenient, and affordable option of mobile detailing a try? Schedule your appointment with Mobile Detailing Pros today!

Mobile Detailing Tips: Disinfecting Your Car During COVID

With the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, it is more important now than ever to make sure you’re disinfecting your vehicle frequently between your regular mobile detailing jobs.

Knowing what tools and disinfectants to use will not only keep you healthy but also help you avoid spending money on a discolored or damaged interior!

Where to Clean Regularly

In order to kill COVID-19, bacteria, and other pathogens that could be living on the interior surfaces of your car, it’s important to know where to clean and what to use for the best results.

Of course, you should regularly disinfect the surfaces you frequently touch, such as your steering wheel and console, but you should also be cleaning all other interior surfaces to best protect yourself from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. (Yes, even your seatbelt buckles!)

The Right Cloth to Use

We highly recommend using a microfiber cloth for any cleaning and disinfecting you do on your car’s interior.

Using the wrong cloth, or worse a paper towel can cause micro-scratches to your interior, which will degrade the mobile detailing work you’ve had done and potentially damage your interior.

Disinfectants to Kill COVID

Soap & Water

The right disinfectants don’t need to be complicated. When it comes to protecting yourself from COVID and disinfecting your surfaces, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true soap and water. Mixing together warm water and mild soap will create a vehicle-friendly spray that you can use on your interior without worry!

Alcohol & Water

Along with soap and water, the CDC says that COVID can also be killed with 70% isopropyl alcohol solutions. While most vehicles are meant to handle exposure to isopropyl alcohol solutions, you will want to refer to your car’s manual to make sure this is appropriate for your vehicle.

With just a little caution, an alcohol and water solution can be just as cheap and effective as soap and water for killing COVID and cleaning your interior.

Other Options

There are brand name options that are effective and mobile detailing work friendly; Lysol is EPA approved to kill COVID and safely clean your interior, for instance. Just make sure you know what you’re using and how it will affect your interior.

Chemicals to Avoid

You also want to avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals at all costs! These can discolor or heavily damage your car’s surfaces with even the lightest of uses.

Just like how dish soap isn’t good for a car wash, a chemical might kill COVID-19 but still not be right for your vehicle. Using the right disinfectants will help you avoid permanently damaging your interior surfaces and help preserve the detailing on your car until your next mobile detailing service.

Proper cleaning and disinfecting for your vehicle’s interior will not only protect you and your loved ones from COVID-19, but it will also prevent damage to your interior and preserve the quality of the mobile detailing services you’ve had done.

And remember, if you need mobile detailing done for your vehicle, we can come to you and provide high quality detailing services without unnecessary contact!

Interior Detailing Tip: How to Clean Your Seat Belt at Home

Between regular interior detailing services, we understand that you will need to clean a small stain or disinfect surfaces to protect against COVID and other pathogens. One commonly forgotten area to clean thoroughly is the seatbelt. While commonly forgotten, your seatbelt has regular contact with your hands, body, and whatever you might spill while in your car, so it’s important to keep it clean and disinfected.

The first step to properly clean your seatbelt is to make sure you are cleaning the entire belt. To do this, firmly pull the belt toward you just like you would if you were fastening it but continue to pull until the belt is stiff and stops moving. Remember to hold onto the belt tightly, so that it does not quickly retract!

seat belt detailing

Once you have the entire belt out, make sure you hold it tightly while you follow the belt up to the reel, which is where the excess length of belt is stored. Use a clamp as close to the reel as you can; this will let you clean the entire belt without having to worry about it retracting into the reel. Once the belt is secure, you’re ready to start cleaning!

What you do next will depend on the kind of cleaning you want to do:

General Cleaning & Odors

Spray the entirety of the belt with an all-purpose cleaning spray or reliable fabric cleaner that is designed for delicate fabrics. You want to make sure the product you use does not damage your seatbelt, the inside of your car, or the interior detailing work you’ve had done. Avoid products with bleach and vinegar as harsh chemicals are not necessary for killing COVID or bacteria but will damage your interior.

don't use bleach or harsh chemicals seat belt interior detailing

Once you have an even coating of cleaning solution on your belt, use a scrubbing brush with stiff bristles to clean the belt from the top, close to the reel, downward. Make sure you Scrub gently while moving down the belt, not in circles which would damage the fabric.

