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Professional Vehicle Detailing Tips for Vehicle Detailing at Home

professional vehicle detailing tips

Detailing your vehicle regularly is a crucial step in keeping it looking it’s best for longer. That being said, it doesn’t always fit conveniently into your schedule and/or budget to have professional vehicle detailing services, requiring you to do your own vehicle detailing at home or skip it altogether, the latter of which isn’t recommended. However, doing your own detailing can be challenging; we don’t recommend going at it blindly. We’ve talked to our experts to put together a list of pro tips, helping you conquer all parts of the detailing process, from vehicle interior cleaning to getting those tough stains and debris off of your car.

vehicle detailing at home more than wash/wax

Don’t Solely Rely on Wash/Wax

Many of those doing their own vehicle detailing at home make the common mistake of thinking simply washing and waxing will have their car looking like it just came fresh from the dealer; this couldn’t be further from the truth. According to the experts, the final finished look of your vehicle is 90% due to the prep work you put into the detailing process. You have to start by rinsing the vehicle thoroughly, ensure you’re using the correct products, and wash and wax the vehicle properly. Without all of these, the job won’t be done as well.

Read Directions Thoroughly on All Professional Vehicle Detailing Products

If you’re handling your own vehicle detailing at home, it’s crucial that you read the directions on all the professional vehicle detailing products your use. These products are full of harsh chemicals and should only be used in the way they were intended to be used. After all, you wouldn’t want to use a shampoo for vehicle interior cleaning on your car’s finish.

vehicle detailing at home

Two-Bucket Washing Method for Vehicle Detailing at Home

There are many ways you can go about washing your car, but our experts highly recommend using the two-bucket method. This involves using two buckets in your washing process: one filled with your soap and water solution, the other filled with clean water for rinsing. As you wash your vehicle, be sure to rinse your wash mitt, brush, cloth, sponge, etc. in the rinse bucket before filling it back up with your soap solution. This will help to get the grit off so you don’t grind it back into the paint of your vehicle when you go to scrub.

Clay Bars Are the Secret Weapon of Professional Vehicle Detailing

Clay bars are powerful tools, the secret weapon for many detailers. If you start by using the least aggressive clay and are sure to keep the paint surfaces lubricated with a spray, like a solution comprised of carwash and water, you’ll strip the surface of your car of contaminants without damaging the paint.

thorough vehicle interior cleaning

Cleaning High-Traffic Areas

The interior areas of your car that need the most attention are those high-traffic areas where you place your hands/arms frequently, such as the gear shifter, steering wheel, and armrests or center consoles. Use a heavy-duty cleaner meant for vehicle interior cleaning and a toothbrush to scrub these areas lightly, but thoroughly. It’s important to note that when you use such harsh cleaners, you need to be sure to apply UV protection after you’re done with the vehicle interior cleaning.

Best Solution for Vehicle Interior Detailing

One of the most difficult parts of vehicle detailing at home is vehicle interior cleaning of the fabric. Many professionals recommend using a solution that contains one part Woolite to six parts water to clean interior fabrics. This solution is gentle enough to not harm the fabric, but tough enough to still get the job done.

Doing your own vehicle detailing at home can be tricky, but with these professional vehicle detailing tips you can conquer it. Just be sure to do your research and read the directions closely before you get started to save yourself the risk of damaging the exterior or interior of your vehicle.


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