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Detailing Your Car at Home: What You Should Know Before You Try

If you’ve been thinking about detailing your car yourself, there are a few things you should know before just diving in. Sure, you can learn the basic process of how to do it and find product recommendations, but you could make some major mistakes without the proper guidance and know-how. In this article, we’ll breakdown the process of auto detailing so you can ensure the safety of your vehicle despite your amateur status.

Wear Protective Gear

The chemicals used in the detailing process are harsh and capable of damage. They can cause harm to your skin, your eyes (if it gets in them), and even your lungs if you’re not careful enough and breathe them in.

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Make sure you wear gloves, clothing that covers your arms and legs, closed-toe shoes, and a facemask or goggles whenever necessary. This will protect you from any potential harm.

Use Products as Directed

As said above, the products used in the detailing process are full of hazardous chemicals. You always want to be sure you’re storing them properly, using them properly, and only using them on the part of the vehicle for which it’s intended. This will ensure that you stay safe, keep your family safe, and keep your vehicle safe.

Don’t Let Products Dry on the Surface

While some products, like wax, are intended to be left on the vehicle, those that are not, like detergent, could peel away at your vehicle’s finish, damaging your car little by little as long as it stays on there. Keep a hose handy and rinse your vehicle thoroughly when going through the washing stage of the auto detailing process.

Get Everything Out You Need and Put It Away as You Finish

You need quite a few products as you go through the detailing process in pretty quick succession. Having these products and tools close and readily available to you will make the process much easier and reduce your risks of messing something up or hurting yourself. Likewise, putting each item away as you completely finish it will help minimize clutter and the risk of confusion.

Take Your Time

Auto detailing isn’t a race; you won’t get a prize for rushing through and completing the task quickly. Take your time and make sure you’re doing each and every step correctly. This will minimize the potential for mistakes, the risk of damaging your car, and the risk of harming yourself.

If It’s Too Much, Leave It to the Professionals

Detailing your vehicle isn’t easy work. You have to research the right techniques, tools, and products; you have to be extremely careful and you have to have the time to devote to it.

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If this all just seems like a bit too much for you to handle, call the experts at Mobile Detailing Pros today to schedule an appointment! We’ll take that hassle off your shoulders and provide you with the best and most convenient detailing services at a low cost.


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