Once finished, use a microfiber towel to wipe down the belt. MDP recommends only using microfiber cloths for interior detailing and cleaning in your vehicle. Wrap the towel around the belt and firmly move downward to remove as much moisture as possible. Do not unclip the belt until it is completely dry!

seat belt scenic drive

Hard Stains

Use a detergent and water mixture that does not contain vinegar or bleach but will be strong enough to remove a stubborn stain. This time dip your stiff-bristle brush into your cleaning solution in order to use only a small amount where you need it. Scrub the stain downward while refraining from moving back up the belt or in circles while you use enough solution to evenly cover the stain.

Once you have thoroughly scrubbed the stain, wrap a microfiber cloth around the cleaned area and firmly move it downward to remove as much moisture as possible. Finally, let the belt dry completely before putting it back in the reel.

Following these steps will ensure you properly clean your seatbelt, keeping it clear of COVID and odors alike between your interior detailing services. As we all adjust to the new normal, we need to work together to keep our high-traffic areas clean and safe.

Are there any other interior detailing tips you’d like to see for keeping your car clean and safe? Comment below!

What Real Estate Agents Can Get Out of Car Detailing

Car detailing might seem like the last thing to come to a real estate agent’s mind when preparing to meet clients for a showing or open house, but we believe a clean car can go a long way for making an impression and helping sales.

At Mobile Detailing Pros, we want to help you make a great first impression, so no matter where your office or properties are in our wide service area, we can arrive and provide a high-quality car detailing service that’s convenient for your schedule.

Making a Good First Impressions

When working as a real estate agent, we understand that first impressions have a significant impact on how well you are able to sell your services to new clients. As an extension of your office, you want your car or SUV to help you make clients feel like they are in good, professional hands.


While it might not seem obvious at first, a real estate agent’s car says a lot about them to brand new clients. After all, sometimes they will see your vehicle before they see you, and you want to use this opportunity to signal reliability and comfort to your clients. To make this happen, you want high end car detailing in order to make sure your vehicle is as good looking as the clothes you put on that day for a positive first impression.


If you know you’ll be taking clients around town to new properties, you will also want a fantastic interior to continue that good impression and positive business brand. Because of our speed and flexibility, our mobile detailing services can be a life saver if you need to have clients inside of your vehicle in a few days or at a moment’s notice. Finding out suddenly you need to move clients from one location to another could be a nightmare, but with a quick call to Mobile Detailing Pros and a bit of time, you won’t have to worry about moving clients in a dirty car.

Car Detailing on a Flexible Schedule

Of course, finding the time to get car detailing done as a real estate agent can be incredibly difficult, and that is why our mobile detailing works hard to fit into your schedule. At any point in your day, you can take advantage of our mobile detailing services. If you schedule detailing while you’re finishing paperwork, negotiating with clients, or preparing to go meet potential home buyers, then we will arrive on time to have your vehicle ready wherever you are when you need it most.

Our Mobile Detailing Comes to You

As a real estate agent, you are constantly on the go, so we want to ensure that you can have Mobile Detailing Pros arrive to detail your car anywhere you need to be. From the driveway while you ready a home for the open house you put on in a few hours to outside your office before you go to meet a client, our mobile detailing services will arrive wherever you need them to, so you can leave the detailing to us and focus on real estate.

Essential to making that fine first impression with clients is getting regular car detailing that will keep your vehicle looking pristine and professional. All of our detailers are trained experts with the goal of helping you make a positive statement to your new clients before you take a single step out of your car. At any time in your busy day and anywhere in our service area, give us a call for high quality, convenient car detailing service at the best price.

Car Detailing Explained

A common misconception about car detailing is that it’s essentially the same thing as a car wash. Unlike simple surface washes, however, getting your car detailed can improve its appearance, function, and resale value.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about car detailing, from the process to the convenient affordability of mobile detailing. 

What is Car Detailing?

Unlike a mere soap-and-water wash, car detailing makes use of specialized tools, products, and techniques to make your car look its best inside and out. Some light cosmetic touch-ups that buff out scratches and swirls are common, but not paintwork or bodywork.

Both the inside and outside of the car receive a deep cleaning that eliminates all dirt and minor imperfections. The end result is a car that looks like it’s brand new off the lot.

