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10 Things You Never Knew About Auto Detailing

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You probably already know that auto detailing is something like a very thorough car wash, but do you know about all the benefits of choosing detailing over the drive-through car wash? Keep reading to learn the (sometimes surprising!) ways that getting your vehicle detailed will benefit you.

1. Helps Your Car Maintain Value

Vehicles start to depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot. To make sure you get the most out of your car in terms of resale or trade-in value, your car needs to keep looking and running its best! That’s where auto detailing comes in. Auto detailing keeps your car looking brand new so you can get the most out of it when it’s time for the newest model.

2. Preserves the Paint Job

Your car is exposed to the elements on a daily basis, whether it’s debris from the road, bird droppings, or harsh weather conditions. Over time even the best paint job will start to collect dings and scratches. Regular detailing can help remove these imperfections, as well as prevent them in the first place with a fresh wax and clear coat!

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3. Preventative Care for the Auto Body

Auto detailing can help preserve your paint job, but did you know it’s also a vital part of preventative care for the body of your car? The wax and clear coat help seal the body and prevent rusting, making detailing to care for the paint a necessary investment.

4. Helps You Make a Good First Impression

People talk about your appearance being the first thing people notice about you, but what about the appearance of your car? Whether you’re meeting a potential boss or going on a first date, having your vehicle detailed so that it is clean and cared for will help complete your image.

5. Reduces Allergens in your Environment

If you’ve ever looked out your window and realized that your car was suddenly yellow, you understand how extreme pollen can get. That same pollen coating your car gets on you, your clothes, your hands — and before you know it, into your car. The carpet and upholstery in your car is perfect for trapping allergens, but regular auto detailing cleans deep into the fibers to remove dust and allergens so you can breathe easier.

6. Removes the Interior Stains

Even the most conscientious driver knows it’s impossible to keep the interior spotless. Whether from spills or simply mud and snow tracked onto the carpets, high-quality auto detailers can remove all of the unsightly stains from your vehicle’s interior.

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Even if the stain is impossible to remove, a reputable auto detailer can suggest options to minimize the appearance of the stain or replace the surface altogether. 

7. Gives You a Better Driving Experience 

When your car looks good and feels clean, it truly is a joy to drive! Auto detailing ensures that there are no knicks on your windows, mirrors, or exterior to get in your line of sight and distract you. It also keeps your interior feeling fresh so you can feel well.

8. Helps Your Car’s Engine

Auto detailing can even help extend the life of your vehicle’s engine. The detailer keeps everything clean and free of debris under the hood. They also typically service the rubber fittings that cushion and protect more fragile engine components, helping to prevent dry rot that could lead to future problems.

9. Keeps You Safe on the Road

Headlights are one of the most important safety features of your car so they need special care. Detailing will help remove any dirt or buildup coating your headlights and making it more difficult to see, ensuring that your lights shine bright and you and your loved ones stay safe.

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10. It Can Be Easy and Convenient!

Auto detailing can take time, but that doesn’t mean you have to work your schedule around having your car serviced! Mobile detailing services like those offered by Mobile Detailing Pros make car maintenance easy and convenient by coming to you. You can get your vehicle detailed while watching your favorite show, while you’re at school, or while you’re at work. Want to know more? Check out a full list of our services!

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