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Car Detailing Basics

For many, their car becomes an extension of their home. You eat in it—and hopefully do not sleep in it—and in many cases your vehicle becomes a personal sanctuary. Due to the amount of time, meals eaten in your car, and the Chicago weather, the interior, as well as the exterior can accumulate a lot of wear and tear. Though cars are made to endure the heat of summer, the snow and chill of winter, as well as hours of a driver sitting in it, like anything you buy, the superficial elements of your car needs to be cared for.

It Isn’t Just a Luxury

Car detailing, though perceived as a luxury, should really be thought of as another aspect of needed preventive maintenance. Car detailing isn’t just about making your car look good and smell like new on the inside. Detailing does do that, but it also does so much more. Here are the ways in which car detailing cares for your car.

Paint Care

Car detailing is a form of paint care. Though the paint of your car is a superficial element, it does protect the structure of the car from dirt, chemicals, and other debris that can have a negative impact on the structure of the car. When the outside of your car is detailed, it is accomplished through a three step process. First, general dirt and other filth is removed. Next, debris that is stuck in the clear coat of your paint is generally removed with a clay bar. Lastly, the detailers will polish your car removing surface scratches, swirl marks, and other marks, then will apply the last layer, wax which will protect the paint, as well as make your car shine like new.

Chassis & Wheels

To some “washing” the wheels and underside of the car may seem like a joke, like cleaning the bottom of your shoes. However, removing debris, chemicals, and other harmful substances from the wheels and underside of the car is an incredibly important part of car care. Many chemicals that our cars come in contact with on our Chicago roads and beyond can corrode and damage the wheels and other elements of the car. When you have your car detailed, ask them about how they detail your wheels and chassis: Many will remove dirt and debris and then add a plastic protectant.

Headlights, Tail Lights & Exterior Trim

Cleaning and polishing your headlights, taillights, and trim is another aspect of preventative maintenance. Most car detailers will clean and polish your light elements and will finish the service by sealing them with plastic. This is a particular important step for cars that are showing signs of oxidation. Oxidation can lead to fading and cracking. Chrome, rubber, or plastic trim parts are cleaned and properly treated to preserve their life and prevent fading and cracking as well.


Interior car detailing is definitely an important part of keeping the value of your car, as well as simply improving your enjoyment of your ride. Interior detailing is more than just a vacuum and quick wipe down. Professional detailers will work to remove stains and will many times vacuum and steam clean the seats and upholstery. Leather will be cleaned and treated with the proper cleaners. All plastic or rubber parts will be cleaned and dressed: dressing or conditioning the interior elements of your car will help them to keep their color and resist cracking.

Engine Care

Caring for the engine isn’t just changing the oil or oil filter. The engine bay should be cleaned regularly to inhibit corrosive debris from damaging the engine and other parts. When car detailers care for the engine, they will mist the area with water to clean, followed with the proper conditioner and protectant to keep these elements from cracking from use and heat.


Getting your car detailed is an important part of caring for your car, and once you’ve had your preliminary detailing service, the following maintenance services may be less intense and less expensive. These regular treatments are important for stains and corrosive elements left alone can permanently damage the interior or exterior of your car. Keep your car clean, conditioned, and polished to uphold the value of your car, as well as enjoy your ride.

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