The Difference Between Car Detailing and a Car Wash

Either done by hand or at a drive-thru car wash, a wash uses brushes, soap, and water to remove surface grime from the car’s exterior. Unlike getting your car detailed, a car wash eliminates only the dirt on the surface of the vehicle’s body. 

A car wash does cost less than getting your car detailed, and is less expensive upfront. This is because a wash produces only a fraction of the results of a thorough car detailing, which protects the vehicle from wear in addition to making it shine.

The Process of Car Detailing

Car detailing includes two main steps: interior detailing and exterior detailing. Next we’ll break down what happens in each step.

Exterior Car Detailing

The first step of exterior car detailing is to remove as much dirt as possible. The soap is allowed to foam to soften dirt and insect residue.

The wheels are thoroughly scrubbed next, using specialized brushes and cleaning products. Grime is removed from the entire wheel, including break calipers and lug nuts, to make your vehicle look showroom-perfect.

Now that the soap has had time to soften the dirt on the body of the car, the paintwork is washed and dried with washing mitts and microfiber cloths. An automotive clay bar may be used to remove deeply bonded dirt from the clear coat of the car’s surface. 

Once the car is free of dirt the paint is polished by hand or machine to remove any minor scratches, swirl marks, or oxidation. Depending on the state of the car’s paintwork, this can be the most time-consuming part of the detailing process.

Lastly, high-quality carnauba based paste wax is used to add a protective layer of shine to the car’s paintwork. As a finishing touch, all exterior rubber and glass is thoroughly cleaned.

Interior Car Detailing

All interior upholstery is vacuumed and shampooed to get rid of dirt and stains. Any leather upholstery is properly scrubbed and conditioned to remove dirt and protect the surface of the leather.

All plastic and vinyl in the interior are cleaned and dressed as well, and interior glass is polished and cleaned.

“Optional” — But Important

Many people don’t recognize the importance of having the engine bay of their vehicle cleaned. They may either think that only mechanics should be under the hood, or simply not care if there is a bit of dirt around the engine since most people will never see it.

That being said, having your engine cleaned while your car is being detailed is extremely beneficial. It can be easier for mechanics to diagnose engine problems in a clean environment, and having a car detailer tend to the engine bay can protect engine components from wear and tear.

The engine bay is cleaned with a light spray of water and wiped down with degreaser before everything is rinsed clean. After everything is dried, the silicone, plastic, and rubber are dressed to prevent dry rot and cracking. 

Cost and Value in Car Detailing

The size of the car can be a major factor in the cost of car detailing, as can any additional services that the state of the vehicle might require. On average, a basic detailing package can range from $50-$125, depending on various factors.

Mobile Detailing

Mobile detailing is a great way to get the best value for your hard-earned dollar. Mobile detailing companies often save money on freestanding facility costs, and these savings are passed on to customers, making mobile detailing the less expensive option.

Mobile Detailing Pros offers discounts for servicing multiple cars at the same appointment, which means you can save money by having all of your cars cared for at once. Your friends and family can also benefit: you all can enjoy catching up while the detailing professionals work on all of your cars in one trip, saving everyone time and money.

Mobile detailing appointments can be made anywhere, even while you’re at work. That means no waiting around and no wasted time — and when time is money, this is a saving in itself!

Auto Tips: Key Things to Always Keep in Your Car

We’ve all heard the horror stories of unexpectedly long traffic jams or a sudden breakdown on the side of the road. While most of us don’t think about it on our day-to-day commutes, there are certain items you should always keep on hand in your car just for these occasions.

Here we’ve collected some important auto tips for the items you should always keep inside of your car that will save you in a crunch while requiring little day-to-day upkeep.

First Aid Kit

Whether you’re broken down on the side of the road or far from home midway through a road trip, a well-stocked first aid kit will provide relief for you or anyone in need. Don’t just settle for the first aid kit that your vehicle might come with either.

You want to follow a trusted guide such as one from the Red Cross to make sure you’re prepared. Also, adding extra bandages, hydrogen peroxide, or allergy medicines you frequently use could come in handy when you least expect it. This, unlike the rest of our auto tips, could literally save your life.

Cell Phone Charger

While most of us have a routine that involves making sure our phone is always charged, there are still those few times you’ve gotten in your car with a low battery and the hope that 5% battery life will last the short trip. Keeping an external charger for your phone in the car will make sure a breakdown on one of those days doesn’t leave you unable to call for help. More important auto tips: just remember to check these external batteries regularly and recharge them after use!

