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How to Protect Your Motorcycle from the Rains of Seattle

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We understand that your motorcycle is one of your prized possessions and you want to take the best care of it that you possibly can. Unfortunately, though, mother nature tends to have other plans in mind. If you live in Seattle, you’re likely dealing with rain regularly, but how do you protect your motorcycle from said rain doing damage? Mobile Detailing Pros of Seattle has you covered! We know all the tips and tricks to protect your motorcycle from potential rain damage and, in this guide, we’re going to share a few of them with you.

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Store Your Car Out of the Elements in Seattle

Now, in some instances, this is easier said than done. Some people have an enclosed garage in which they can store their motorcycle to protect it from harsh sun, extreme heat, rain, snow, etc. A carport could also be utilized for this purpose, though if it has open walls, you might want to place a tarp over your bike during heavy storms, as the wind could blow the rain in onto your motorcycle. A tarp or motorcycle cover could work to help protect your vehicle if none of the above options are available to you.

Never Store Your Motorcycle Wet

Just like with your car, you never want to leave water on the surface of your bike for an extended period of time. Be sure to keep a microfiber cloth around to towel off your motorcycle when you’re done with your ride to ensure it’s put away nice and dry.

protect motorcycle from seattle rain

In Seattle, the rains are typically light, which is better for your motorcycle. But you still need to be sure that you keep the motorcycle as dry as possible to minimize water streaks, damage, and to keep the paint from chipping.

Avoid Riding in the Seattle Rain

Whenever possible, you should try to avoid riding in the rain. While sometimes it’s entirely unavoidable, keeping rain rides to a minimum will prolong the life and appearance of your motorcycle and will also keep you safer.

avoid seattle rain on motorcycle

If rain happens to occur while you’re out, get home safely and be sure to dry your motorcycle completely with a microfiber cloth.

Not only is riding a motorcycle in the rain potentially harmful to the motorcycle itself, but it’s also highly unsafe conditions in which to travel. You’re more likely to get in a wreck traveling in the rain due to limited visibility and slick surfaces.

Use the Right Products

There are products that you can purchase, designed to be used while detailing your motorcycle, that will help to protect the surface from rain damage. ACF-50 and Scottoiler 365 are both great products to help protect your motorcycle from corrosion and can help to displace moisture. Scottoiler 365 is safe to spray onto all plastic and electrical parts of your bike. It’s recommended to use Scottoiler on a wet motorcycle, though you can still spray it on a dry motorcycle. The water on the surface allows Scottoiler to get into hard to reach places easier. These products can help to protect your motorcycle from the particular damage that Seattle rains can cause.

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Your motorcycle is a valuable possession and you want to take the best care of it you possibly can. Part of that is being aware of the difficult weather conditions that your area tends to face so you can protect your motorcycle from the elements. The most important part of protecting your motorcycle when you live in Seattle is keeping it safe from the rain. This can be done by minimizing time spent riding in the rain, storing your bike in a covered area, and using protective products when detailing your bike. Whatever you do, be sure that you always verify the products you choose are high quality and won’t damage your motorcycle. You should also always make sure you dry your motorcycle completely with a microfiber cloth before storing it away.

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