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Can Regular Auto Detailing Improve Resale Value?

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There are a number of benefits you can get from regularly detailing your car beyond it just improving its appearance. Regular auto detailing can help to keep your car in top working order, expanding its lifespan. One of the best long-term benefits of regular detailing, though, is the fact that it’s an easy way to improve your vehicle’s resale value. This is true for any type of vehicle: RV, boat, car, or motorcycle.

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Regular Auto Detailing is an Inexpensive Way to Improve Resale Value

Many people already knew that it’s a wise idea to have your car detailed right before you try to sell it. However, you can greatly improve the resale value by keeping up with regular auto detailing services. Keeping up with your auto detailing can help make it easier and less expensive when you do an in-depth detailing service before you sell. It will also extend the life of your vehicle’s exterior appearance and that of your vehicle’s interior, as well. Detailing costs around $100 on average, but the resale increase you can get from keeping up with regular detailing and detailing your car before you sell it can recoup that investment ten times over.

Ways to Keep Up with Regular Auto Detailing

A big part of why many people fall behind on their detailing practices is because they think they lack the time to take it to a professional detailer or lack the experience to do it themselves. Mobile detailing companies, like Mobile Detailing Pros, can help resolve this issue.

auto detailing improve resale value

These companies will come to wherever you request, your office, your home, etc., and provide you with full auto detailing services at a reasonable price; you won’t even have to stop what your doing or leave your home or office to have your car detailed. Mobile detailing is a convenient and cost-effective way of keeping up with your car’s detailing and improving its resale price.

You Can Detail Your Car Yourself, But Be Careful

If you want to take on the challenge of detailing your car yourself, you need to make sure you research the entire process thoroughly. You don’t want to use the wrong type of chemicals or make a mistake during the detailing process that could lead to damaging your vehicle. Be sure that you clean your engine compartment thoroughly, as this area tends to get dirtier than a lot of areas of your vehicle. At the end of your detailing process, it’s important to put at least one coat of liquid was over the exterior of your car to help protect the finish and keep your paint looking new.

auto detailing regularly helps resale value

Keeping up with regular auto detailing can help to improve the resale value on your car. Whether you’re investing the time to do the detailing yourself or the money to have a professional do it for you, you’ll more than make up for what’s spent with the up to $1,000 more you can get from the sale for having kept it in good condition. The small investment you make in regularly detailing your vehicle will be more than worth it when you go to resell it.

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