Something for the Wait

Even in the best of circumstances, your car breaking down means you’ve got time to wait out until the tow truck or your loved ones arrive to help. If it happens to be winter, this means your car will become very cold very quickly, so packing some extra clothes or a blanket will make your wait more bearable.

That same blanket can be used to help block the sun in the summer too! These might not have been auto tips you thought of, but whether it’s water for you or a toy to keep your child busy, you definitely want to always have something for a long wait in your car.

Emergency Tools

The most important auto tip of all is to always have an emergency escape tool in your car. These are relatively inexpensive and have options as compact as a keychain to make access and storage easy, so make sure this tool is always in your car and easily reachable from your seat. Any escape tool that ensures you can cut your seat belt and shatter the car window will potentially save your life in an emergency.

While these things are great to have in your car at all times, you also want to make sure you keep up with regular maintenance and auto detailing to keep your car in its best condition!

Did we forget a key item that you think should always be on hand in your vehicle? Comment below and let us know!

Mobile Detailing Tips: Keeping Your Car Nice During COVID-19

boy and girl walk with masks on near cars

Whether you will start venturing out more because of lifted stay-at-home orders or you will remain at home for a while longer, keeping your car in shape will preserve its lifespan and limit expensive repairs.

You want to make sure during this time of crisis that you’re not neglecting one of the most important items you own: your car.

Proper car care, including maintaining mobile detailing, keeping your tires full, and changing your oil among other things, is crucial to ensuring your car survives the pandemic too. We have asked our experts to compile a list of 9 easy steps to keep your car healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Change your oil, even if COVID is keeping you from driving regularly

As changes in temperature occur, oil can deteriorate in unused cars. Regardless of mile recommendations, it is important to change your oil at least every six months.

oil canisters for mobile detailing

After an extended period of storage, it is a good idea to change the oil to remove built-up water condensation. 

2. Fill up the tank

While it may seem counterintuitive, it is best to have a full tank of gas when you don’t use your car for a while, like during the COVID pandemic. A full tank of gas prevents condensation and can keep gas good for at least 6 months (with diesel lasting twice as long sometimes). No matter whether you drive your car frequently or leave it in storage during quarantine, try to never let your car go empty. 

3. Check Tire Pressure Regularly 

If your car hasn’t moved for over 30 days, your tires can get flat spots. Tires with nitrogen leaks less than oxygen, but all tires lose air over time. You may want to drive your car slightly forward and then reverse it back to your spot in order to reposition your tires.

tire buyer infographic - how to change a tire
Image from

If your car is outside during the prolonged quarantine for COVID, you can also cover your tires to protect them from sun damage.

4. Prevent your battery from dying 

If you do not drive your car at all for a long period of time, you are likely to have a dead battery on your hands. If the engine does not run for a while, you will eventually  have to jump start your car or even have to replace your battery. To prevent this, try taking your car around the block or for a scenic drive. Even a quick drive periodically can help protect the longevity of your battery, plus, getting out of the house during quarantine is likely to do you some good and you won’t be exposed to COVID in the safety of your own car.

5. Check Engine deterioration before using 

Your engine’s accessory belts and rubber hoses can deteriorate from disuse. While frequent driving could help preserve the lifespan of these parts (although they vary), be mindful of checking your engine before parking and after storage. If you’re not going to a mechanic, but have a mobile detailing appointment coming up, consider asking your technician if they noticed anything amiss.

6. Ward off Rodents from your engine

Rats love parked cars, and those in major cities must be especially wary of them making nests under the hood of cars. This is not only just gross, but they can also cause considerable car damage and even safety hazards. Try to park away from dumpsters and trash cans. Peppermint oil (away from the air vent but near the hood of the car) is known to repel rodents. People also put ammonia on the ground near the front of their car, but keep in mind this is a very dangerous chemical and can be harmful to both you and those around you.

If you happen to get a rodent stuck in your car, call Mobile Detailing Pros to help clean up the mess! With 24-hour services, we’re always here to help.

7. Track fluid loss 

Wherever you are parking or storing your car, oil, coolant, and transmission fluid can leak. To check less visible leakages, try putting a piece of cardboard under your car. Always check this before driving and be mindful of where these leaks are coming from. 

