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Auto Detailing Tips: Fighting the Salt of Winter

get rid of road salt with auto detailing

Rock salt: necessary to drive on the roads in the winter, but the bane of drivers’ existence. Due to how much the United States uses road salt, it’s important to know what sort of damages it can do to cars, how you can protect your car, and what you should never do when dealing with salt build-up on your car.

road salt can cause damage

What Damage Can Be Done?

First off, salt cakes onto the sides of your car and is nearly impossible to remove. This salt speeds up water’s oxidation process, which leads to rust and corrosion. While car factories have increased their use of rust-inhibiting technology, you still need to take this concern seriously. Holes in your vehicle caused by rust can cause more damage than just aesthetics; these holes can introduce noxious fumes to your vehicle, pumping them into the cabin and can render your heating and A/C system practically useless.

Protecting Your Vehicle from Road Salt

If you take good care of your vehicle and regularly get or perform auto detailing services, you probably don’t have much to worry about.

auto detailing protect from winter salt

Quality detailers will apply a protective coating, like ceramic coating, to your vehicle’s surface after cleaning it thoroughly. This coating will make it easy to simply wash the salt off by hand washing the vehicle. However, if you don’t have a coating on your vehicle, here’s what you should do:

Apply a PPF

Protective paint films (PPFs) are rather expensive, but work to protect your vehicle from small rocks and rock salt crystals. You can apply it to just the front-facing features of your vehicle or if you have the money, the whole vehicle.

Apply a Coating

Applying a coating is the easiest and most effective way to protect your vehicle from the damages road salt can cause. It’s best to apply these coatings to your vehicle before the winter truly sets in. This will make it easy to wash the salt off your car.

winter car care - avoiding salt

It’s important to note, though, that if you have a protective coating on your vehicle, you should avoid automatic car washes. These car washes use harsh chemicals that strip the coating; stick to hand washing.

Hand Wash Your Vehicle or Get Regular Auto Detailing Services

Hand washing is the best and safest way to remove salt from your car. Many people, understandably so, object to washing their car in the winter due to the cold temperatures. If you fall in this group, opt for professional auto detailing services, like those Mobile Detailing Pros offers, rather than an automatic car wash that can damage your coating.

salt on the road

With winter coming, you need to know how to take care of your car despite the damaging salt on the road. We hope our guide has been useful to help you take the proper care of your vehicle with all the salt on the road.

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