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6 Common Auto Detailing Misconceptions

Each industry has its own set of misconceptions with which to contend and the auto detailing industry, especially, is no exception. We’ve nailed down the top 6 auto detailing misconceptions so we could bust them once and for all.

1) All auto detailing services are the same

The number one auto detailing misconception we see is that all detailing services are created equal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As with every industry, there are some auto detailers that are better than others and some businesses that have better practices than others. To find the best auto detailers in your area, you’ll need to do research, read reviews, talk to detailers, compare prices, and decide which company fits your needs best.

2) Your car will always look showroom ready after detailing

As we said above, not all auto detailing services are created equal. While some will have your car looking like you just drove it off the showroom floor, others will not. We recommend doing your research before committing to a particular company so you know the quality you can expect from them. We also recommend that you don’t fall into the trap of choosing an auto detailing business based on price. While it’s true, you can get a good deal when you opt for the cheaper detailing service, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for.

3) Quick washes are the same as full auto detailing services

This is a fatal mistake that we see made time and time again. It’s important to know the difference between the quick washes offered for $10-$20 and the full auto detailing services that cost you $150 or more. The quick washes are just like they sound: quick and unthorough. As we said above, you get what you pay for and these washes are nowhere close to the quality you’ll receive from full detailing services. All this is not to say that quick washes are useless; in fact, they serve a very distinct purpose. If you maintain your car well, these quick washes could help alleviate some of the cost of full detailing services.

4) Drive-through car washes are exterior auto detailing but cheaper

This is a hugely fatal misconception to have. Drive-through car washes use harsh sprayers and chemicals that can cause damage to the paint and finish on your vehicle. Exterior auto detailing is done by professionals with care by hand; the results are much better, risks much lower, and cost much higher. Comparing a drive-through car wash to professional auto detailing services is like comparing apples to oranges; they are simply different things.

5) Auto detailing isn’t worth the cost

Many people think this, followed by “I can just do it at home myself.” The reality is that most of what you’re paying for is the expertise of the professional technicians, the tools they use, and the high-quality products to which they have access, not the actual act of washing your car. You wouldn’t expect the same results from an auto detailing service you pay top dollar for and something you did with a sponge and Dawn at your house, would you?

6) Auto detailing doesn’t require training or expertise

This misconception is downright insulting to the trained detailing experts that have spent a lot of time gaining and honing their skills and expertise. It takes training and practice to be a professional auto detailer; without it, you can run the risk of causing costly damages to people’s vehicles or upsetting or even losing customers. Auto detailing without training or expertise is just a hazard and, frankly, a waste of money.

If you require expert detailing services, call Mobile Detailing Pros at 800-557-5134 or visit our website to reserve your appointment today. Our expert auto detailers will handle all your detailing needs professionally and accurately.

Did we miss any misconceptions you’ve heard a lot? Leave us a comment below!


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