8. Clean car to prevent spread of germs

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people are encouraged to frequently wash their hands and clean household surfaces, but your car is often an overlooked space of germs. Even if you do not use your car as often, making sure your door handles and interior is clean is especially important during a pandemic.

While some detailing places may be closed, Mobile Detailing Pros are available and committed to following safety precautions to protect their employees and customers during COVID-19. You can call Mobile Detailing Pros or visit our website to schedule your appointment today. 

9. Make Sure Car is ready for the road 

Lastly, make sure to follow all of the above safety tips before removing your car from storage. These practices are recommended even when using your car, because it can prevent a trip to your mechanic. Whether you are staying at home or practicing social distancing to local  grocery stores or restaurants, keep yourself and your car healthy and safe. 

10. Don’t neglect mobile detailing services

It may sound crazy, but neglecting the proper car care of mobile detailing services, even during a pandemic like COVID-19, can be risky to the appearance, value, comfort, and overall function of your vehicle. Many mobile detailing operations, like Mobile Detailing Pros, offer completely safe and no-contact services at your specified location. Have your car cared for without leaving the privacy or safety of your home or risking contact with another person!

Don’t neglect your car because of quarantine. Follow our steps to take care of your vehicle so it can be there for you when the world goes back to normal.

Got any other great suggestions? Comment below!

What You Didn’t Know About Car Detailing

A common misconception surrounding car detailing is that it’s little more than the average, everyday wash you can do yourself at home or, worse, a drive-thru car wash.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

There are all sorts of benefits to car detailing services beyond just improving the look of your car. In this article, we’ll explore some of the lesser-known areas of car detailing services.

Improving Resale Value

Vehicles depreciate in value extremely quickly. The value of new cars plummets the minute you drive it off the lot. Regular car detailing services can help you get the most out of your car when it comes time to resell.

Many people think that it’s sufficient to get a full detailing workup before they sell their car, but really, it’s better for the maintenance of your vehicle if you detail it regularly along the way; it ends up costing far less too.

If you keep your car in good condition, you can ask for a higher price than similar vehicles on the market.

Removing Hard-To-Get-Out Stains from Carpet and Upholstery

It is unbelievably easy to stain the interior of your vehicle, but it can seem impossible to get those stains out on your own. Professional car detailing services are trained experts and fully prepared to get all the stains out of your vehicle’s interior.

It’s important to keep in mind that a little wear and tear on your carpets is unavoidable, thanks to the friction created by your shoes, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

A great car detailer, though, will recommend alternative suggestions such as replacing or dying the carpeting or upholstery in the event they’re unable to remove stains.

Keeping Your Paint Job Looking Fresh and New

Over time, the finish and paint of your vehicle can take a beating. This is only natural given the elements your vehicle is exposed to when you drive, but if you store your car in an uncovered area where it is exposed to the elements constantly, this deterioration will happen much more rapidly.

Regular car detailing services can help bring minor issues in your paint and finish to your attention and rectify them sooner for much cheaper than if they went unnoticed for a longer period of time.

Make sure your detailer applies both a coat of wax and clear coat to your vehicle each time they detail it to ensure that your paint job can keep looking like new for far longer. You can even extend this further by waxing your car on your own between detailing appointments; just make sure you don’t overwax.

Reducing Allergens

If you suffer from allergies, the interior of your car can be one problem area you’ve not yet thought of. Regular car detailing can help solve that problem, however! Monthly detailing services will help keep your interior clean, reducing the allergen level in your vehicle.

Ready to try it for yourself?

Call (800) 557-5134 if you have any questions or schedule your appointment today. Our trained technicians are professional and courteous!

They’ll be sure to follow all the necessary safety precautions to keep you, your loved ones, and your vehicle safe in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Mobile Detailing Tips: Preserving Auto Detailing

Everyone loves how nice their car looks after a professional detailing job; the problem is, how do you keep it looking that nice?

You spent a lot of money getting your car to look that nice, you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible and we’re here to help.

We asked our best detailers from Chicago to Texas what they recommend for their clients to compile this ultimate guide to preserving your auto detailing!

What Can You Do to Keep Your Car Looking Great?

The following sections are tips from our best detailing experts to help you keep your car looking auto-detailing-fresh.

