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7 Reasons For Regular Professional Car Detailing

7 Reasons For Regular Professional Car Detailing

One of the best smells in the world for auto enthusiasts and commuters alike is that new car smell. Whether it’s the actual smell or what the smell implies, we love a new clean car where there is no scratches, all the buttons and knobs are shiney, and we don’t have the task of cleaning the inside of the windshield without streaks hanging over our heads. When the newness fades and our cars start to be an exhibit of our lifestyles and business, it’s time to consider a professional car detailing.

Most would agree that having a clean car and a clean car that we didn’t actually have to roll up our sleeves and clean ourselves is great and worth it: Often, though it is something that falls by the wayside to other priorities. Here are seven reasons for why regular professional car detailing is important.


The exterior paint of our cars can take a lot of abuse. Between the sun, snow, mud, rocks, and more that we encounter on the road in Chicago, the paint is the protective barrier between those elements and the structure of our car. Eventually, due to the corrosive nature of some elements and other effects such as scratches and chips, the paint will become damaged. Damaged paint not only doesn’t look good, but it gives opportunity for rusting and other destruction.

Road Salt

Road salt and deicer are two of auto paints arch nemesis, especially in Chicago. If left on the car or truck’s exterior, road salt and deicer will corrode and damage your paint. Though it doesn’t always make sense to spend money on car detailing during the winter, even if you are just going to get another layer of snow, slush and deicer on your car, it is best to wash off what has been on your car. The longer it is left on your car, the more opportunity it has to damage your car.

Improved Visibility

Regular car detailing concerns safety as well, because it improves your visibility for other cars to see you, and you, to see other cars and other obstacles that face us when we drive. The lights of your car, must be cleaned regularly for clear visibility.

Tires & Wheels

Most of us forget about our wheels and tires until they become flat or cause problems for us. Though tires and wheels are made tough, able to handle the elements that they encounter on the road, they still need some care. Many of the same things that affect or corrode other parts of the car if left on for a prolonged amount of time, will damage your tires and reduce their lifespan.

Resale Value

Regular car detailing will also affect the resale value of your car later. Even though we can scrub and shine our cars before we try to sell them, no matter the effort, a car that has been regularly detailed will outshine those that haven’t. Your car’s interior will show how much you’ve taken care of it through the removal of soil as well as the conditioning of your leathers, dash, and more.

Sun Protection

Detailing also acts as a protectant from the sun. As alluded to earlier, for the interior of your car to stay looking nice and new, you must condition it and clean it. Sunlight also affects the exterior of your car as well: exposure to sun can cause paint to fade, blister, chip, and crack. Wax and other protectants that are applied during a car detailing, will act as a protective barrier from the sun.

Appearance & Comfort

As we talked about earlier, we all love the look and smell of a clean car. Not only is a clean car impressive and more comfortable for potential passengers, but it also makes the owner happier. We could argue that the health benefits of a clean home – positive thinking and a tendency toward healthy choices – are the same for a clean car. But really, who doesn’t want a clean car?

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