Make sure you’re using the right products for maintenance

The best thing you can to for your vehicle is to make sure you’re using the right products and only the right products when it comes to maintaining its condition. Many people make the common mistake of using dish soap to wash their vehicles; they don’t realize that dish soap can strip the clear coat and wax applied during the detailing process from your vehicle, making you need auto detailing services much sooner. Make sure that you speak with your auto detailing technician to see what products they recommend for your specific vehicle that will work in conjunction with the products they used.

Keep a microfiber cloth in your glove box

A microfiber cloth is every bit as useful to keep on hand as a jack and jumper cables. You can use them to clean up accidental spills or to keep your dashboard wiped down in order to eliminate dust. Most importantly, if you have a microfiber cloth with you, you can use it to dry your car off after it rains, thus preventing water spots from forming and helping to protect the detailing work.

Take proper care of your leather interiors

Leather interior is something far too precious and delicate for you to ignore. It requires regular care in order to prevent costly damages like cracks, tears, or wearing out. All you have to do is condition your leather interior regularly with a quality leather conditioning solution. Talk to your detailing technician to get a specific recommendation. Simply rub a small amount (not too much, but enough to cover the surface in a light lather) of conditioner on the leather with a microfiber cloth and then let it dry. This will keep your leather supple and looking good-as-new for far longer.

Wax your vehicle

Many people don’t take waxing their vehicles as seriously as they should. By applying a quality wax to your vehicle every four months or so (more frequently if water isn’t beading on the surface anymore). The wax serves as a protective layer, repelling water and other substances while simultaneously protecting the clear coat and paint underneath it. Waxing makes all the difference in the appearance of your car.

Limit eating and drinking in your vehicle

The biggest struggles of interior detailing are crumbs and dog hairs. Instate a no-eating rule in your car to limit spills and prevent crumbs from occurring. This could be difficult if you have kids, but it’s well worth the struggle. It’ll help keep your interiors looking nice and put off the need for another deep cleaning longer.

How Do You Know When It’s Time for Another Auto Detailing?

While the standard rule of thumb for how often to get auto detailing services is at least once per year, there are other variables that can lessen that timeframe. If your car is kept outside and exposed to the elements, you’re going to want to have it detailed more frequently. However, if you baby your car and keep it covered in a garage, being sure to wipe it down every time you drive it, you probably aren’t going to need auto detailing more frequently than once a year.

Is water no longer beading up on the surface?

One way to tell that it’s time to get auto detailing services is if water stops beading up on the surface of your vehicle. You can check this by paying attention after it rains or when you rinse your vehicle. If water no longer beads on the surface, your wax and/or clear coat are wearing thin, leaving the surface of your car vulnerable to damage. Make an appointment to get your car detailed as soon as you can if you notice this starting to happen.

Are dirt and debris building up on the surface of your vehicle?

If you’ve noticed more dirt and debris starting to build-up on the surface of your vehicle, it’s likely time for another auto detailing service. You may be thinking, “but I just went for a drive on a dirt road; I can just rinse it off.” Simply rinsing your vehicle won’t rid it of all the debris and dirt, which could lead to further damage. Whether the dirt and debris are piled up because it’s been a long time since you got your car detailed or because you’ve been particularly hard on your vehicle in a short period of time, you need to have your car completely detailed in order to properly protect it.

Has your interior started to look or smell bad?

Have you noticed more crumbs starting to appear in the seams on your seats or more dirt showing up on your floormats? It’s probably time for another deep interior cleaning through full auto detailing services to get your car back in its top condition.

Finding an Auto Detailing Company

Finding an auto detailing company near you can be difficult. How do you know where to look and who to trust? Some people masquerading as auto detailers have no certification or experience; they’re basically charging you for the same car wash you could have done yourself at home. There are a few steps you can take to ensure you don’t get scammed.

  1. Make sure they’re fully certified and licensed experts
  2. Check reviews – beware of paid services like Angie’s List
  3. If they’re small and local, ask around! Facebook has a “Recommendations” feature that allows you to easily ask your friends for local recommendations using Maps and tagging Facebook Businesses

All of our detailers are highly trained experts that are fully licensed and certified. Our expert detailers are always reliable, professional, and courteous.

We offer the most convenient services at the best prices and even have several options for discounts.